Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Poppy Rose Giacomelli. Official.

I learnt this afternoon that the new baby is to be called Poppy Rose Giacomelli. Ali (Mum) wanted a bird's name but couldn't think of one that didn't sound silly, so opted for flowers. Very sweet I think.

Jim left at 4.30am to go over to the UK today for a meeting, left at mid-day and went to the hospital. Ali has had to stay in as she has a rash. Poppy is just fine. Jim rang me tonight and said the baby is just like Ali with black hair and the same nose! He held her for quite a while and took lots of photos which I shall receive when he returns late tomorrow night. In spite of the stitches he said Ali looks wonderful and seems unphased by the whole thing.

I can't wait to see Poppy on Friday 12th December, when we do a 'Deens on tour' around the relatives!

It's been much warmer here today but damp and drizzly. I still managed to get outside and did some serious work on one of the ash trees. Buster came and went and came back again, checking up on my progress!

I've been doing more papier mache this evening, watched Holby City (except Jim rang in the middle) then I've whiled away the evening keeping Stanley going and reading blogs - and eating too much.

Time for bed now.


willow said...

Aww, Poppy. That's sweet! :^)

Son1 said...

Poppy's a good name. I think they were on the right lines with birds names, maybe Hawk or Eagle. Thats a name she'd be proud of! :-)

DK Green said...

I know someone called hawk! lol

Meanwhile, aw bless... poppy! I wrote a story at Cliffeside about a fairy called poppy... sweet!

BT said...

It's cute isn't it willow? Poppy Rose in fact!
I think Hawk's a bit macho! Poppy's a bit more feminine.
It's a fairy's name, isn't it? I think one of the fairies in Midsummer Night's Dream was Poppy? Maybe not....

DK Green said...

~chuckles~ oh, did I not mention that? Hawk's a bloke! LOL ;-)

It's beautiful, and perfect. I'm so excited to see the pictures!