Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bloomin' Computers.... It's a Pink One!

Well, I've been to the UK, come back again, downloaded all my photos onto my new computer, deleted them off the camera. Guess what? New computer gives up the ghost again. Grrrr, so all my photos are on the other computer for another day. It usually comes back after about a week's rest!! It'll have to go back I'm afraid. Then this one gave up but Jim managed to get it going again. Phew!

Sam, my daughter in law, had a scan on Thursday and she is having a girl. This will be a sister for the adorable Jack. I'm so thrilled for them as secretly they'd both hoped for a girl. Baby due at the very beginning of June but will probably be born at the end of May as Sam's having a Cesarean. I shall go and stay to look after Jack and generally help out.

It was a lovely 3 day break, Tuesday and particularly Wednesday, the weather was lovely. Cold but no rain and blue skies all Weds. We went into Bury St Edmunds one day and did our usual round of duck and squirrel feeding and bird viewing. It's so lovely to watch Jack full of the joys running about like crazy.

He loves music and dancing and one morning said to Sam that he didn't like the music she was playing in the kitchen as it was too slow. He wanted some of that 'scribbly music'!! How cool is that? He meant fast, crazy stuff! He particularly likes AC DC! What a boy. He had a new tape player for Christmas and we spent a happy half hour listening to a tape of children's songs and dancing around to them. When we had come in from a hectic day, he wanted me to dance again and I was too tired. He then looked really perplexed and said he wanted someone with long dark messy hair to do it 'like Gran'. Of course, how could I resist?!

So it was back to Ireland. The builders hadn't been but came the following day and now we have little walls. Alas, today they did not show again and it's been really sunny. I did take some photos of the progress so far, if you can see it!

The little walls have appeared

This is my study/play room

Cement mixer, digger behind and new wall base

I had bought Buster a new toy, a rather splendid 'Nellie' the elephant from a charity shop in the UK as he has destroyed both his Emilies! I did take a photo of him with it but that's on the other computer. Then I took one of it this morning. Look what he's done to poor Nellie. It's clear he just loves the face that lots of lovely white stuff comes out from the insides of his stuffed toys so it's rather a waste of time buying them again! Poor Nellie. Only the trunk (in his mouth) and feet have any stuffing left.

So that's it for my photos! Today Jim and I cut much wood in the orchard and Jim wheeled some of it up to the barn for Stanley. I have hurt my right hand. Yesterday I was pulling on some brambles and caught the middle 2 fingers and the pain was excruciating. Jim thinks I've damaged the nerves and today they're quite stiff! So that's damage to my right fingers, elbow and shoulder. Apart from that I'm fine. I had a bonfire this evening but it didn't go terribly well as all the stuff was damp.

The daffodils are all appearing in the garden, some with flowers on them already. Spring here we come.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Oh dear! Your poor hand!

DK Leather said...

oh noes! poor mommy's hand!
Hope it's better soon, or you go get it looked at!

BT said...

Thanks for the sympathy you two!!

Son1 said...

Sorry to hear of your hand! You will be gardening with your teeth soon!

Ohh a small wall, how exciting!

Shame about the pics, look foreward to seeing them. Great write up. Lovely to see you as ever. x

BT said...

My teeth aren't that good either! Would you believe Joe has come today and it's absolutely pouring down with a sideways wind! He's put in internal division walls for the floor concrete I suppose!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Daffodils out in your garden???
I am deep green with envy.
Laughed about Buster and the elephant. We gave Tess a lovely stuffed sheep and when we got up the next morning she was sitting there surrounded by a sea of kapok and sheep was no more. But you have to admnit, Buster is cute.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

"apart from that, I'm fine". Sort of like, "aside from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?"

Be careful! And congratulations on the soon to be grand-daughter!!

And hello to the happy Buster!

BT said...

Hi Weaver, the daffodils are half way up and have bulbs on them but no proper flowers yet. I'm glad Buster isn't the only toy destroyer!

lol, Pamela, T and E! The hand is a bit better today until Jim dropped a log on the same finger!! Buster is indeed one happy, if naughty, dog.

marianne said...

So that´s how the extention started......
i will follow the progress!
What a cute dog you have!