Thursday, January 22, 2009

Rain and More Rain 21 Jan, 2008

Will it ever stop? At least it has been slightly warmer today though the rain has been incessant.
Jim emptied a wheelbarrow on Sunday and now it is almost full with water. It's like a mini water feature! Where the builders have been dumping stuff and digging holes and making little hills, all the holes are now ponds! We quite like it and are considering keeping it.

I took Buster to the wood in spite of the rain. At least it is partially sheltered in there but very muddy and slippery.

Otherwise I have been catching up on blogs and chatting to my daughter on msn. I read Leatherdykeuk's book, An Ungodly Child, which I started before I went to the UK and finished while over there. It's one of those that's difficult to put down. I'll write a proper review if I can, I'm not really very good at that sort of thing but will do my best. It's a great book, buy it! That's my sort of review! Available at Amazon UK and can be ordered from Waterstones or W H Smiths.

I did take my camera today and as usual took too many photos, but had fun playing with some of them in Photoshop. I have turned some of them into poster form, but they really need to be full size (click on any of the photos) to appreciate the change.

The water in Lough Graney has risen during the past week. These fence posts are usually on dry land.

Puddles, reflections and dripping rain pools

The red rowing boat almost gone now. This is done as a poster

Semi submerged bushes and trees, the white house on the opposite shore can just be seen

A rather splendid rock

Lime green mosses plus a dark leaved holly

The wood, looking up from the lake. In poster form.

Beautiful, fresh mosses, rotting leaves and a single dark green ivy leaf.

Across the lough to Flagmount! I hope it's still there anyway

Moss and Fern covered trees at the edge of the Lough. Click on it and it will be clearer. The bottom branch is in the photo below, computer enhanced as a poster

This tiny trickle has become a raging torrent

Lichen, computer enhanced as a poster

My favourite

2 lonely bull rushes and Flagmount briefly appeared

The path turned into puddles

I love the superb colours of this rotting fungi

Finally, Buster computer enhanced. It reminds me a bit of 'painting by number'

Tomorrow we're off to Ennis to put down a deposit on our wood pellet boiler and get Irish number plates for the car. Exciting stuff!


DK Leather said...

wonderful, beautiful pictures! I knew I got my love of lichen from you :-) x

BT said...

I thought you'd like them. Full set on FB. Did you like the poster ones?

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh, oh, oh! I love all of these photos so much, most fo them remind me of Quadra Island. Sooo beautiful. The reb boat one is striking. You are such a great photographer. Looking forward to meeting you on Monday. xo

DK Leather said...

you're meeting DJK?? cool!

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous photos - the last two look very similar.

Thank you for the review :)

Have fun at DJK's launch.

Son1 said...

At least its not snowing! lol

Great pics.


The Weaver of Grass said...

No wonder you have such fabulous mosses and ferns with all that wet weather. Love the photo of Buster! PLEASE don't send the rain over here, we can do without it.

Sam said...

lovely photos as always, hopeit went well getting your boiler today XX

BT said...

Oh thank you so much DJK. I'm flattered. I do enjoy it so much and sometimes wonder if they're rather boring so I'm enthused once more. SO looking forward to Monday.

Indeed I am K. Am going to the book launch. Should be fun. Aren't I brave?

Rach, thanks, glad you enjoyed them too. The last 2 photos? One's of Buster. I'm confused..

BT said...

J, at least it's not snowing!! Phew, it's gone cold again today but still rain, not snow.

Weaver, I think you have quite enough rain in Yorks without us sending any more!! Derbyshire was much the same too. Buster's very photogenic but usually has his nose to the floor!

Thanks Sam

DJ Kirkby said...

I've saved you a seat at our table. Oh but I suffer from lack of facial recognition so even though I have seen your photo on your blog, I won't recognise you on the night so please make sure you come up to me and say who you are even if I look blankley at you from across the room when you arrive. xo

BT said...

Denyse, that is so kind of you. I suffer from deafness so it could be a fun night!! I need to sit with people on my right if that's possible!! If it's a round table, the person on my left needs to have a loud, clear voice!!! You probably will recognise me if you look for the one with lots of sticking out curly hair!! I shall make a bee line for you!

Ces said...

Oh BT you live in paradise! Although I might say the rain is sometimes a threat if it does not stop. but I can't help admire the beauty everywhere!


I have come here from Rachel Green blogs.

I have read some of your posts and would like to revisit.

If you like short stories and paintings, then a visit to my blogs would be an interesting one.

Naval Langa

Another Interesting Blog

BT said...

Ces, how lovely to see you again. I'm so glad you like the photos. Ireland is certainly an incredibly pretty place. They call it 'The Emerald Isle' because it is so green. You can't have that without the rain I'm afraid.

Naval Langa, thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoyed the photos.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I came to see your photos you said to come see. Very nice. I will come back and visit again. I only had a minute to pop in right now but I like what I see. :)

marianne said...

Beautiful magical pictures!