Sunday, January 11, 2009

Rain Rain Go Away...

What a dull, dark and wet day it's been. The rain has been whooshing sideways across the land and battering the window in front of me. None of the animals showed any inclination to get up today or venture outside!! It would have been easy to hibernate ourselves, but I suggested we take Buster for a walk to get some 'fresh air' and give him, and us, some exercise.

The rain seemed to have petered to a small drizzle as we left and we walked to Dillons' wood, through and out the other side and along to where Paul lives in his caravan. The road at that end is full of deep holes which were like small lakes. Luckily I wore my trusty red and white spotted wellington boots. The water was rushing down the hills in torrents, amazing considering it's been dry for 2 weeks. We called at the caravan, looking forward to the prospect of a hot cup of tea. The lights were on and smoke belched from the chimney, welcoming us inside. Sadly Paul wasn't there, so we headed back home. My legs were already tired before we set off back home. The rain was coming down in a thick persistent drizzle and my waterproof raincoat struggled to live up to its name. Rain ran down my face in spite of the hat and only my feet kept warm and dry. Jim was in about the same condition and even Buster looked a bit fed up and bedraggled. 'This was a good idea' I said to Jim! I started to feel a bit sickly and cold but we managed to drag ourselves up the hill to home. It seemed a very long way.

We both stripped off and donned warm clothes then downed a big mug of hot tea. Excellent revival tactics and before long felt much better! I suppose it did us good but maybe we shouldn't have ventured quite so far!

We've slobbed about much of the evening, watching 'Time Team' and a new series of Dancing on Ice. Hoorah!

Jim has rigged up a shower using the mixer taps in our remaining bathroom, making life much more civilised in the washing department! I wonder whether the builders will turn up in the morning given that the site now looks like a scene from the Somme. They dug a 'soak away' for our 'grey water' which now looks like a pond. So much for soaking away.

Do you ever forget what day it is? Yesterday, Jim and I were both convinced it was Sunday and therefore I was off to the UK today. Lying in bed, we debated whether it had, in fact, been Saturday, thus giving me another day before my trip. Jim actually had to get out of bed and go and check. Indeed, it was Saturday, today is Sunday and I'm off to the UK tomorrow, which should be Monday by my reckoning!


Leatherdykeuk said...

Have a good trip!

BT said...

Thanks Rach.

Son1 said...

Lol, funny after our conversation last night. Your here, so it must be tuesday. I think. x

ChrisH said...

Warm clothes and a mug of tea - such simple pleasures but don't they work well! Enjoy your trip.