Thursday, November 26, 2009

ABC/ATCs Complete Set and Other Crafty Things

Susan Boyle: I Dreamed A Dream at - Sheet Music & Songbooks

For any musical enthusiasts, Susan Boyle's Sheet music and songbook is now out for voice, piano and guitar. I have her CD on my Christmas list. When I hear her sing, it still sends shivers down my spine. For those who don't know, Susan was an entrant in 'Britain's Got Talent' and wowed everyone with her amazing voice, although she looked quite frumpy when she walked on stage.

ABC of ATCs Around the World

In this group of 10, as some of you will know, we have been going through the alphabet and making an Artist Trading Card for each letter then swapping with each other. We have reached 'Z' and I have today posted my full set on the blog, featured on my profile page. Some of the others have put on their complete sets too, so pop over if you'd like to see.

All My Amazing Alphabet

My Wonderful Complete Set of ABC ATCs from Around the World. I love them all and this whole thing has been fantastic. Thanks everyone.

A is for Apple by the Boss herself - Teri

B for Bananas, Butterfly, Ball from Soulbrush

C for Carp by Mim

D for Desert Rose by Marianne

E for Energy by Lynn

F for Feel Free by Lolo

G is for Goat by Lisa

H is for H by Laure!

I is for India by Linda - Stampmaiden

J is for Juggler by Teri

K is for Kick Boxer by Soulbrush

L is for a lumpy Lumpfish by Mim

M is for Maneki Neko by Marianne

N is for Needle by Lynn

O is for Oranges in a Blue Bowl by Lolo

P is for Platypus by Lisa

Q is for Quite Right by Laure

R is for Retired Rebel by Linda - Stampmaiden

S is for Sand Dollar by Teri

T is for Tuesdays by Soulbrush

U is for Upside Down Catfish by Mim of course!

V is for Violet by Marianne

W is for WOW by Lynn

X is for X Marks the Spot on this Treasure Map by Lolo. I have to say this is my favourite!

Y is for Yak by Lisa

Z is for Z by Laure of the lovely letters.


This year I decided to make collages for my Christmas Cards (I have made my own for ever). I made a large collage, then cut it up. I didn't like it as a big one and was having second thoughts, but once chopped up, I was quite pleased with them. Of course they have to be stuck on cards yet. I have made about 25 that already are:

A closer view.

I have also been making some papier mache pots, some not finished yet:

I rather like how this one has turned out!

New Purchases

I bought these 2 lovely bright red mugs, they're big too, for lots of tea!

They are white inside. I love mugs.

The sheet behind was the start of another Christmas collage, but I decided the card is too thick to cut up for cards, so I'll just put it on the wall over Christmas, or somewhere! The flash caught the middle.

And here are my lovely warm slippers. I know, they're a bit 'old lady' but I don't like the 'mule' sort as I often pop out into the garden in them.

Well, that's about it for now. A 'different' blog from me and I hope you enjoyed it.


Mildred said...

Good Evening, I really enjoyed your photos of all the ATC's. It would be hard to choose a favorite; they are so unique and interesting. I am going to need some shoes like you bought. It is beginning to get very cold & windy here. Magic is snuggled up with Harriet for warmth!

BT said...

Hello Mildred. I'm glad you enjoyed the ATCs. Of course none of them were the ones I did, they are all with other people! My slippers are fabulous and so warm. You must get some. Thanks for visiting. xxx

Jason said...

Hi there, lots of work in all those ATCs. Good stuff.

I like the mugs, I'm a real mug fan too. Funny my dad bought a big red mug from the boot fair a while ago, it was one of the Nescafe ones!


Leatherdykeuk said...

What fabulous ATCs and cards!

I'm a mug snob and have to have china for my tea.

Carol said...

I loved this post BT!! It's great to see your ATC collection all in one go....there are all are a lucky lady!!

Oh, and you can't beat a pair of comfy slippers...not old lady at all...I have a pair and I'm 34!!

C x

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am very curious about this paper Mache work you are doing. It looks quite intrigueing.

Bea said...

What a wonderful selection of little pieces of artwork those ATCs are. Lucky girl, you are.
Love the red mugs. My morning oatmeal bowl is red with a white inside. Everybody knows NOT to touch that bowl. I mean how is one to get through oatmeal if one doesn't have it in her little red bowl?
I use deep dark blue mugs for my tea and coffee. They match my eyes, yah, if you believe that I got this here bridge you can buy, really cheap.
I don't think your slippers look old lady. They look warm and comfy as slippers should be. Mine are wool clogs with a rubber soul so I can go outside with Murphy. :)Beadavion

ChrisH said...

Hello M'dear - lovely to hear from you, looks as if we've both been very busy... I do love your new photo!

Stampmaiden said...

BT, love your collaged cards and bowls, mugs and of course, your ATC collection! The slippers look very comfy.