Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday 22 Sept 2008. Off to Gort

Gosh it's late (or rather early). This morning it was really windy and quite cold, so I decided to do some housework for a change. I actually cleaned the kitchen window inside and out. Amazing what I can see out of it now!

I could see my reflection in the outside window, so I did a little pose. I seem to have lost my head though! When (if) our building work is ever completed, this will be re-painted.

Oh, first I had a bath. I took my cup of tea and bowl of cereal and wallowed in a 60 year old fashion! Oops, spilt some of the cereal in the bath.

How revolting this looks!

BlackJack sat on the end of the bath watching me and I thought he didn't smell too good. The bath had cooled down quite a bit so I got out and dunked BlackJack in the bath. He wasn't at all impressed, but he certainly smells a lot sweeter now. Having cleaned one animal, Buster wandered in. Dare I? He'd never had a bath, but I went for it and plopped him in. He wasn't impressed either! Still, I did manage to hang onto him long enough to wash him with some doggy shampoo before he leaped out and soaked me again! I wrapped him in a towel and the 2 animals spent the next half an hour or so licking all that ghastly clean water off themselves!

Buster didn't look much different, but he certainly smelled better. He decided to trot along the conservatory window sill to show off his clean coat:

If his legs get any longer he'll look like he's on stilts!

This is the bath after the animals had been bathed. I did clean it afterwards. Did some washing too. Buster went outside and sneaky BlackJack took over his bed. Whilst the cat's away......., make that the dog:

Even Buster's favourite doll is in the bed.

The weather had warmed up considerably and the wind dropped, so it was back outside. All along the top of the bed just outside the kitchen had become overgrown with marjoram. Much as I like it, I can let it grow in other less restricted places, so decided to try and remove it. I had left it until it had stopped flowering, as the bees and butterflies just love it. It looks so much better now. I moved some other rockery plants to the front and some primula plants that had become hidden under the ever growing saxifrage.

That's better.

I love this bit of the garden. The pile of rubbish at the bottom of the steps looked much bigger than it does here! Buster doesn't like the broom and howls at it!

Here I had cleaned away the 'pile' and moved the 2 Ginkgo Balboa pots back in position. BlackJack is never far from where I'm working! All the photos I took today are pretty contrasty, the sun was so bright. Must try harder.

How shiny and clean BlackJack looks

I hadn't taken a 'before' picture, but his one taken when the lavender was still out show the marjoram on the left almost hiding the 2 trees

I decided to take Buster to the vets this afternoon to get him weighed, wormed and see about having his 'bits' chopped off. Poor Buster! We made it at 5.45 and the vet's nurse/receptionist was amazed at how huge Buster had become! When I mentioned the chopping off of the balls, she unceremoniously upended him and pronounced that they were probably too small to remove just yet.

I said he's busy humping everything now! She suggested I bring him back in a month's time and they'd check. He weighs 13 kg now and ate his worming tablet as if it was a sweet!

I wandered around Gort to try and find somewhere where Buster could run, but there's only a little park that I could find, so we did a few laps of that. I took a couple of 'bench' photos but they're not much cop. Took Buster back to the car and walked around Gort taking a few photos here and there. The catholic church is huge and has some impressive artwork at the front.

Rather dull photo of the only proper bench in Gort's tiny park. Buster looks fine though

The other 2 benches didn't have backs. I think I must have had my camera on an odd setting, though this was totally in the shade. Excuses, excuses!

St Colman depicted here with much gold leaf

and St John the Baptist.

This is on top of the gate post. There is one each side. Look at that blue sky.

In the centre of the market place they have a huge pair of weighing scales. Presumably for corn sacks in former times. There's also what I took to be a pump of some sort:

These 'wheels' in front of O'Donnell's pub have just had a coat of paint and look splendid now:

O'Donnell's bar sign. I think DK might want this for her Enchanted Glimpses blog!

