Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm Back - But Only Just.

Honey Fungus in Jason and Sams' Garden


I returned to Shannon airport from the UK on Thursday midnight and Jim was there to pick me up. I know the UK news has been all about the floods in Cockermouth, but it's been awful in Ireland too. Jim wasn't sure whether he'd even make it to the airport. He drove through a too deep flood at one point and the car was spluttering but he managed to make it across.

We set off home and every route we tried was flooded. We took all the back roads we knew and eventually we did make it home, after 2 hours of worried driving.

Our road was a river and Jim had carried out some repairs in the pouring rain on Thursday, but it needed much more. The lane leading to our turn off was just a stream of water and had dug a deep groove out of the right hand side.

Jim stood by Hilary's house and videoed this. Our turning is at the bottom of the hill where it bears right.

The road to the right leads to our cottage and to the left, to Kevin's house and Lough Graney.

This is where some of the water came from, the field to the right of our turning. The stream is usually a little trickle.

These video snippets were taken on Jim's very very old camera, so forgive the quality.

Friday 20th November

Yesterday we realised we would have to repair the road at the bottom. Luckily, the builders had dropped some stone by a farm gate at the top of the road by Hilary's, so we were able to use that, utilising our motorised wheelbarrow to cart it up and down.

Here I am filling in the holes with stone and shale. It seems to have held today. We have had more rain, but the initial deluge lasted 48 hours.

Jim and I drove to Lough Graney at Caher, where the road was flooded and took a few photos:

I'm glad I don't live in that house, on a level with the lake.

This is the road, with a rather attractive tree reflection.

These people lived in the flooded area and had gone back to collect some things. They had a collie dog with them - Buster thought that was great:

In Cork, thousands are without water as the main treatment plant is under water. Many roads around County Clare are still blocked with the floods. Jim needed to go shopping today and did manage to get to Gort, our nearest shopping town, via another round about route. I spent my time cleaning up and generally sorting things out. Jim didn't manage to visit Lidl though:

So it's all been a bit exciting. Jim is going to the UK on Tuesday until Saturday so I hope I will be able to run him to the airport ok - and get home again.

My UK Trip

I went to visit Jason, Sam, Jack and Kitty on Tuesday. I arrived at some unearthly hour in the morning, around 8am and Jason picked me up with Jack - who was very excited as usual! We partook of a MacDonald's breakfast then drove back to J's house. We had to stay in most of the day as Sam had taken her Mum Rene to the hospital for a procedure and had to wait for the phone call to collect her. No problem for me, Jack and I played and Kitty watched.

Jack pulling a cheeky face!

Jack and I made a camp! It kept collapsing though.

Kitty had been fed (as you can see) and was playing with these beads. She had bright red cheeks as she is teething.

In the garden are some beautiful fungi, and I took some photos of that while the sun was shining:

A 'joiner' of the line of fungus.

I shall leave it at that for today and post my photos from Days 2 and 3 in the UK tomorrow.

Love to everyone.



DK Leather said...

Fantastic funghi!
Lovely of Jack and Kitty as always.
Welcome home mum, sorry about the floods!

Renee said...

BT I have been worried about all of you over there. On the news here, it just looks horrendous.

Your grandchildren are gorgeous.

Love Renee xoxo

Elizabeth said...

Those are some really cool fungi! I'm new to your blog and while I'm so sorry to hear of the terrible flooding, hearing of so much water and rain is surreal for those of us in the drought-stricken American southwest. I look forward to learning more about your life in Ireland!

marianne said...

These floods have been awful!
I have been thinking of you when I saw it on the news.
Glad you are ok.
Enjoy your time with the kids!

KathyB. said...

Isn't it ironic that everything seems to be under water yet so many people are without water!

We have a lot of flooding going on around here too, I think our weather very often mirrors yours. Hope you stay dry at home.

The grandchildren are so cute and look like fun.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Wonderful pictures!

jinksy said...

The only good thing about the floods, is they give rise to some lovely photo opportunities!

Heather said...

