Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Off to the Ball, My Dear (and Limerick), 1.10.08

Well, I'm in such a muddle, trying to decide which dress to wear to Willow Manor Ball. Johnny Depp has called and invited me and I have only 2 hours to get ready. Such a trial.

Now I'm ready, I decided to got for the split sided, low back off the shoulder red number. Silver high heels and a diamond choker complete the outfit nicely.

Back later, here comes my limo now....

Well, I've just arrived home and what a night it's been. I've never been to a cyber ball before and because it was virtual food, I was able to try every one of the delicious desserts. And not an extra inch on my body...... If only. Johnny was the perfect gentleman (unfortunately) and Jim's just arrived back after an eventful evening with Jean Simmons.

Now, back to reality (how sad). Today it was off to Limerick to look at bathroom suites for our prospective new bathroom. We headed straight for B & Q and they had an excellent, and very reasonably priced, choice. We also hopped in and out of shower cubicles. I actually lay in a bath, much to some passing customers' amusement and Jim's embarrassment! I must say it was a perfect fit!

As the sun was shining and the car would get hot, we left Buster at home. He doesn't travel that well either so I thought he'd be better off there. We also bought Jim a new chain saw with a super large motor. The last one blew up!

Then it was off to find some food. MacD's near Tesco's was just the job. I was desperate for a coffee and theirs is just the best.

A trip into Tesco's found a bargain Ipod for Jim and a set of speakers for it too. How modern we have become!

As we were driving through Limerick, I saw this amazing pair of gates and shouted to Jim, 'look at those wonderful gates'. At the next opportunity he turned the car round and took me back so I could photograph them! Bless. The gates were at the side of a boarded up building which had An interesting inscription on it. Here are the photos I took:

How superb are they?

Above the gate on the arch it reads M O'Brien

This is the wonderful gate into the garden


Boru House
AD 1880

I've looked it up on the Internet and here are the details:

This large family house of the prosperous O'Brien family was built in 1880. The builder was Michael O'Brien. The use of polychrome brickwork in conjunction with stonework and the coursing of the eaves brickwork is all typical of the closing decades of the nineteenth century. There is something quite non-domestic in the character of this house, which may also have functioned as the head quarters of the family business in the horse trade. The Irish novelist Kate O'Brien (1897-1974), among whose work (much of which was banned by the state), famously includes: The Land of Spices. She was one of ten children born of Tom O'Brien and Catherine Thornhill and lived in this house.

It seems to be for sale for over £1,000,000! I think it must have a large slice of land with it so would make an industrial site, office block or houses and is quite near the centre of Limerick. I wouldn't mind it! The hand wielding a sword was the family crest of the O'Brien family. In the photo on the Internet, it's in much better condition, isn't boarded up and the gates are in quite fine fettle.

Off we went back home, by which time it was gone 6pm. Buster was rather pleased to see us! He hadn't had any accidents either. In Tesco, we bought Buster a new doll to replace the one he'd murdered a while ago. This wonderful doll, called Emily cost us all of one euro seventy four cents! Buster went crazy over it and played with her for ages. Definitely a hit.

Unfortunately he's behaved like a lunatic all evening and has only really just settled down. Crazy animal.

Buster with Emily!

I've started the raggy bag I'm commissioned to make for one of my daughter's friends. Colours: Red, black, purple and silver! Sounds a bit ghastly to me.

It's turned quite cold tonight so we've had Stanley blasting away. I gather tomorrow's going to be much the same. Autumn's arrived with avengeance.

Till tomorrow


DK Green said...

Wow, fabulous gates indeed!

I'm busy doing photos and falling asleep, I'm almost done finishing our holiday pics so then I can do the birthday weekend at last!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous building indeed!

willow said...

Here...let me pour you a strong cup of coffee! I'm on my third cup, since I was feeling a tad hung over from all that wonderful cyber champagne. I am thrilled that you and Jim finally arrived at the Ball last night! Never mind Johnny and and Jim were a hit!!

These gates are splendid!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Oh boy, Buster's got a new toy!
It's cold here too, and I love those gates!!!

BT said...

Aren't they just dk? Oh goodness, get on with them. I'm back here on Monday night so I hope my piccies are here then!!
Thanks Rach. Oh willow weep for me!! The headache of all headaches kept me in bed until 1pm!! I feel a little better now but am aching from cutting down loads of willows - not you of course, green ones! What a great time we had though! Even Jim turned up!
Pamela, he loves his Emily! So much that he keeps trying to pull her nose off.


Awesome gates! I love funky old stuff, eclectic things that may not (at first glance) fit their surroundings.

Gotta laugh at Buster and his toy. We once had a family dog whose favorite toys were empty two-litre soda bottles. (shrug) There's no accounting for taste.

BT said...

keanan brand, thanks for calling in. Glad you too like the gates. Buster now has 2 Emilys. Emilii? What's a pair of Emily called???