Saturday, January 17, 2009

Stormy Stormy Day, Buster in Disgrace

When I went to bed last night (or rather this morning), the snug looked as though there had been a war going on. Buster always lays on my brown latch hooked rug and plays with his toys or chews things up. Well, he'd decided to chew up my rug! It was almost in half and lots of the middle had been chewed out too. Today I had a good look at it and cut it in half, cut off the damaged piece and have joined it back together again. It's a little smaller, but apart from that it's ok. So Buster escaped with his life.

It's been a wild, wet, windy and stormy day. Joe the builder came on his own today and put in the divisions between the rooms. I suspect they will be concreting the floors on Monday, weather permitting. Poor Joe was wet and bedraggled but carried on until he had finished. What a hero. Apparently they didn't come yesterday because Martin has a bad case of 'man flu'. He was coughing and spluttering a bit on Thursday. The rooms still look small but you can now see that we will manage to fit double beds in the bedrooms, if only just!

The rain lashed against the centre door and came in in a little stream. I blocked it up with towels! During the evening there was a terrific thunderclap. Jim saw the lightening out of his roof window and Buster came running to see what was happening. Both the computers went off of course. There were one or two more but none as loud as the first. It seems very odd to have thunder and lightening storms in January.

Jim made a fabulous vegetable soup for dinner to warm us up. We had two bowls full, followed by cheese and biscuits. The rain/sleet is now battering the windows once again. Lets hope tomorrow brings something better so we can fetch the rest of the wood from the orchard.

Buster has been pretty bored this evening as, apart from a bit of a run round the meadow with Jim, he's hardly been out. He's looking for trouble and has just been ringing some chimes I have hanging from a hook! Whatever next.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Bad Buster!
No biscuit!

Son1 said...

Lol, well at least are animal just had a wee on ours! lol

Real stormy here yesterday and last night. Sunny at the mo, going for a walk today. x

Sam said...

Naughty Buster, lucky you are so handy that you can repair it! the cheese and biscuits sounds yummy. XXX

BT said...

Indeed Rachel!!

Good point Jason! We were without electricity today but it's back on now. Lots of storm damage around.

Cheese and biscuits were yummy indeed Sam

aims said...

Wow Gina! Sounds like all hell is breaking loose over there - in many ways!

At least you still sound like your happy self! I have a lot of catching up to do.....good to see you're getting work done. I love renovating!

willow said...

We still have a patched hole in the carpet of one of the steps leading up into the living room that our dearly departed Ralphy chewed. Sad to see it.

Ces said...

Hello BT. I have not been here for a while and now I read about Buster. Shame on Buster and I totally sympathize because we have a new puppy that chews everything. I can't find the other half of my favorite pair of shoes. I have been looking for one week. She chews everything! Hope the weatyher calms down. Miss seing your garden.

BT said...

aims, thanks so much for dropping in, so good to have you back.

Willow, it's so sad when pets die. At last Buster's not the only chewer.

Ces, it's hard to visit all the blogs every day. I struggle and can spend hours reading them all. I'm sure your shoe will turn up in a most unexpected place. Buster used to do that but has stopped now, so there is hope! I will take some photos of the garden when it's fit so to do!