Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day, 25.12.08 A Good Day

Yesterday was a good day all round. It was quite mild, the dog was reasonably well behaved and we didn't see the neighbours!

We took the dog for a walk to the lake about lunch time, having got up late in our customary fashion. It was quite still by the lake and Buster had a wonderful time rushing around like a mad thing. We walked all the way to the lake and back this time, not taking the car. I took a few photos, of course:

Jim and Buster with Lough Graney behind them. Behind those trees on the right is a new house being built. What fabulous views they will have of the lake

A view of the Lough from the road. The field still looks 'emerald' green, even in December. They often put sheep on the island. Must be funny to watch them being shipped over but we've never seen it.

This amazing old tractor belongs to Martin, our local alcoholic farmer. I don't know how he manages to keep it going, but he does.

Me calling Buster over for a photo. Must get a hair cut

Below: I rather messed the photo up with my hand!

Spooky branches in the wood

When we got back we put the dinner on and we still hadn't opened our presents. Watched Strictly Come Dancing Special, which was ok but not wonderful.
Not long afterwards we had our lovely dinner. I told Jim it was one of the best Christmas meals we've had and it was.

THEN we opened our presents! We chucked the wrapping paper on the floor and Buster had fun tearing it up. He helped me open my presents and Jim and I did the cracker thing. Jim wore a hat but they're never big enough for my head and hair:

Happy Jim

Buster was interested in this present, then decided it was his!

My daughter in law bought Buster his own present, a ball on a rope with handle (which he has eaten - the handle that is). He was suitably impressed

I bought a basic wreath and decorated it with ribbons and bits and pieces

We realised that we hadn't opened all our presents, but that some were missing, notably the ones from my daughter's in Derbyshire. Jim trotted up to the shed with a torch and found the missing box, so we had another go at opening! We both received some lovely gifts. I seemed to receive a surfeit of chocolate - I wonder why?

Jim received 2 identical gift sets of 4 small bottles of port, one from my daughter and one from her daughter!! Great minds. But he is a great port fan so no problem there. He also received a set from my daughter in law and son which contained 2 bottles of blue gin with glasses and matching mats! People seem to know his weakness too.

A fine Christmas Day.


Leatherdykeuk said...

We loved ours, too, and Jim's clock is keeping fabulous time :)malardn

Sam said...

glad you had a wonderful day, nice to see a happy blog!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Just the right kind of day BT - Buster looked to be really enjoying himself. My Tess has a ball on a rope and she loves it - it is her favourite toy.
Agree about Strictly - only OK perhaps we have had a surfeit and a rest is called for.
Happy New Year to you all.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Like Buster, Edward has already succeeded in stopping his new stuffed bird from chirping. But he's still sleeping with it!

Have a Happy Christmas week!!

DK Leather said...

a lovely blog and a smashing christmas for us too :-)

Love and miss you momma - and I think your hair in that picture looks GREAT! x

Ces And Her Dishes said...

Don't get a haircut. I love the wild curls, joi de vivre! The lough is incredible. It must be beautiful on a sunny day in Spring and Summer. Do you have Autumn? That would be the best. Your country side looks very idyllic BT and that is a good photograph of Jim and Buster. Ilove your red and pink polka dotted wellies. Great outdoors!

BT said...

Oh good, glad the clock is behaving Rach.
Thanks Sam. Still worried about seeing them but coping.
Weaver, Sadly Buster has now eaten the ball off the rope but still likes pulling on the rope's knot!
Pamela, Edward's stuffed bird sounds lovely. How daft are we?
Hi K, thanks for the hair comment and glad you enjoyed your day too.

BT said...

Ces, good to see you here. Thanks for the hair encouragement! It is certainly different, but sometimes I think it's time it went!
Lough Graney is indeed beautiful and lovely in the Summer, but then the flies appear! We do have 4 seasons, which I love. I'd hate to live somewhere without different seasons. Autumn is particularly glorious when all the trees turn their gorgeous russets, reds and yellows.
I bought 2 pairs of fun wellies just before Christmas. They're lovely aren't they?