Wednesday, September 17, 2008

DK's Birthday, written on 17.9.08 Pictures a Plenty

On my arrival on Friday night, Lina was waiting for me at her bedroom window. How grown up she looked. She has grown into a beautiful young lady.

K opened some of her presents the night before! How great is this photo of her with her single malt?

Well, I wrote about the actual day on the 30th I think! We certainly had a great time. I took far too many photos as usual, so here we go. Oh, I'm rubbish at names too, so DK may have to fill some of them in for me! I will add just a selection.

This was the super meal we had at The Red Lion. DK has 2 lovely shots on her 'enchantedglimpses' blog. Here we have, left to right, Jamie (Kirsty's other half), Lina, DK, Rachel and Luisa.

This is the lovely 'Aunt' Miranda to DK, my ex sister in law. We all love her loads. I reminded her of a previous time when she amused us all in a rather posh restaurant by making lilies with the napkins. So of course she had to have a go! She is 70, can you believe

Not to be outdone, Kirsty made this wonderful chicken with her napkin!! Sorry it's a bit blurred.

One of the lovely waiter people took this of us all. Left to right, Rachel, Luisa, Miranda, Me, Rachel (Miranda's daughter), Kirsty, Jamie, Lina and DK. What a crowd. Bye the way, K, I left that grey top at yours!

This was my choice for lunch. It was the Scotch Eggs that did it! I've never eaten off a bread board before!

I also had a rich chocolate brownie, with rich chocolate sauce and clotted cream for pudding! As did Lina and several of us. So delicious.

Finally K, my 41 year old daughter (that day), smiling and replete. Lovely photo of her it is too.

Kirsty is the champion cake maker. For the Thai theme, she made K this wonderful 'fan' cake. It tasted gorgeous too. Is Kirsty beautiful or is she beautiful?? I was at her birth and love her dearly, of course!

Now to the 'surprise' Saturday evening celebrations for K. All dressed in Thai-ish clothing. You have to take it a bit loosely!

The evening's entertainment began with The Hoody Dance. Lina performed this at her leaving do and tried to teach some of the others to do it! It was great fun, Lina counted like mad all the way through. I just love this photo of her with her cheeky smile.

Here she leads Luisa, Sue and Gemma. They don't seem to be doing quite the same as Lina!

Here is the Thai mob! Lina in the front. Rachel in centre back in black. I am the poser in red to her right! Can you tell I used to perform or what? The Mikado came flooding back, in which I played Yum Yum many years ago.

I'll put any others on a new post for the Sunday 31st, which was the celebration for Luisa's birthday, and an early one for my 60th the following week as I wouldn't be seeing K on the day.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Welcome back online!
Super post, Gina.

DK Green said...

yay da momma's back and posting! ~bounce~

Wonderful (if embarrassing!) pictures, really lovely :-)

Ooh I'm so going to enjoy all your catch up posts xxx

willow said...

Welcome back! It looks like a good time was had by all!! :)

BT said...

So glad you liked it Rach and DK. Just finished the next day. Phew!!

Olga/Maddie said...

Welcome back, my dear. *big smile*

And also this particular night and set of photos are great, great, great! *BG*

I'm so very happy that you got to spend time with DK and her family. *happy smile*

Also, I hope that DK is feeling better now (and I'm very to know about her suffering from salmonella poisoning). :(.

God bless and take care. :).

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

So glad to have you back!

aims said...

Fantastic pics Gina! I have to tell you - your daughter and granddaughter...beautiful! I don't know if DK wants to be called beautiful - but I don't care - you are! You have a stunning face! And Lina...OMG! What a little beauty - and Kirsty- wow!

So - what was with the Thai theme? You didn't say why you were all doing it.

BT said...

aims, you want to know WHY? I have no idea, was just told!! I think they just dream up a scatty idea so we can all dress up!! I love it!