Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Weds, 24 Sept 08, Ennis Trip, Sunshine

I thought I'd better go to Ennis today in spite of the sunshine! When the sun shines I like to be working outside but the phone needs fixing. I popped outside first thing with Buster and half of the grass was still all dewy, it had been a clear night, so of course I had to go and fetch the camera to catch the beautiful cobwebs:

They really need blowing up to appreciate the colours at their best, and the odd spider here and there! Click on them if you have time.

We still have a few roses out and they too looked beautiful in the morning sun

This is the lovely 'Peace' rose, bedecked with dew

A pretty pair of pink rosebuds

I didn't take Buster with me as it would have been too warm in the car, so left him with toys, food and water until my return.

The countryside looked gorgeous as I drove through it and I was in Ennis in no time. I parked near a Church of Ireland, a non catholic church, which looked rather sober, but nonetheless, deserved a closer look.

Most church signs are mounted on a post, but this rather battered one was propped up against the wall.

St Columba's Church, Ennis

Looking up to the tower, look at that blue sky!

One of the doors to the church, all closed sadly

I loved this little door. It had 1871 written above it and a curious little round thing!

Almost all the windows were covered with wire. Seems such a shame. This was the kitchen. Perhaps they think someone
might nick the tea?!

In the churchyard was this rather odd shaped 'monument'. No idea what it's for

Maybe it's just landed there!

On the wall was a lovely reddening Virginia Creeper.

I finally dragged myself away and walked through the town. It was bustling with shoppers and workers alike. I managed to find the 'eircom' shop and bought the relevant bit for the phone. Ennis is full of little interconnecting streets, most of which have attractive arches at each end.

Brady's Lane, how Irish is that?

It was so busy and the streets are so narrow I had trouble getting any more photos of these arches this time.

I went into the post office to change some money. They didn't do foreign exchange! But they do have a lovely red brick building with arches:

Opposite the Post Office is a Bank of Ireland and they were happy to change my pounds for euros. Their building is also a fine edifice, this time in grey stone:

You can see how busy it is. I took a photo of the blue door at the far end

What a fine door

These trees were displaying splendid autumn colours. The statue is rather in the shadow.

This one looked particularly colourful in the sunshine

This statue is opposite the church. The Irish have quite a lot of art work around their towns. There was a sign on the wall explaining this one

The River Fergus flows through the town. This is looking one way

And this the other. Goodness knows what's going on here. A huge building project of some sort. Watch this space..

I photographed a few signs for K's Enchanted glimpses blog. I liked the Traditional Guinness toucan next to the Zucchini restaurant sign, all modern.

This is the AIB Bank sign. It looks like a viking boat with the dove of peace. I'm not sure what that has to do with banking!

This is the place to go if you have a yen for a Chinese meal! Sorry!

My favourite, Mossy Sullivans! What a great name and a fine pint of Guinness too

Another wonderful Irish name. Ennis still looks splendid with loads of flowers everywhere.

Clean lines make this photo of an arched window against the blue sky. Probably my favourite of today's set.

This rather dilapidated door is in between fine shops. I loved the old fashioned door knocker and huge bell. The postman has to be tall to reach that letter box.

The sky looked atmospheric on the journey home, so I stopped and took this shot. DK loves these pylons.

I tried out a new cafe in Ennis. I had a tasty 'Tuna and Swiss cheese toostie' as it was spelt plus an iced cappuccino with cream on the top. Delicious.

Buster had been very good with no 'accidents'. I was soon out in the garden attacking brambles again. Buster obviously got bored and disappeared again, returning in the dark at 8pm Again, he's slept the evening away.

I had a long bath to soak out the thorns. I had a chat with Jim on our now working phone! He sounded really fed up and wants to be home, ie, here. Only 3 more sleeps Jim.


Ces said...

Better than a travelogue magazine. The dewdrops are amazing and the fall colors are splendid. I share your fascination with doors. To me they tell a lot about a place and these ones are grand.

soulbrush said...

what a fabulous post bt. loved the arched window, and the moody sky at the end, oh and the frosty shots, and the church doors...oh actually i guess i loved it all! am going to add you to my list of favourites right now, so that i can visit you more often. hugs from a sunny london today!

BT said...

Thanks ces, doors are rather mysterious! Glad you liked them.

Soulbrush, thanks for adding me to your list. It's sunny again here today! Something must be wrong.... maybe Summer's slipped to Autumn. I was cold last night though, a sure sign of Autumn (and Jim being away)!!

willow said...

Wow, that church sign really popped out at me! Especially that rector's name. My family's surname is Hanna! I am really feeling my roots here today. :D

Lovely door pix, too!

willow said...

Oh, and one more thing, there's a long line of preachers in my Hanna line! I probably connect with this rector many generations back!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I love all those photos of the beautiful doors! I do have a thing for doors. And, what a gorgeous day you had for the trip.

Also, fabulous wedding photos! You look so lovely and so happy!

BT said...

willow, that's amazing. What a coincidence. I bet he's one of your long lost relatives!

Hi Pamela, Terry and Edward. Thanks for calling in. Everyone seems to like doors. Must be something Freudian there I think. I hope Edward enjoys the odd glimpse of Buster!

Leatherdykeuk said...

I love the door!