Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday, 26th September. I'm 60 and 20 days today!

It's been a funny old day. I don't seem to have been able to settle into anything constructive, so I didn't bother!! It was quite bright again today, not so much sunshine but good enough to take Buster through the woods again. So that's what I did. I tried not to take too many photos or you'll all begin to know every tree and leaf! The water in the lake has receded amazingly. It is definitely the lowest I have ever seen it.

We were able to walk along places normally completely submerged, what fun! Buster and I have often heard the quacking of ducks but have never seen them. We were able to stand on the shore in a normally submerged spot and see them today and there must have been at least 100 of them. No wonder they made such a din. I tried to photograph them, but they were rather a distance away:

It had also turned a bit gloomy though the sun did appear now and then

I have never seen so many exposed rocks here. Buster's there too, though you might have to click on it to see him! We hopped our way over the rocks almost to the one at the end.

This is the end rock, you can see the little tufty shrub in the more distant picture! Just to prove we did it. I chickened out at that point and went back inland!
A rather splendid shot of Buster on the rocks

One worry today was the appearance of what is obviously some kind of green chemical. I took several photos which I shall send to the Clare environment department. Here's just one of them?

It looks for all the world like paint. As the lough is used by fishermen, it needs sorting out and quickly.

Even out by the end rock you could still see a tinge of green.
I had to take a shot of the bull rushes of course! They were almost out of the water:

I was quite pleased with this atmospheric photo of the grasses. They only kept still for a moment.

Just to prove the sun did shine.

Back in the wood, I spotted this little beetle. I'm cross with myself as he's a bit out of focus, but he was a fine chap. Did I hear him singing? Maybe it was the rustling of the leaves......

Buster did manage to find plenty of blackberries on the walk up to the road.

If you look carefully you can just see the blackberry disappearing! Look at those scars already, I'm afraid they're from our cat, Sandy. He's not as tolerant of Buster's attentions as BlackJack.

Finally, a very 'centred' blackberry! What fabulous red leaves, and all from the common bramble

Buster happily hopped into our car and we headed home. I thought I'd pop up and see Mrs Broderick in the Mountain View Cafe for a cup of tea and scone. I left Buster behind this time. Blow me, the cafe was closed. Not wanting to return home, I drove to Feakle, some 12 kilometres away, stopping on the outside of the village at Peppers Bar. It's very brightly painted and is famous for the weekly music sessions it holds. Once a year, in July, the whole village of Feakle has a huge music festival and Peppers features largely in this event.

I'm not sure what the cone is there for!

These doors at the end are rather splendid

I sat very close to this lovely fireplace. It looks as though the fire is out, but it wasn't!

I thought it was a bit too chilly to sit outside and eat, but this couple were obviously more hardier than I am!
I sat in the little restaurant inside, which had a real fire and papers to read. A cheese toastie and
coffee later and I was ready to explore Feakle on foot.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Horrors on the green dye! I loved the shot of Buster eating.

BT said...

You see, nobody (except you) has read this post. They've all just read the top one. Sighs!!!

It's a good one, isn't it? He could eat blackberries all day! Hope you had a great holiday