Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Neighbours from Hell

The neighbours have struck again, with avengance. They had complained to the builders about the mud, since when the builders have kept their access road as clean as is possible under the circumstances.

I was in our kitchen diner clearing up for Christmas when there was a very loud knock on the door. It was Sandra, saying 'will you come and get your dog because he's been at ours all afternoon'. Not strictly true because he was with me some of that time. She also said she had called the dog warden. Still, I went to get him but he'd already appeared at our door. I walked down to talk to Sandra and Pete and ask them whatever the matter was, as they'd previously said, several times, 'don't worry about the dog' when I said we were trying not to let him go down to their garden.

This of course degenerated into a full scale war of words. We are the worst neighbours they've ever had, all our water comes onto their land, I am a liar, etc, etc.

I couldn't quite believe my ears. We have done everything we can to divert the water past their land, even laying a pipe under the road, which now takes away almost all but the heaviest rain. Of course they went on about the mud from the builders. Also 'all the neighbours' are complaining about our dog. The worst possible remark was, 'Oh Gina, go and take a pill' as she knows I am on anti-depressants. I calmly said I'd had mine for today so she told me to 'take another, take a few.' Unbelievable.

Anyway, I got back home and bawled my eyes out, close to hysterics until Jim came back from shoppping. Funny, both times she's had a go at me, Jim's been out. Naturally he stormed down there and had words. He wouldn't speak to Sandra, who is close to nuts, and probably had been drinking, but took Pete aside. Bye the way, Pete hadn't said a word during all this! They also have an obsession about our sewerage, saying it goes onto their land. Of course it doesn't, but no matter how many times we explain the system, they don't believe it.

A little while after Jim had come home, Pete arrived and said he'd explained to Sandra what Jim had said about the sewerage and drainage and she thought it was ok!!! How many times have we heard that. He also said that we should have discussed our building work with them!! Cheeky blighters. We had told them out of courtesy that the work was about to start.

I think a good deal of the problem is jealousy, especially as we are now getting our work done, something they haven't been able to do yet. Pete also said he thinks Buster is lovely!! It's just Sandra. Pete is obviously terrified of her. Clearly it was just an excuse to get us down there and have a go about anything and everything.

I'm afraid I'm a big softy when it comes to arguments. I cannot for the life of me see why anyone should be so bitter and unreasonable and, quite frankly, evil for her remark about my 'pills'. She fell out with the previous owners and now we can see why. But they were better than us!!

Sorry to go on, and this is just a rough outline of what was thrown at us. I feel slightly better today as Jim went down and spoke to our neighbours Joe and Hilary to ask them, frankly, whether they are fed up with Buster. They love him to bits and have absolutely no problem with him at all and neither has any other as far as they know. Nobody speaks to Sandra and Pete anyway. So that was all total fabrication. So I feel much happier about that aspect at least.

Tonight, at about 10pm, Hilary rang me from Dublin, where they have gone for Christmas, to ask how I am and to tell me to ignore that mad pair and not let it spoil Christmas, etc. That really choked me up. How thoughtful and what a difference between our two closest neighbours.

I still have a huge feeling of sadness which I cannot dislodge at the moment. The last time she verbally attacked me was just before my 60th. She has perfect timing. Ah well, I will try and get on and not let her get to me too much. Trying to keep Buster away from theirs will be difficult but we'll try hard.

Happy Christmas....


Leatherdykeuk said...

How utterly awful for you. I'm so sorry this happened. We know what horrible neighbours are like but she just sounds terrible.

BT said...

thank you so much Rachel. xxx

DK Leather said...

icky horrid poo neighbour :-(

Believe it or not, I'm exactly the same when people are unreasonably nasty - I just don't 'get' it and get really upset! Silly people, don't they know that the world's far nicer with smiles and hugs?? Tsk.

~hugs da momma~

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I can only imagine how crummy that made you feel! How could anyone say anything bad about the adorable Buster!? Do not let it spoil your Christmas! Especially as I am certain all your other neighbors are as crazy about Buster as I am!! Give him a hug and snuggle up by the Christmas tree!!

Edward and I send warm wishes your way!

Sam said...

Oh you poor thing, that sounds horrible, maybe she just likes to be ble to feel powerful in some sort of situation, because she has so little else. But her comments about your tablets were awful.I think you are right when you say jealousy plays a big part. Sending you loads of love and hugs, as hilary says dont let it get to you. You are worth a million of them even on a bad day. Love you loads XXXX

Son1 said...

Sorry to hear about the row mum. Must be horribel for you, I know you will feel really sad about things, but it will pass.

Focus on the good folk around you and try and cut the neighbours loose emotionally. It will pass.

Sounds like Jim took some good action which is great.

PS. Shall i come over with a piece of pipe and have a word? lol.

"All of this shall pass".

The Weaver of Grass said...

Keep smiling, BT - enjoy your Christmas - put it all behind you and think of all your blogging buddies who can't do without your blog. Take care - have a happy Christmas and here are best wishes for 2009. Buster included!

BT said...

Oooh, I feel all warm inside now. Thank you so much everyone for being so kind and caring. I do feel much better today. Luckily we haven't seen them since.

Love to all

Jason, Jim did suggest that but then we thought maybe it wouldn't sit well with your career as a financial adviser!!!

Son1 said...

Yes that often gets in the way. ;-)

Glad you feeling better. x

Gina Collia-Suzuki said...

Hello BT,

I just wanted to say that I know how you feel where neighbours from hell are concerned. They have a habit of choosing significant times to crank things up a notch... birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas. They like to ruin every special occasion. I hope that in spite of your neighbours' behaviour you had a great Christmas.

All the best,