Tuesday, September 30, 2008

My 60th Birthday Surprises, 7.9.08

On the Sunday, the day after my 'actual' birthday, we had to get from Worthing to Stanstead airport. As we were leaving very early in the morning (to ?) on Monday, Jim thought it best we stay somewhere close by. We were also meeting my son Jason, his wife Sam and my Grandson Jack for tea at 4pm. We packed our clothes and drove to our hotel called Pearse House. A fabulous old house and our room was beautiful. I changed into my 2nd suit, the one I almost wore to the wedding! I was very excited about seeing Jack+.

We drove to a fairly local Beefeater and Sam was waiting outside for us to show us where they were sitting. We walked in and first I saw Kay, my daughter, then, surprise of surprises, my son Ben was there from Spain. I was so shocked. Ben and I had a huge, long hug (with Jack looking on and wondering who this person was)! Ben had never met Jack before, nor K. Then it was a huge hug from Jack, K, Luisa, David and Sue (friends), Rene (Sam's Mum) and of course Jason. Wow, I was just over the moon. After all the traumas of a party I was having that was cancelled, this was the very very best present I could have. All 3 of my children together for the first time since our wedding.

Jack was so good and adorable as usual. There was a big carrier bag of presents ready and he was telling me what he'd bought before I'd opened it! Luckily I couldn't quite work out what he meant! In fact he'd bought 2 of those 'bath bombs' one of which released rose buds as it 'exploded'. Bless him. Also he had bought me a Thornton's Chocolate Plaque. It said on it 'Dear Gran's Birthday' which is what he told the lady in the shop to write!! He said it was only flat and sounded a bit disappointed that it wasn't a car or something in chocolate! Jack is 3.

Sam's Mum Rene bought a plaque which read 'Welcome to my Fairy Garden' for my fairy garden of course! A silver photo frame from David and Sue (bottle shaped) and a big craft cutting mat from Jason and Sam (that I'd requested). There was also a card from Ken, my first husband. David as of David and Sue, is one of Ken's brothers.

Food was ordered and was splendid. We had a fun time with the waitress called 'Jo'. She spilled beer on my suit and was mortified. She offered to have it cleaned but we didn't care! Jack was fascinated by Jim's dinner as he had prawns. Jim explained all about them but Jack wasn't brave enough to try one. I wanted pudding, always my favourite part of any meal! Jack wanted chicken flavoured ice cream and went into hysterics thinking of silly flavours but actually had vanilla with chocolate sauce. Then Jo brought in a cake with 2 sparklers saying 60 on it and almost threw it on my lap. It wasn't her day!! So we all had cake.

Jack and I blew out the candles and everyone sang 'Happy Birthday' including some of the other diners! Ben and Jason had a good chat, which was great as they see little of each other. There are 14 years between them. K loved meeting Jack and took loads of photos, as yet I haven't seen those, but Jim took some on my camera, which I have. We had to sit on 2 tables, so we swapped about with the seating.

I can't express how much this all meant to me and how happy I was. If I could bottle the feelings I had when I saw Ben, I'd make a fortune. And K of course, though I'd seen her a week before and I knew Jason was going to be there. She laughed because they'd had the party supposedly for Luisa and my birthday when really she knew she was going to see me on the 7th! It was truly the best thing I could have asked for. We had photos of me and my 3 offspring, lots of them!

All too soon it was over and we had to go. We milled around a bit in the car park, after I'd gathered up all my presents. I ran over to Ben for one last hug - he is sooo huggable - and then Jack said 'one last hug' too! So we enjoyed another cuddle. Then we boarded our Doblo car and K ran over to the window for one last kiss!

Jim and I drove back to our hotel and had a couple of drinks in the bar. I think I didn't stop smiling for hours, as I am now. Up to our room where I had a bath with the 'rose bomb' in it and the bath had those swishy jets in too! What luxury.

I read a while then to bed but I couldn't sleep!

A very funny photo of me - looking rather surprised!!

Me greeting K! Another surprised look!

Sam's Mum Rene and Jack showing me his new shoes

A huge hug for Jack. See my lipstick on his cheek! Ben standing behind, smiling.

Jack puckering up for a kiss

Luisa, Ben and K

Jack pulling a funny face, doting Gran watching.

Jason, K and Ben. Jason was clearly too busy eating to look at the camera!

Me, Jason, Luisa, K, Ben


Me and My Children

Ben, Me, Jason!

That's about it really. Apart from our hotel:

Some benches in their garden

Jim on the hotel bed!

Now these 2 photos are funny. The bath bomb in action!!

Phew! What a time I had. I think I've been smiling all the time I've been writing this. Thanks to Sam, Jason, K, Ben and of course Jim for arranging all this for me.


DK Green said...

Wow, what wonderful memories :-)

It was so good to see your smile after waiting for Ben at a train station for aeons and praying we'd be on time! lol

I had to look twice at the one of you, Ben & Jay from behind, I thought it was me for a minute! ~chuckles~

Lovely... really special post xxx

Webradio said...

Hello BT !
Nice birthday...
Wonderfull memories, also...

Irlande is beautiful country !

See You later.

Son 1 said...

Great blog entry, made me smile lots. So glad you enjoyed it, I had a great time. xx

Sam said...

brilliant blog, great picture of you and the kids, also love the bit about jack wanting chicken ice cream! see youin 46 hours! XXX

aims said...

Oh Gina. I'm smiling too.

Your post has made me quite wistful I have to add. The pictures of you and yours - nothing but a sheer delight.

I have to say the family resemblance is remarkable. It is so obvious you are all related.

Happy happy days - lovely.

BT said...

Thanks K. Jim thought it was you too, but it is J! Happy Happy post!!
I want your photos though...NOW!!!
Webradio, welcome. Do come again, it was indeed a wonderful birthday.
Hi son1! Glad you enjoyed my entry too. I'm still smiling!
Hi Sam, they're good photos, aren't they? Can't wait to see K's.
Aims, I think I have very strong genes! They're all like me and Ben has a different dad from the other two!!
Kirsty and Lina are from the same mould too!
Right, I must get changed now and go to Willow's Ball. Don't want to be late.

Arija said...

What a wonderful birthday! Many, many happy returns of the day to you. My son's birthday is on the 7th as well, that was our reason for driving those thousands of miles to Sydney.
So wonderful that your children had planned so well to surprise you and that it worked out admirably.