Monday, January 19, 2009

Coole Park

When we got up today we didn't have any electricity! It'd been so stormy I guess it blew down some poles somewhere. Listening to the (battery) radio, thousands of us have an 'outage' as they call it in Ireland. Jim suggested we go to Coole Park and take Buster for a walk. It was raining but we wrapped up warm. By the time we were ready to go, the electricity was restored and the rain had stopped.

As we drove to Gort and beyond, the sky was blue and the sun even dared appear. Buster had a wonderful walk and behaved himself beautifully, waiting for us when we called him and not jumping up at anyone. A marked improvement. Jim took a small digital camera we had bought some time ago but not used and took a few photos. They made me laugh!

Several trees had come down. Here am I most inelegantly stepping over one of them!!

Buster was rewarded with a 'sweetie' for coming to me. Sexy wellingtons aren't they?

I'm not sure what we were both looking at here

The lake was pretty full today and very choppy. A bench for Denyse.. (DJKirby)

I'm not sure what I was laughing at - maybe the fact that Jim chopped off Buster's nose!

The Turlough looking like a rough sea. Splendid clouds above

Just to prove the sun did shine - a moody shot by Jim

It did get very windy at one point and hailed but it didn't last long and the sun soon shone again. We stopped at 'Supermacs' on the way home for a coffee and burger. It had been a day of car rallying at Galway and half the teams came in, luckily after we'd been served. They all seemed to have a team haircut, shaved at the sides and a bit longer on the top!

Back home and it was all hands on deck to gather wood and keep Stanley going as it's a very cold evening. Buster was zonked out for most of the evening but then woke up wanting to play. He brings his toys to you one after the other and shoves them in your face!

We watched 'Dancing on Ice' where celebrities learn to ice skate with a professional, a bit like Strictly Come Dancing only on ice. It's amazing what some of them achieve in the short time the show is on.

Later we tuned in to the final of The Masters snooker tournament. It was a very exciting final and Ronny O'Sullivan just managed to clinch the title for the fourth time. He is such a character but has suffered badly from depression over the past few years.

Almost 2am and bedtime soon. Keep warm everyone.


Son1 said...

Sounds a good day. Some good shots, love the moody lake. x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Love the wellies :)

Sam said...

sounds a nice chilled day, glad buster decided to behave himself and not chew any more rugs up. XX

Dave King said...

Lovely post. I enjoyed your walk vicariously.

BT said...

It was fun, J. I thought you'd like the moody pic.
Splendid, aren't they Rach?
Buster was too worn out Sam! Though he did have a mad hour later on and ate Jim's pill pot but not the pills luckily!

So glad you enjoyed our walk Dave. Good to see you again.