Thursday, December 4, 2008

Baby Photos, 2 days old

Jim arrived home after midnight. The weather is truly atrocious, cold rain with a biting wind. He downloaded the photos as soon as possible and here are a selection of baby Poppy Rose, Granddad Jim and Mum and Dad Joe and Ali Giacomelli:

Baby Poppy Rose

Proud Mum Ali and Poppy

Besotted Dad Joe

Granddad Jim with his first 'proper' Granddaughter, Poppy. She doesn't look impressed but had been crying for some time!

Poppy soon fell asleep in Granddad's arms. He says she is just like Ali at that age and he just slotted into the role with great ease.

Life's such a bore!

Doting Mum Ali and Poppy sizing each other up

I think that's enough for now! She looks really pretty to us, but then she would.

Jim also took a little walk along the River Thames after his meeting and took some interesting photos. He hand held the camera but I rather like the effect he achieved:

Westminster Bridge, Big Ben, 4.12.08

This one has a ghostly, wintry look about it

The London Eye and County Hall

I love the water in this one

The same view of Westminster Bridge but with some odd lighting effects. Click on it to enlarge to see properly

Sideways on to The London Eye and the Aquarium. Love the blurred walkers.

I think they're rather atmospheric. Ah well, must to bed at some stage.


willow said...

Little Poppy is a beauty, just like her mommy! Seriously, she looks just like her! :)

DJ Kirkby said...

I am a midwife and having seen 1000s of babies, I can assure you that Poppy is gorgeous.

Son1 said...

Poppy does seem very pretty for a baby, its not just you. :-)

Congratulations all round. Wishing a happy and healthy life.

BT said...

Thanks Willow, they do look alike, don't they? Denyse, I didn't know you were a midwife! Thanks for your lovely comment.
Hi J, she does look pretty, doesn't she? Thank you for the lovely sentiment.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love the name Poppy Rose - I do so love flower names and these are two of my favourites.
Love the pics of London in the damp dark too.
It is cold here and we have a lot of snow - the rain has obviously reached you - we are still waiting.
Congratulations on the grandchild.

Sam said...

she is a beauty - lovely little button nose, and poppy does suit her doesnt it. XXX

BT said...

Hello Weaver, you have snow of course. We rarely get any, just lots of rain. Jim's photos are rather good, I thought, glad you liked them too. Poppy Rose, such a sweet name!
Hi Sam, it does suit her, doesn't it?

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

What a perfectly adorable name! And a perfectly beautiful little girl. You must be thrilled to bits! Hearty congratulations to all!

mansuetude said...

all so beautiful, that Jim is so happy and handsome, and Poppy... a beautiful life in your life.


DK Green said...

she's beautiful!
I wish her love and laughter always x