Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday 20 September 2008 A Sunny Day

The Deenery
Ok, so it's hard to spot. We're in the centre, just above half way down. Lough Graney on the right. I'll take a better one soon.

Well, it has to be the title because it's been such a rare event this 'Summer', if you can call it that. Today was gorgeous, warm, sunny, blue sky and the odd white fluffy cloud. A slight breeze added to the gorgosity of it! I was up early and decided it was time to take Buster for a woodland walk. In fact, I'd taken him the day before yesterday, but didn't take the camera as it was dull and rather cold. It was also very soggy underfoot and I'd coated my 'blue suede shoes' (all together now) with mud. Today I was much more sensible and wore my brand new wellingtons, a birthday present from Jenny and Matt, Jim's younger daughter and husband.

Somehow the sunshine just raises ones spirits and everything looked even better and greener than usual. We walked to our usual spot where the bull rushes are, the sound of the lake lapping the shores accompanied us. The sun sparkled on the water like fireflies. Beautiful. Sadly my one photo of that 'didn't work'.

Dappled sunlight in the wood with Buster in the shade

Beech tree leaves turning golden and brown.
The blue behind is a blue cedar.

The lake had small waves today. Here are the bull rushes, maybe there'll be more next year.

Some of you might remember the red wrecked rowing boat. Last time I photographed it, it was just poking out of the water. With the dryer spell, the water has receded again. The boat is gradually breaking into smaller pieces but this was the main piece. Here are a couple of other bits I came across:

That metal bit looks a bit technical! Something to do with rollicks?

The rubus berries have really ripened. Look at the glimpses of blue sky behind and those lovely dark pink leaves.

There seemed to be a lot of froth at this point. Maybe someone had been doing their washing on the opposite side of the lake!
Why does Buster always droop his tale when I'm trying to photograph him!

When my daughter DK and Leatherdyke came in June, all these rocks were under water. As I had my trusty wellies on, I was able to paddle about and walk on them.

This brown grass had stood upright, but now curled over. It reminded me of croquet hoops. I loved the shapes and reflections it made.

Most of the flowers have faded and gone but there was a lot of rather scruffy scabeous at the water's edges. They didn't photograph well.

There were loads of dragon flies whizzing around. I tried to photograph some in mid air, but it didn't work. Buster was very bored. Eventually this little chap landed to dry his wings. If you click on it to enlarge, you can see the sun catching his wings and emphasising the rainbow colours. I'm not sure this is a dragon fly, probably some other sort of fly, they were much bigger than this.

I think this line of rocks must have been a wall at some stage as it carried on inland. More curly grass!

This rock and the breaking wave behind reminded me of sea lions

I did get a bit carried away with the curly grass. This is my favourite, with such clear reflections.

Another of those flies came to rest on a rock in front of me. It looked really spooky as it moved its head from side to side, as if it was looking at me.

I was standing in the water almost up to my welly tops as I took this shot. I love the contrasting colours of the grasses.

The humble rose bay willow herb looks beautiful here bathed in the sunshine, it's fluffy seed heads all twisted and curly

One lonely speedwell flower shone out to me

Another favourite from today's walk, this clock of seeds

I usually head back to the path, but today I decided to paddle through the shallow water's edges and see where I came out. I had to battle through old fallen trees to get back inland, but this shot of lichen made it worthwhile:

In fact it turned out that I was in the 'grotto' I had discovered once before, where 2 huge dead trees make eerie patterns with their moss covered branches. It reminded me of the American Everglades.

I decided to walk up to the road instead of back through the wood to get a bit of the sunshine! This beech tree was a lovely lime yellowy green with another blue cedar behind it.

Then my battery ran out!

When I arrived back home, I couldn't resist taking a few shots around The Deenery. Can you stand a few more photos? Of course you can...

This bunch of kafir lilies has looked wonderful all week, but I've been waiting for the sun to shine on those glorious blooms.

When the blooms start to fade, they go stripey like this

This rose has bloomed all summer.
Hopefully the new buds will get to mature and flower

A few of these striped marigolds are still flowering

I decided I'd do some weeding on the Fairy Hill. The lavenders that Jim bought for me are doing really well. Next year they should be quite big. The weeds are also doing splendidly:

The hydrangeas have at last got going, one pink and one blue. The first flower from the blue one is now a myriad of colours

The fairly new pink flower head of the hydrangea

My daughter in law's Mum bought this plaque for my fairy garden. Here it is in situ

Blackjack decided to supervise my efforts. Look at the length of that grass. Mostly gone now.