Just opposite where I parked the car (next to the Garda station) is a yard where they sell all sorts of garden furniture and statuary. It was closed by the time I got back to the car, but I managed a few photos. Some of the items are old and some reproduction. I loved this little bench.

Some splendid statuary

I really fancy this gazebo, though I don't think it would really fit with the style of The Deenery. It was standing crooked on the ground, not my fault this time!

Much of the yard was in heavy shade but you can still see how exciting it all is. There is an arch at the back and 2 splendid hanging baskets. I covet those. Please click on any picture to enlarge them.

'Gort Totty' all ready for a night out I assumed. I heard one of the lads ask where they were going. 'The park' came the surprising reply! Check out those gold boots and matching handbag! Bling!!

A quick trip in Aldi for supplies and it was back home. Poor Buster had been sick in the car, probably from the worming tablet. He's been pretty quiet this evening and even shared his bed with BlackJack.

I seem to have a broken phone this evening. No dialling tone. Luckily I managed to catch Jim on Facebook chat, so we still had our daily contact.

Sandy decided he's pretend to be a bird. He even tried to get at the nuts. Strange cat.
I did a bit on the computer earlier but was falling asleep so went and lay on the bed. Four hours later I woke up! That's why I'm still up now, but I'd better go and get a bit more sleep before the morning. Off to Ennis tomorrow to try an sort out the broken phone. Might just take the camera.
Sandy's just leapt on my computer table and wants a fuss. Not condusive to typing! I've just looked outside and the sky is amazing. It's a totally clear night and the stars are incredible.hjuhjuhjuhjuhjuhjuhju Sorry, that was Sandy's contribution.


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

The photo of Blackjack sitting in the sun is a lovely, framable portrait! And, I'm sorry Buster's pill made him sick, but hat's off to you to manage a bath for both of them so easily!

I do so love seeing the photos of your area!

BT said...

Hi Pamela terry and edward. BlackJack does look rather handsome doesn't he. He's back in Buster's bed now! Still, Buster is asleep in a chair so he hasn't noticed yet!

willow said...

Love, love, love the saints and the statuary! Now, about the cereal in the bath. I have never tried the bathing and eating combo. ;^)

Ces said...

BT I love your beautiful landscape. It is so heartwarming. Even the young ones in their stylized fashion do not alienate me. It's a s if you live in a Manet, Renoir or Van Gogh painting.

The Weaver of Grass said...

That was a very pleasant tour of your town bt. I really enjoyed it. What kind of dog is Buster - looks like some kind of hound - very handsome and love his long, undocked tail

BT said...

lol, willow! It's a great experience, go for it. Probably toast might not be a good idea. Cereal is great, provided you keep it in the bowl!! The saints are beautiful aren't they. I fancy that large green stag in the garden. Might frighten away the real deer.

ces what a wonderful comment. I hadn't thought of our landscape as a painting, but looking at it today, bathed in warm sunshine, you are right. It's glorious. The young ones are fun. Usually quite dull, so I was pleased to find one dressed in a more adventurous style.

Hello again weaver, thank you for visiting. I love it when people leave comments. We thought Buster was a beagle but he's too tall now. A judge at a dog show said he's and English Foxhound and I think he's right, having looked them up on the net. I don't think they usually dock their tales. I certainly wouldn't anyway, a hideous practice.

Gort is a very typical Irish town and is a heritage town, so they are reasonably careful about knocking things down and any new developments, which is great.

aims said...

Great photos even with all your complaints today Gina.

Thought you might be interested in looking at this while Jim is away since you do so many lovely 'view' shots...

Have a look - http://btraffordphotography.blogspot.com/2008/07/joined-up-pictures.html

We've tried this and it works great!

BT said...

Hello aims, thanks for that link, I've had a look. Might have a go. I think Jim's done one in the past.


Olga/Maddie said...

Is Sandy the next one to get a bath? *BG*

God bless and take care. :).

BT said...

Olga, I would have no chance with Sandy, he'd hate it and scratch me to pieces! But he washes ALL the time, so doesn't really need it thank goodness.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Love the garden :)