Saturday, December 6, 2008

Saturday 6th December, Frosty Photos

I didn't sleep at all last night for some reason. I gave up trying at about 7am and got up. It was a bright sunny, frosty morning so I took Buster for a walk round the land with my trusty camera at the ready. It wasn't a really thick frost and the sun even at that time, was beginning to melt some of the frost, but I was pleased with the resultant photos:

The newly formed silver birch avenue. The trunks stood out in the early morning sun

Buster decided to dig a hole. His nose must have been very cold

Our arboretum looking almost white with the frosty meadow behind it. Buster to the left.

frozen saxifrage

Frosty Bramble Leaves

Not the time to sit on the bench

Buttercup leaves and grasses

More pretty leaves by Jack Frost

Oak leaves tinged with frost

A sycamore leaf

The photos are worth enlarging (click on any) and you can really see the details of the frosty crystals.

A mix of wood, leaves and grasses

Buttercup leaves in the sunshine

A frosted rose. I love this one

Even the tyre looks pretty

I hope you enjoyed those. Yesterday evening, Buster decided it was time for dinner:

This afternoon Jim went shopping and I went to bed!! He didn't come back until 6pm and woke me up. I was rather tired. Buster, having gone on his afternoon constitutional, was sitting patiently outside.

We watched Strictly Come Dancing and for once Tom received the scores he deserved. It's unbelievable how much they've all progressed from nowhere and I don't want any of them to leave now. Tomorrow's show will put us out of our misery. Then I watcher 'Merlin' for the first time all the way through. It's a really well written series with some great actors in it and I wished I'd watched the previous ones now. No doubt they'll be repeated at some stage.

A lovely dinner of lamb chops, cabbage and roast potatoes with gravy and redcurrant jelly followed by a Mars bar ice cream was just the ticket. We heard on the news this evening that all Irish pork has been withdrawn from the shelves because of contamination with dioxins in their feed and in the fat of some animals tested. Glad we had lamb.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Fabulous photos.
I love the silver birches

DK Green said...

beautiful frost pictures... love the oak leaves especially :-) x

DJ Kirkby said...

Buster is soooo cute. Great photos. We woke up to frost today so I am going to post your frosty bench pic over on my bench blog. xo

Sam said...

Beautiful frosted rose - thats a greeting card if ever i saw one! XX

BT said...

Hi Rachel, we have loads of silver birch. You couldn't actually see the row pictured as they were behind big willows. Much better now.
The oak leaves are lovely, aren't they K?
Buster is lovely DJK, when he's here! He went off about 2pm and hasn't returned yet! I must go and view my bench!
It's my favourite photo of the lot Sam. Glad you liked it too.

Ces said...

BT! I was shivering just from reading your post. You are a brave soul to go wandering in a frosty morning like that! Lovely images though. Thank you for the sweet comment you left in my blog.