I heard a noise up by our gate and Sandy was having a chat with a nosy bullock! I think he got a bit close though, and Sandy headed off.

What a fine fellow he is

Yesterday, Buster tried to head off down to visit his cocker spaniel friend Millie a couple of times. I have tried to watch him today. It's usually around tea time when he hears the children playing that he wants to go and join in. I kept telling him he wasn't go out of the gate when Millie arrived! She had obviously heard me and came to see whether Buster wanted to go and play! They ran around our lawn for quite a while and I took these shots:

Buster showing off his assets.....

Millie is clearly not impressed!! They have such fun running around, it's great exercise for them too. Millie headed home after a while and of course, not long afterwards, Buster followed. I went to pick him up about 7.30pm and he came out of the house! He'd had some of Millie's dinner, so I only gave him a small amount. He has slept all evening, completely worn out.

I had a phone call from Jim and have spent the rest of my time on here, after watching Casualty! Sorry it's such a long one. You have to have stamina for my blog.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely pictures - I'm glad you had some of this glorious weather!

Anonymous said...

Lovely weather here too, but I'd much prefer to be enjoying it over there in Ireland with you. Pictures made me feel very homesick. JimX

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi again crafty gardener. Yes we certainly do seem to have a lot of interests in common. I have certainly got the stamina to read your long blog with the lovely photos. I loved Buster's long (undocked) tail - so expressive. Also loved the kaffir lilies - I have schizostylus out in my garden at present - similar colour - wonder if it is the same thing.

BT said...

Thanks Rach. It's not quite as good today but still very pleasant.

Hi Jim, hug hug.

Hello weaver, we do indeed! Buster is a lovely dog, tail too! He is very loving but still a bit naughty. I suppose he's still very young.

Off to investigate schizostylus, not heard of those at all.

BT said...

Aha, it is indeed one and the same thing weaver. I have just also read that the name kaffir lily is offensive to black south africans and the common name is being changed to South African River Lily. Complicated! So you have them too!

Grouse said...

What a wonderful blog! I love being transported to your part of the country! And please tell me how you came to sit on my hill! You would be welcome to come back.....

Grouse said...
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aims said...

Oh Gina! What an incredible amount of lovely pictures!

The curly grasses and their reflections...lovely...

The diaphanous wings of the dragonflies....perfect! I loved those...we hardly get any around here.

And buster and the cow and the fact that you can grow hydrangeas! You live in a little piece of heaven - you know that?

BT said...

Hi Grouse, good to see you. I must add you to my blog roll, I lost you somehow! I moved to live with my brother in Hope, Derbys, for a while. We walked moors, hills and dales! I loved it. I worked in Sheffield in the centre but was then moved to Bakewell. I've been lost on Kinder Scout too! I remember the Grouse pub in Darley Dale and the Grouse and Claret at Rowsley. I'll pop back to your blog very soon.

BT said...

aims, I am so glad you enjoyed my walk with Buster and the curly grasses! My step daughter Ali loves dragonflies, so I was trying to take one for her!

I'm afraid I took another long walk today! Even longer, with lots more, but different, photos. The hydrangeas are very small so far, but I hope they'll make good shrubs. I took some photos today of some gorgeous hydrangeas in all sorts of colours.

I hope you'll be back to see.

Dave King said...

God, I envy yoou both where you live and your talent for appreciating it. It shows in every image and in every sentence.

DK Green said...

wow I LOVE the pictures mummy, especially the curly reeds & reflections! I'm commenting from a tenuous connection willingly filched from our neighbours at the holiday cottage!
Love and miss you xxx

BT said...

Good to meet you Dave. I have peeked at your blog and enjoyed it enormously. You live in Guernsey, don't you? That's a very pretty place too, surely.

I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos. I love taking them.

Hiya K. Thanks for making the effort. I know it's difficult where you are. Now you have to look at today's! It's all work you know. Have a fabby time. Mum xxx

Olga/Maddie said...

I'm happy that the weather was so wonderful on this particular day. *big smile*

And the photos look marvellous. *big big smile*

Oh, and I'm not sure if you seen this before. But I have now started up a blog on here. And so, here is the URL for it:

Hope that helps.

Also hope that you and yours are doing all right, that things are going okay, and that today goes all right for you all.

God bless and take care. :).