Thursday, September 18, 2008

Friday, 19th Sept, 2008 Home Alone

Even though I haven't caught up with my 'holiday/wedding' posts, thought I'd write a bit for now. Just so you don't forget me.

Jim's gone back to the UK for 10 days this time. So I'm home alone. We had a funny old journey to the airport on Wednesday. There were roadworks just along from Brodericks' Furniture Store and we sat waiting for 10 minutes!! Luckily as usual we'd left in plenty of time. So along we drove. On the main road to Limerick we were stopped by Customs Officers!! They asked 'were we on holiday' and we said 'yes, but we have a holiday home in Clare', which is a bit of a porky pie, but otherwise we'll have to re-register our car in Ireland and that costs several hundred euro!! We were waved on.

As we drove into the airport we were stopped again and asked who was going where!! Then told where to park. All very odd. So I eventually dropped Jim off.

I had often passed a sign near the airport saying 'riverside walk', so I decided to investigate it and take Buster for a run, as I'd taken him with me. I parked up and discovered he'd been sick twice in the back! I followed many brown signs to 'riverside walk' but never actually found the riverside. We had a great time though, met a lady picking blackberries and of course Buster wanted some. She obliged! A bit further on, we met an older man helping a young Chinese lad walk along. He must have had cerebral palsy or some such as 'his legs didn't work very well' the man explained! Recognising an English accent, he said he'd lived in Shannon for 30 years so was almost accepted!!

Buster had been very good off the lead but suddenly he spotted schoolchildren outside their classrooms and couldn't resist. Off he bounded! They all loved him of course, but it was back on the lead for him. After a while, I let him off again, and he bounded off down a path onto an estate!! Much dog barking ensued, with Buster returning, his tail between his legs! We walked a long way and my legs ached by the time we reached the car! I did some shopping for Buster treats at 'Petmania', then called at Tesco for supplies for the week. Naturally I did take some photos on our walk!

This small elderberry bush seems to have gone autumnal only in one place! Look at the lovely black berries though.

A deep dark wood!

There was a serial bench thief around Shannon! First this one then:

Wow, he didn't leave much of this!

This set seemed intact. Quite smart, I thought.

Luckily I had Buster on the lead when we passed this lovely group of young schoolchildren learning about colours.

I was taken with the pretty pink and white of these bramble flowers in the sunshine


DK Green said...

what a lovely post mummy :-)

Love the colours on that children's game!

BT said...

Thank you. I remember them having that 'parachute' at Ben's school. It's a spectrum thing I think!

Arija said...

Nice walk you had with all the interesting encounters.
I've missed you on my blog . Thought you might have ejoyed some of the too.
You have been a busy girl with all your gadding about. I'm glad you enjoyed the visit with all it's possibilities.
P.S. loved the red leaves on the elderberries.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am glad to hear that Buster did not lose his taste for blackberries during his holiday!

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooooh pretty....I have taken copies of the bench pics :) I love the colour of the fuscia leaves next to the green ones in the first pic, how fabulous. Your dog was sick twice in the car? Oh yuck.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Lovely! I like finding new places to walk.

BT said...

Hi arija, good to see you. Pamela, I think he'd eat anything. He ate a piece of dental floss this morning! djk, I have sent you an email with the bench piccies, but you've already got them! There are a lot more I took in Milan! Some super ones too. So do I, Rachel. I suspect I'll take Jim when I pick him up from the airport. And Buster, of course!!

Olga/Maddie said...

What is with these 'bench thieves'?

As my Mom would have said, 'That's a daft thing to do!'.

And your Buster is quite a little scamp, now isn't he? *BG*

He also seems to have a lot of people eating out of his paws. *VBG*

As usual, both your entry and the photos were wonderful. *big smile*

God bless and take care. :).

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Beautiful captures!

Have a lovely weekend :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hello Crafty Gardener. Found your blog by a circuitous route through other blogs I am following. Love it. Love your photos. As we once had a holiday in County Clare I enjoyed your walk with Buster too.
Autumn is well and truly here in North Yorkshire where I live - expect it is much milder there in Clare. Nice to visit you.

BT said...

Hi sameera, thanks for visiting. Lots more photos to come.

the weaver of grass, great to see you. I weave with all sorts of stuff and make bags mostly. Where abouts in Yorks. My mum was born in Halifax and Gran and Granddad were in Keighley for years. I love it there. Especially the moors and the tarn above their house.

My husband lived in Wakefield for years.

aims said...

Ooooh! You have no idea how much I love to see DK calling you mummy! It warms my heart every single time. Sigh.

All that stopping on the way to the airport made me wonder what was up in your country.