Sunday, January 11, 2009

A good, if Blustery Day 10th Jan, 2009

The weather changed drastically today. Gone was the frost, to be replaced by rain and a strong wind. The house isn't quite as cold either, which is a blessing. Jim and I had a good wood sawing session in the barn then I headed up to the allotment area again and sawed down an overgrown fuchsia then cleared a lot more brambles (story of my life) and nettles. The area above the allotment looks twice the size now and will be easier to maintain, either by mowing or strimming. I worked until it was just falling dark and Buster kept me company for the last half an hour.

Yesterday Jim went into Ennis and taxed the car, which is now registered in Ireland and will have new plates when we get them made. That'll be very odd and I'm sure I'll never remember the number now. Tescos in Ennis had many many Christmas bargains and Jim returned with lots of goodies! Roasted peanuts, chocolate eclairs, a very posh Christmas cake (also very small), and several packets of mini Snickers. Not at all good for the waistline, but most welcome so my taste buds and tummy.

The mood here is now much more 'up'. When Jim returned from the UK we were both in a bit of a dark place and talked ourselves miserable! Today we wandered around our land in the buffeting wind and it was wondrous.

I watched a splendid film tonight starring Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver. I missed the beginning ( and the name) but Sigourney Weaver played a high level autistic and Alan Rickman an emotional wreck of a man who had spent time in prison as a result of killing the driver who had run over and killed the son he was on his way to meet, for the first time. They struck up an odd, but very rewarding relationship while Rickman also found solace in the arms of an attractive neighbour. The acting was superb and I couldn't drag myself away after ten minutes of viewing. I'll try and find out the title on the net. It is called Snow Cake and was make in 2005.

I'm off to the UK on Monday afternoon for a quick visit to see Jason, Sam and Jack. Back Wednesday evening.


The Weaver of Grass said...

After all that bramble clearing you are quite entitled to chocolate and cake in large quantities. You are at present sending that milder, wetter weather over here - thanks very much. I must say I prefer sun and frost. Enjoy your visit here.

BT said...

Glad you're enjoying our weather Weaver. I warn you, it's worse today! The rain is whooshing sideways in the wind!

I'm enjoying all my 'goodies' or should I say 'baddies'!!!

Son1 said...

That film loked good. To late for me. :-)

I just read the blog to Ivor and Maureen, they were impressed.

Glad thinks are a bit brighter. See you soon.x

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

That sounds like a good movie. I shall add it to my list for winter viewing!!

My heart was thumping reading of the plight of poor BlackJack!! What a drama! I am relieved that Edward can't climb trees, although he would love to follow those pesky squirrels, I know!

I have been meaning to thank you for telling me of Rachel's book! Another of your suggestions I have added to my list!!

Happy Sunday to you!!

BT said...

Thanks Jason. Glad Ivor and Mau liked it.

Good to see you Pamela and glad you've added Rachel's 'Ungodly Child' to your reading list. I'm taking it to the UK tomorrow in the hope of finishing it.

Sadly BlackJack only knows how to climb up! What a stupid cat he is.

Bill Stankus said...

Thanks for the stop-by and nice words concerning my woodwork.
Be seeing you in Blogland.


BT said...

Thanks for the visit Bill. Hope you call back