Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuesday 23 September, Naughty Buster

It's been such a glorious day, I decided not to waste it by going to Ennis. Maybe tomorrow. Instead I gardened, of course. I made a barricade to stop Buster from trotting down the road to visit Millie, which seemed to work all day, until tea time. As soon as he heard the children's voices he just climbed up the barricade and was off! I left him for a while and could hear him howling occasionally! At 7.30 I popped down to collect him but he wasn't there, he'd wandered along the road to the O'Briens house. He must have heard me because as I walked towards their house, he appeared. I took him home and we played a bit.

I carried on gardening. With the warm weather, everything seems to have started up again! I saw Buster look up at something he'd heard, then off he ran down the hill again, in spite of my yells. I decided I wasn't going to go after him again and left him. It got dark. I got worried. At almost 9, I got ready to go and search for him, when he bounded through the door. I sent him to bed but was mighty relieved to see him. He's obviously worn out and has slept most of the evening. Don't know what to do about it really.

As for the garden, I fought back quite a few brambles from the side of the meadow and have acquired a few scratches for my efforts. I also almost finished off the fairy hill this evening. A god job jobbed! I'm pretty tired now.

Had a quick look at facebook and my niece has put some photos on of my brother's wedding. It made me a bit sad, I have to say, as I wasn't there, or even invited. As it happens I couldn't have gone but it would have been nice to have been asked.

Must go to Ennis tomorrow to pick up a converter for the phone as the one we have has broken. It's an English handset and needs the converter to use in Ireland.

I've been taking down the lavender from the kitchen and stripping the dried flowers from the stalks. It's very time consuming. Anyone have any tips for speedy stripping! Don't answer that...

I have an order for one of my woven 'raggy bags'. A friend of my daughter's wants one for her daughter in Red, purple, black and silver. I've been gathering bits together and need to make a cardboard frame on which to weave it. It's exciting starting a new one after quite some time.

It was our 5th wedding anniversary on l8th September but Jim was in the UK and I'm in Ireland! Still, I thought I'd pop a few photos of of our fabulous day in Worthing, West Sussex:

We were married in The Dome Cinema on Worthing sea front. It's a super building, art deco. This is the box office! I wanted them to leave the pick and mix out, but they covered it up!

This was the programme of films on the day we married!

Signing the register. Jim, me, Russell and Jason. The big mirror reminded me of something from The Titanic!

My 2 Granddaughters were bridesmaids. Kirsty, and Lina (the little one).

Jim's on line name has always been Coaster and mine Bakewell Tart (BT). As we met on line, it was pretty relevant to us. We made these coasters for everyone with the dome on one side and a Bakewell Tart on the other. Each guest also had a Bakewell Tart and the place names I made out of pebbles from the beach. They went down a storm and if we visit any of our guests, they mostly have them displayed somewhere!

The other side of the coasters!

We had a wonderful day and the weather was great. Everyone waved as we travelled to the Dome by car, me, Kirsty and Lina. Afterwards, Jim and I posed in it!

We crossed over the road to the beach for our photographs. Jim's daughter Ali took them for us. It was such fun:

It was a bit windy though!

I love this one

My dress was from a hospice charity shop, as were the shoes and veil. Jim's wife had died in the hospice from cancer so it seemed apt to support them. I said I'd take them back afterwards but so far I've only returned the shoes. I just love the dress!
Someone foolish suggested we should go for a paddle.............

We were married one year after we met, to the day! We arranged the whole wedding in just over 4 weeks and everyone said it was the best, most fun wedding they'd been to. It was also very economical. Weddings don't have to cost a fortune and I think the whole wedding industry is a bit of a racket now.

We had the most marvellous day, one I will always look back on with pleasure.

Love to all


willow said...

It was so much fun to see your wedding photos! What a handsome couple you and Jim make! Happy, Happy Anniversary!!!

I've been wondering about the BT! ;)

BT said...

Thanks so much willow. Fun to see them again! Aha, I used to live in Bakewell, so that's what I was inevitably called!

Olga/Maddie said...

I remember those photos as DK had them on her lj.com journal. *big smile*

I'm so very happy that yours and Jim's wedding day was so very special, lovely, fun, and magical. *big big smile*

And thanks for sharing this beautiful day with us. *GG*

God bless and take care. :).

Sam said...

those photos remind me of the wind on that beach! it was a lovely day, you should have posted one of your wedding cake

BT said...

Sam, I only have these few that people other than Ali took. Hers are on a 'proper' film and in a book, so unless I scan them, I can't post them.

aims said...

Oh Gina! I love your dress! You look absolutely stunning! Gorgeous! The epitome of a bride. And Jim is so very handsome! OH MY!

I never had a white wedding dress - not in either of mine. I've always said that if we renew our vows somewhere down the road - that I'm going to rent a white dress and do it up.

I met The Man online too! And it has been the best out of any of the relationships I've ever been in. Pffffft on the people who say that online romance doesn't work and that everyone is an axe murderer. My MIL said that about me when I first went to meet The Man. sheesh!

Thanks for sharing this wonderful day with us Gina. It has put a silly lopsided smile on my face.

BT said...

Bless you aims, you sound so excited and thanks for the compliments. I did feel quite pretty on the day! My Granddaughter helped me with my make up, my hair was as it always is! I didn't want it 'done'. I had never had a white dress in my first 2 wedding! I wasn't going to have one for this either. I was looking for an ethnic trouser suit but couldn't find one. I went into a bridal shop as they had some lovely shoes in the window (which didn't fit me) but they had some 'sale' dresses, so just for fun I tried one on. After that nothing else would do! We went to the St Barnabas shop and they have a whole upstairs for wedding clothes and I loved that one. It did have rather a long train though!

I didn't tell anyone except the bridesmaids that I had a 'proper' white dress and hid when people arrived so I was able to do the walk down the aisle! My daughter nearly fell off her chair!

Fancy you meeting The Man on line too. How long have you been together??

soulbrush said...

this can't possibly be you at 55...you look so young...wow how do you do it, must be that irish fresh air and all the bramble pulling! ha ha i thought bt were your initials...love the nickname!

soulbrush said...

oh forgot to say 'happy anniversary'....i've been married three times, twice to the same man! yup, i am a nutter!

BT said...

bless you soulbrush, you can come again!! I am now officially an old age pensioner and this morning (25th), I feel it. I'm so tired. Glad you enjoyed the photos. Loved the Elizabeth Taylor story! I've been married 3 times too, and had a 6 year 'marriage' but we didn't actually marry, so that's 4 really. Hey ho!

Leatherdykeuk said...

It doesn't seem like five years!

Fifi Flowers said...

GREAT photos in this post and throughout your blog.