Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Things About You from Ces..

Ces has listed her 25 facts about her, so here they are, in case you haven't seen her blog. She is a wonderful artist, so DO visit.

Now BT the Crafty Gardener, (she is really a serious gardener!) tagged me for this meme to list 25 things about me:

1. I had a very happy childhood.

2. My first best friend was my Mother. I miss her terribly.

I loved my fifth grade teacher and was so proud to be seen with her. I had a crush on her. She was beautiful, smart, intelligent and spoke English with a beautiful diction. She also happened to be my sister!

Once my mother chided me for dating the United Nations. I had Australian, Iranian, Nigerian, American, Chinese and Filipino suitors. I met them at the university and after I graduated from college and they all proposed marriages.

I refused to marry the Filipino even though he was my friend in high school and had an enormous crush on him, was intelligent, very handsome and hardworking because I did not like his surname. In English it meant "depositor".

I dated a handsome man who was a contestant for Mr. Atlas. Alas, he was not intelligent and I found him very boring. He also shaved his chest. He lived with his parents and grandmother and I joined them for an Italian dinner. It was a very interesting experience.

I dated a Jewish doctor who asked me if I was willing to convert to Judaism. I told him I was not very religious.

When I was a teenager, a boy follow me home. He asked permission from my mother to see me and since he was a neighbor Mother asked me if it was okay with me. I talked to the boy and soon found him very boring and not very intelligent so I set up the ironing board and started ironing clothes.

I knew I was going to marry my husband before we first talked to each other. When I saw him, the first thing that came to my mind was "Oh my God, I just met my husband." He was the only one who did not propose directly to me. After seven years I told him either to marry me or stop talking about marriage and children with me.

I packed my things, quit my job and moved to the south. My mother was very upset that I was with a "the man" for two days and we were not married so I told him that we should get married that day. We did and since we made no preparations I left my engagement ring in the apartment. I cried because I missed my friends and family.

So we got married again in the Philippines in the church but I forgot my rings in the states so we had to borrow a teenager's ring and it had a skull design. My sisters were very disappointed with me. They told me that I act as if everything was just a game but I have been married to my husband for 22 years, going on 23. I finally started wearing my rings because the paramedics did not believe me when I told them that I was married.

In nursing school, a resident was interested in me and even though he was not the best looking man, I was flattered with the attention. One day we were resuscitating a patient and he finally declared the patient dead. He wrote on the chart "Prounced dead at (time). I told him that the patient still had a pulse and had Cheyne-Stokes respirations. He modified his charting and wrote "postpone pronounced dead." I immediately stopped paying attention to him.

13. I cry every time I hear "O mio babino caro" and Madama Butterfly. I love Christmas carols.

I am a clothes horse. My clothes get wrinkles just from hanging in the closet. Once, the closet bars broke and I was buried in clothes and had to be pulled from the clothes pile by my husband.

15. I have a penchant for wearing my husband's silk ties and vests.

I like to wear men's clothes sometimes. My daughter thinks I am weird when I do this. She claps her hands when I wear skirts.

17. I keep the stockings and scarf industry in business.

18. The best way to drive me away is to be needy and demanding.

I hated floor nursing because I was bored with taking care of the same patients everyday, that is why I moved to the ER where I was able to multitask and care for different patients every hour.

20. I am very intense but I do not like psycho babble.

21. When I love a song or cd, I play it over and over until I am sick of it.

22. I love to cook.

23. I love dishes and beautiful table settings.

24. I love sharp knives.

My mother was my first teacher. She taught me how to speak Spanish and told me about the great art masters. She loved reading the National Geographic. She was a very intelligent woman and all the neighborhood women looked up to her. When I was sick she played with my hair and whispered a prayer on top of my head. She knew all the herbal treatments. She was also kind, egalitarian and altruistic. A few years ago, we were sitting in the back of the car waiting for my sister. There was a beggar in front of the store. I told my mother that some people refuse to lift themselves up from poverty. My mother hastened to tell me that no one wants a life of misery, even the beggars. They have lost all hope so she told me either to give him alms or ignore him but don't criticize him for he did not ask anything from me. I got out of the car and gave the man fifty pesos. He was so shocked. My mother just smiled. However, she refused to give the aetas or negritos money. They were the aboriginal people of the islands who were stoned when they came down to the city. My mother gave them refuge at our house. They stayed in the garden. Mother told them that she will give them food, clothes and money but they had to bring something to barter like plants so they would be equal partners. She learned how to speak their language. My mother was a polyglot.

It's so interesting hearing about other bloggers, isn't it?


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Son1 said...

Oh and i do the CD thing. :-)

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Feel i know you better after reading that.

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Not me, Weaver, but Ces!

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Jason, you could do your own and I could put it on mine!

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