Many thanks for my lovely ATC and card - I've posted pics on my blog. Amazing photos of your floods - hope everyone is safe. I thought of you travelling is this awful weather and hoped you'd get through OK. Love the fungus though not all gardeners do.

steven said...

hi bt! i've been following the news about the flooding on the bbc's website. it's awful. the town i live in had a serious flood a few years ago and until you've been through one you have no idea how quickly the infrastructure collapses (hours) and how long it takes for things to get back to normal (years). take care. steven

Bea said...

I'm glad you are home safe and sound. I hope you stay dry. I didn't realize you had gotten so much rain. We have dry stream beds that people often forget run high in spring when the snows melt. I can almost see the teeth trying to pop through with Riley. :)Bea

BT said...

Hi K, they are good, although destructive, fungi. It's still raining.

Thank you Renee, it's pretty bad everywhere. I think my Grandchildren are gorgeous of course!!

Hello Elizabeth, good to meet you. It does seem strange when we have so much water that you are drought striken. Do come back soon. x

Hi Marianne, it have been worse in some areas but it's very hard to travel anywhere as so many roads are blocked. I did have fun with Jack and Kitty.

KathyB, it does seem odd, doesn't it? We have enough rain for everyone.

Thanks Rachel.

That's so true Jinksy.

I've emailed you Heather and left a comment on your blog.

Hello Steven, we have been lucky in that our house is fairly risk free of flooding. It's getting anywhere that's difficult and the shops 'locally' are sparse. Hopefully the floods will abate soon.

Hello Bea, indeed we are safe and dry in our nice warm cottage, unlike last year when we were frozen. It's still raining today, really hard at times.

It's exciting when their teeth appear, isn't it? I hope Riley doesn't have too much trouble.

Carol said...

Fab Funghi!! (Now I have to admit that I never thought I would write that!!)

Hope it dries up soon

C x

aims said...

You didn't get any water inside did you?

That gorgeous house looks like it's come up to the barrier. Wondering if it's inside the house as well.

What a mess!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Your lane looks in a sorry state Gina - do hope that rain soon stops - it has been so awful, hasn't it.
The farmer is very chuffed with his ATC - thank you so much, and for the other little card.

Heckety said...

I should think you are the perfect Granny because you are so interested in everything! Lucky children to have you!
The rain, water and floods really are something else aren't they? Safe driving to you.

Pam's English Garden said...

Gina, We saw the flooding on the TV here in US and I worried about you. My Mom in England lives on high ground and doesn't travel anywhere so she is safe. Please take care, especially on your trip to the airport. Pamela

kj said...

wow. wow. i didn't know the floods were this bad. where have i been?

nice that you are safely home. and nice to see these beautiful faces.


BT said...

Thank you Carol, it does sound a bit odd!!!

Hi aims, luckily we are dry inside, unlike many. I don't know whether that house was wet inside. Poor things if so.

Hello Weaver, the lane is a mess right up to the main road. Not much we can do about it. I'm glad the farmer liked his ATC and the little collage card!

Thank you Pam. If it's too bad on Tuesday, Jim will take the car and leave it at the airport, then at least I won't get stuck.

Thanks kj, it has been dreadful both here and in the UK. Luckily we are dry in our cottage and not on a flood plain, although there's surface water everywhere.

Jason said...

Hi mum, lovely to see you. You seem to be upto your neck in it! Hoping for a dry spell!??

Lisa at Greenbow said...

OH my do be safe while getting around during the floods. How awful. The fungi is beautiful as are the grands.

priti.lisa said...

Those children are Angels!
I keep sending sunny thoughts to you, but they don't seem to be getting through...
You work too hard, but I soppose that is why you are so fit :)
xox, Lisa

BT said...

Indeed we are Jason. Jim's supposed to be going to Shannon tomorrow for the UK. On one site it says Killanena is an island!! Oh dear! Was good to see you all too. More photos today.

Thank you Lisa, I gather that fungus is a bit deadly in your garden!

Hello PritiLisa, I'm glad you liked the photos. Oh I don't work too hard, really. Can't 'get going' at the moment. Thanks for your kind thoughts, I wondered what it was that hit me in the middle of the night!! lol. xxx

soulbrush said...

omg kitty is just too beautiful, i adore her and wann just kissie her. yes the flooding has been terrible, last night tiles blew off our roof and some fences were knocked down.