Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday, 27th Sept, 2008. Jim's home tonight!

The Deenery

What a mad day I've had. I haven't left The Deenery but have hoovered, swept, de-cobwebbed, cleaned sinks, washed floors and done washing! I'm sure I've missed something. Oh, I did do a bit of weeding for about the last hour until it got too dark to see. My wrists have been bitten to death though, which is driving me nuts. I have put some cream on them, so hopefully that will start to work soon.

I have to leave here at 10pm to pick Jim up from Shannon airport at 11.10. It'll be good to have him home. We both enjoy time apart but 10 days was too much. Having said that, next weekend I am off to the UK to see Jack ! Still, only a short trip. We're going to ride on Thomas the Tank Engine! Woo Hooo!

I had a wander around the land for a break and looked at what was still in flower. Some of the plants have become confused with the late burst of warm weather. The primulas are flowering, the pinks have had a little flush of new flowers and even the escallonia has burst into bloom again. Plus the rose buds are actually going to bloom instead of going all soggy and dying. All very heartening. The cosmos which Jim grew from seed, are still putting on a wonderful display. We grew them last year too. The foliage is also very attractive and they seem to flower right up until the first frosts. My kind of flower! I have to admit to taking the odd photo here and there. Not of my cleaning, but of the flowers.

The Deenery in bloom, 27th Sept.
These 2 roses I photographed a few days ago are almost in bloom now.

This yellow rose is almost over. Such a pretty colour

This pink rose by the bird bath has flowered almost all summer, there's a little white one there too

These white cornflowers have burst into life again with the recent sunshine

The abutilon is doing really well. Next year it'll be huge!

Jim bought 3 Brugmansia and we put them in pots. One grew really big then fell over and broke off. Another is only just growing and this lovely purple/blue one is covered in flowers. It's gorgeous.

Another confused flower, this cistus normally blooms in spring

These cosmos have been wonderful, I love the pinks against the dark purple sambucus 'Pink Lace'

I couldn't resist this complete dandelion clock

A spring flowering escallonia. Its lime green leaves contrasting with the darker leaves of the ceonothus

This particular hawthorn bush has almost blood red berries.

Pretty fuchsias

Spring flowering polyanthus

I love nasturtiums, these look as though they have long eyelashes!

This one is self seeded and obviously a trailing plant, it's growing all along the ground; BlackJack had to get in on the act!

The cactus dahlia are still going. This apricot coloured one is stunning

A delicate pink and white potentilla shrub

These pinks are having a second flush! Well, scarlet pinks!

A saffron yellow annual potentilla, which seeds like mad so will soon be all over the garden.

There are also some old fashioned marigolds, heather and of course will flowers dotted around, plus one hollyhock flower. It's surprising with all the rain that the flowers have done as well as they have.

I picked Jim up from Shannon and we talked until 4am! So it was a late start to Sunday...


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Edward always knows when my husband is on his way home from out of town, by all the cleaning, cooking and polishing I'm engaged in. There's something nice about a good tidy up for someone returning!

And, I've loved the last posts...Is it just me, or is Buster getting taller?? Must be all those blackberries!

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a fantastic array of flowers!

Please may I have some of the cornflower seed?

BT said...

Oh yes Pamela, Buster is growing by the day, it seems! He still wants to sit on my lap, which isn't really big enough!! He seems all legs!

Yes, I love a good tidy up, not too often though!!

Leatherdyke, I will save you some of those seeds, I love that plant.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Thank you Gina :)

ChrisH said...

Looking round your garden is a lot nicer than looking round mine! (Note to self - must try harder!). Thank you for your lovel comments about Tom's paiting.s

aims said...

Wow Gina! You have so many different flowers. They are beautiful! I love flowers that bloom all summer. They just give such a cozy homey look to a place and the look that someone actually cares enough to have flowers.

Glad Jim is back. I bet you are too!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Hi bt! The nesting instinct always kicks in doesn't it - the cock bird is due home so we cook and clean and scrub and polish ourselves into the ground. Still, secretly I think we enjoy it. I love your photos of the last few flowers in your garden - might do the same here tomorrow - as you say, things are flowering out of season a bit. I too love cosmos -it is marvellous at self=seeding.

BT said...

Chrish, thanks for your comments. Glad you liked the flowers. I've always loved gardening. Just scatter a couple of packets of mixed annuals next spring and you'll be amazed at the colours and variety you'll get.
Hi aims my friend. They do make a place look homely don't they, and as though someone cares. Which I do! It's good to have Jim home. He does the cooking!!!
Weaver, that would be lovely to see your flowers. Go do it! It's fun to have a clear up now and then. You feel good and can look at your home with renewed enthusiasm.

DK Green said...

~smiles~ lovely post mummy, boootiful flowers :-)
Glad Jim's home again too!
DK xxx