Monday, January 5, 2009

Coole Park, Rubber Duck

It's been a few days of worry for us. We have been hit by the falling £, as have others, I'm sure. We should have had plenty left after our new build but now things are a bit tight. On Saturday we went to Galway to B & Q to look at bathroom suites. Now, we had previously looked at our local store in the UK to work out what we might need and the cost. Well, in spite of a half price sale, the suites in Ireland are double those in the UK B & Q. Jim was horrified. Needless to say we didn't buy one. Oh and also there is a 5 to 6 week delivery waiting time!

After much discussion and thought, Jim's going to go by ferry to purchase a number of items, the bathroom suite included, all of which are much much cheaper in the UK. Of course we had to weigh up the cost of the ferry trip and petrol but with our Tesco points, the ferry trip is almost free! Delivery in the UK is a few days.

As today is also the first day after the holidays, we thought the odd builder or two might appear. Did they? Noooo. It's all very frustrating and getting Jim down.

We had taken the dog with us to Galway and the poor chap was sick as we arrived there. He is getting a bit better at travelling but didn't quite make it this time. So after our abortive trip, we decided to call at Coole Park on the way home and give Buster a walk. It was very cold but we were well prepared with hats, gloves and coats and Buster perked up no end. Jim had charge of the camera. He obviously thinks my front view is not at all photogenic...

Me mounting the steps with Buster to the right on his long lead. There is still a gorgeous carpet of leaves throughout the park

Buster surveying the turlough at Coole Park, me following behind

Some poor child has lost his new Christmas glove

Buster and me walking along with the wood either side. I was obviously warming up as the hat's gone!

Buster wondering whether it's really as dangerous as it says......

He thinks better of it and makes a run for it!

Sorry the photos are a bit dark, it was such a dull day. They do look better if you click on them and view them full size. You can see what I mean about the photos of me. I'd even put some lipstick on too. Guess it wasn't enough.

It's been quite difficult to keep our old bones warm since the back of the house has been removed! I decided to have a hot, deep bubble bath. I took with me one of my Christmas presents from Sam, my daughter in law. How cool is she?

Today Jim headed off to Ennis to register our car in Ireland, another expense but it had to be done. I'll get him to write about his adventure there. I had a bonfire which was still going from last night, up on the allotment and cleared brambles and stinging nettles for a while. Then I moved onto the living willow fence at the top of the allotment and trimmed about a quarter of it. Buster came and went several times, once bringing Millie, the cocker spaniel from down the road, back with him. They are such fun together and I enjoyed watching them play for some time.

Jim's off to the UK for 3 days tomorrow on a business trip. I'll have to keep Stanley going by myself. Or just wear a few more jumpers!


Leatherdykeuk said...

Hope Jim manages to get everything you need.

BT said...

Thanks Rach

Sam said...

sounds like things are a bit down at the moment - hope they look a bit better soon. Looking forward to seeing you next week. XXXXX

mansuetude said...

love your rubber ducky, she is so sweety :)

Son1 said...

What Sam said. x

BT said...

Look forward to seeing you, J and Jack too Sam. Mansuetude, isn't my duck cute?