Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Russ and Caz Wedding, 6.9.08. Gina 60 Today

Gina Deen (me) on 6th September 2008, My 60th Birthday. Ready for Russ and Caz's Wedding.

So it was back to Ireland on Monday 1st September. Much chatting to Jim about my weekend at my daughter's and the fun we'd had. Then only 2 days before we drove back to the UK for Jim's son Russell's wedding and our holiday to??. The secret location.

The days rushed by and I flew around the Worthing shops trying to finalise my wedding outfit and accessories. Both Caz and Russ liked my 'off the wall' suit, so that was the choice. I wanted something a bit bright to wear with it and it was going to be red or turquoise. I finally bought a red fascinator, then went to Debenhams and saw a great pair of shoes with a bag in their Jacques Vert section for sale for silly money! So I bought them, took the red jobby back and rushed around looking for turquoise jewellery!

On the Saturday morning, we were up with the lark, getting ready for the wedding. It wasn't until 1.30 but was quite a way away, so we needed to leave about 12. Ali was having her hair done and was our driver, having hired a people carrier. She was late picking us up and Jim paced up and down and watched every car that drove past our house! She finally arrived and off we rushed. Poor Ali was in a panic and when we picked Jenny and Matt up, the sisters ended up shouting at each other!! Weddings! We arrived at the venue in plenty of time. It was a lovely place, part of a vineyard. The building was wooden and the grounds lovely. It was even quite bright weather wise to start with.

We all assembled inside, the bride was fashionably late! A chap in a red jacket kept us up to date with proceedings and what we should and shouldn't do. Russell looked nervous, as expected, but his best man Graeme kept him calm and we all laughed and chatted. I took a few photos before the 'official' photographer arrived with the bride. Jim and I took photos of each other all dressed up and ready to go:

Jim Deen

Gina Deen

The Bridegroom, Russell Deen, and his best man, Graeme, waiting for the bride to arrive. Russ on the right.

All assembled. Jim's daughter Jenny checking her camera and her husband Matt (right) saying prayers?

Jim's daughter Ali (right) having a baby in December. Her husband Jo.

The wind swept bridesmaids arrive

Mr and Mrs Deen go off to another area for drinks

Caz, the bride and the youngest bridesmaid


The buckets held bon bons. The little cakes were divine.


The Wedding Cake

It was quite a drive to the reception venue. It was a lovely place called Slaugham Manor. Beautiful grounds and ruins in the garden. Sadly, it absolutely poured it down for most of the time so the guests weren't able to enjoy the venue as they could have. The reception was in a marquee in the grounds. The photos were also all taken inside and the food was a barbecue, of course we had that inside too. Having said that, it all went well, the food was fabulous and I'm sure the bride and groom had a great time. The decor and colour scheme were really pretty, and all done by Russ and Caz.

The Best Man's speech was brilliant, including a section about Russell's dancing. He apparently does an 'elbow dance' and all his friends got up and demonstrated!

I think you'll all agree that Caz looked stunning. She had also lost quite a lot of weight and her dress showed off her fabulous figure. Russell has also lost a lot of weight but I think he needs to put some back on. He's running a lot and his ambition is to be picked for the 2012 Olympic Marathon team. Well, fingers crossed.

Jim and I both laughed at the official photo of him and Russ as they both look like they've just got off their horses! Those photos are on Facebook though.

Jim gave a little speech about how much hard work the couple had put into the wedding and then did a little bit on my birthday. Ali came in carrying a birthday cake and they sang happy birthday, which was lovely. Russ and Caz also gave me an orchid plant, which I love. I also picked up a few more presents and cards during the day.

I had forgotten that Jim gave me his presents before we got ourselves ready and he took some photos of me opening them:

This was the remote keyboard and mouse for my new computer (in the box on the floor) and if you look carefully you can see a huge bar of cadbury's chocolate on the desk! No wonder I look too large in the photos. Must lose some weight!

I hope you enjoyed the abbreviated version of the wedding. My next birthday treat started on the Sunday.


willow said...

Lovely wedding photos, but I'll have to say that you and Jim take the cake for the most stunning couple!!! Wow!!

Leatherdykeuk said...

You looked fantastic!

soulbrush said...

what fabuous photos, and you looked smashing...you still have so much hair for 60...mine is thin and pathetic..HAPPY 60TH..let life begin now...i turned 60 in february and am having a terrific time....hugs and congrats all round.

BT said...

Ah bless you willow! Maybe the smartest of the oldies!!! I liked my outfit because it was different!
Thanks Rachel.
Soulbrush, I have my lovely Dad to thank for my hair. He had masses of thick, curly black hair. Congrats to you too, 1948 was a good year!


aims said...

Wow! Everyone looked fantastic!

Didn't you just love Caz's dress? And your outfit - oh my! And Jim - totally handsome!

Sandra Ree said...

You definitely are beautiful! I'm going to turn 50 in February and I'm sort of dreading it and at the same time embracing it with a sigh of relief. People tell me I look young for my age but I sure don't feel it! lol

I agree with Willow, you and your husband are a stunning couple! Loved all the photos! :)

See you at the ball, Gina! x

BT said...

aims, Caz's dress looked wonderful. I loved it indeed. Jim's a bit shocked that you called him totally handsome!! He's thinking of coming to Willow's ball!! Not with me though, I'm taking Johnny Depp!
Sandra, I had a wonderful 50th birthday and have for the most part loved the past 10 years. Embrace and enjoy. I used to be told I look young for my age but now the wrinkles are showing! Too much sunbathing I'm afraid.

Thanks for calling in, do come back some time. See you at the ball indeed.