Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What, No Sprouts??

Just a thank you to all my blogging friends and family for their support. I am much better today. We have managed to avoid the neighbours thankfully and tomorrow is Christmas Day. We have started a little early with our eating and drinking I have to say!

We poddled off to Limerick to the large Tesco for our bits and bobs for the dinner and guess what? Not a sprout to be seen! Funnily enough, in the car on the way there, I had said to Jim 'and I want fresh sprouts, not those old ones in the fridge'. Jim joked that there were 13 left and they would be fine, 6 for me and 7 for him. Well, the joke turned into reality!

We were going to nip to Ennis afterwards but in the end decided we had enough and would only buy up rubbish so we didn't bother and headed home. Because of our neighbour problem, we took Buster with us. Poor old thing had a quick romp around the grass alongside Tesco car park and that was it. He's been a bit full of energy tonight and also stole our cheddar cheese but has now settled down at last.

We haven't been very organised this year, what with the builders and all and neither of us has made our usual card for the other. We were in 'Dunnes' stores, checking out the bargains, when I spotted a hand crafted card 'To my Wife' reduced to 32cents, so it had to be done, didn't it! Now I, for one, will receive a card from Jim.

Did anyone else watch the Christmas 'Holby City' last night? I have to say it was the biggest load of tripe I have seen for a long while. It was a sort of inferior 'A Christmas Carol'. What a disappointment as a foil for the departure of Sam, one of their main characters. Bah humbug.

Since we moved the conservatory chair into our kitchen/diner, both cats and Buster think it is theirs. When a cat is in it, Buster sometimes sits with, or more often, on it until the poor cat moves. When both cats are on it he usually admits defeat. The photos don't quite show the goings on to full effect, but do show a flavour:

Buster trying to evict Sandy from the chair

Jim with a sleeping Buster

Buster using BlackJack as a cushion

'What' says Buster.....

The building work has progressed and the footings are in. Here's the view from the kitchen/diner:

Nice layer of muddy water on the top!

We walked up the meadow yesterday and took a couple of shots of the cottage from there:

That's about it for today. We've enjoyed listening to the Christmas music in the car and on our radio indoors. There doesn't seem to be much on the television tonight so it's play on the computer time and eating and drinking....

A very merry Christmas to everyone. Do have a good time.


Leatherdykeuk said...

I'm glad it was peaceful today. I love the shots of Buster, especially the last one :)

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

A very Merry Christmas to you! And Edward sends lots of good cheer to Buster!!

DK Leather said...

yay lovely pics and a happier momma :-)

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, love and miss you oodles.

See you soon hopefully! xxx

Sam said...

Hi ya - merry christmas. I agree i saw holby- they giveth and then they taketh away. Now if I were maria i would have told keiron look sorry you are a minger and your dad is lovely, so can you bugger off and play your fiddle else where? glad all is better. Thank you so much for our lovely pressies, clock is on the matle piece and earing ready for tomorrow. I loved my seed tub, much appreciated, thank you. Loads of love Sam XXXXX

BT said...

That last shot is really full of character, isn't it Rach?
Thanks Pamela, Buster says hope you had a great time to Edward.
We did enjoy our rather quiet day, thanks K. Loved all me presents too.
Ah, Sam, so glad you liked all your pressies. Funny how the seed pot, a late thought on my behalf, became the winner!! Hope you like the calender too.

DK Leather said...

~grins~ I'm glad you liked your presents - I had visions of you sat crafting or watching telly or on the pc in your wrap, to keep you warm and snuggly in the evenings!

marianne said...

OMG those pictures of your dog with the kitties! Love it