Thursday, January 8, 2009

There is an Angel in Clare called Connor

Yesterday morning I awoke early, waiting for it to get light to see whether BlackJack was still up the tree and try and coax him down. I opened the back door and could still hear his plaintive cry, quieter now. It was another thick frost. I went and got dressed in warm clothes and headed up to the tree with my binoculars to try and see him. The branches are quite dense at the top of the tree and I still couldn't see him. Shortly afterwards a car came into the yard. Two chaps started to work on the broken down digger. They asked what I was doing so I explained about BlackJack and they could hear him too.

Connor, the younger of the 2 men, leaped into action. 'Have you got a ladder?' Off he went to the barn and fetched our longest ladder. He could just see the cat and after a while I spotted one white paw too. Without a second thought, Connor climbed the ladder then scaled the rest of the tree to the top, monkey fashion. He grabbed BlackJack, who was of course very scared and fought back!! Connor valiantly held him fast and then came back down, this time with only one hand of course. When he was at the top of the ladder, he turned and let BJ jump down. He shot off into the distance and Connor climbed down. 'I'm still alive' he said! What a hero. His mate just spent the time killing himself laughing.

BlackJack was really spooked and it took a while for me to persuade him to come inside, but he did and had some food and drink, then settled down at my feet in a box of gloves and scarves for the rest of the day! Today he's hardly been outside at all and at this moment he and Sandy are asleep in Buster's chair.

By the time I went back outside, my hero and his boss had gone, and the dumper truck. At least something had gone right at last.

The water was frozen again and didn't start running until about 3pm. Today it's very slightly warmer and it didn't freeze overnight.

Connor's journey up and down the tree. Sadly you can't see the cat as he was clutching him close to his chest then let him go before I could take the 'hero' shot on the ground.

BlackJack is right at the top of the tree on the left. The 'lump at the top of the tree on the right is a magpie's nest.

Connor reaches the top of the ladder

He scales the tree

nearing the top

Here he managed to grab BlackJack with his right hand

Coming down one handed

Back to the ladder! A bit of a 'builders bum' going on here!

What a hero he was. I offered tea and refreshment but it was politely declined. Bless him. A pity I didn't get to photograph BlackJack but take it from me, he was there!!

After I'd settled BlackJack, I did some more work on the allotment on and off all day with stops to go inside and warm my feet. I took a few photos of the work in progress:

The fence on the left now trimmed, on the right, not done yet. Look at the frost on the ground.

The section of the bank I have cleared and, below, still to do..

Willows in the sun

This pile of cut willow still frosted

This pile was in the sun. Such beautiful colours

I finished the right hand section of the fence today but it was bitterly cold so I didn't stay out too long. Even Buster looked ready to come indoors. I'm hoping to finish it tomorrow.

Hopefully the builders will be able to start again on Monday as the temperature is supposed to be rising.

I spoke to Jim this afternoon and someone has crashed into the back end of his hire car! Amazing. What is in store for us next...?


Sam said...

me thinks connor had super powers because there is no way on earth i would have climbed that to get a cat down! lock him in from now on ok! XXXX

Son1 said...

Blimey thats some brave climbing!

With your luck lately when you get out of bed in the morning I would just check to make sure your legs haven't fallen off. lol.

All character building stuff! x

BT said...

Wasn't he just a super star? There is hope after all Sam. BJ's hardly left the house all day!

Jason, wasn't it just? I would have been terrified. Also just the pure strength needed to pull one's body up that tree. Phew! I will check my legs indeed. Good plan. And arms, and feet,.....

ChrisH said...

Hello BT, I'm so sorry not to have caught up with you sooner but the nice thing is I can have a good catch up. It's all happening over your way! I did like the poem - and the fact that Blackjack wasn't especially grateful to Connor!

I hope that you've got all the horrid stuff out the way quickly and that it will be plain sailing in 2009 from now on!

Thank you for ulcer advice - I've now got the b*gger on the run!!

Leatherdykeuk said...

How fabulous!
I love the colours of those willows!
It is so cold there, though!

willow said...

Heeheehee! We call "builder's bum" "plumber's butt"! ;^)

Glad everybody's okay.

DK Leather said...

~grins~ yay for Connor! :-)
Anyway, it's a perfect name, it's my first grandson's name!

BT said...

Jason, my legs are still there!

Lovely to see you Chris. I'm glad you've got that ulcer under control at last. They're evil things.

Rachel, the willows up on the allotment are gorgeous colours. Some are a real dark purple but my favourite is the reddish yellow one. He obviously went to town making this fence.

That's funny willow, 'Plumber's butt', I like that!!

Hi K, of course it is, a fine name indeed.

DJ Kirkby said...

That tree is really high! Connor is very much a hero, BJ must think himself lucky. Wonder why cats get stuck up trees? Love the photos of the willow strips.

BT said...

Thanks DJK. I often wonder why cats do that. Our ginger cat goes up and comes down but BlackJack just goes up!! He spent 2 days up an even taller tree in a howling gale! Twice he did that. Just stupid I guess.

The willows are beautiful aren't they?