Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mamma and the Red-Hot Cup

Mamma and the Red-Hot Cup

Woe is Mamma Gina
I burned my fingers raw
put something in the oven
and closed up tight the door

When the timer sounded
I opened it again
and grasped the mug of cocoa
for several moments when

My fingers lost all feeling -
I dropped the milky cup
and yelled blue blinkin’ murder
and held two fingers up

I ran them under water
and dabbed then with a towel –
ate pain-relieving tablets
that tasted really foul.

My poorly bandaged fingers
have blistered up agin’
but to start them healing
I’ll prick them with a pin.

by Leatherdyke after I had burnt my fingers!! Isn't it wonderful and the sketch is superb, except I am sadly not as skinny as that.

Our workmen started yesterday. They dug a trench around the cottage for the waste from the bathroom toilet. Today the trench has got larger! They are making a lot of noise with a 'kango' I believe it's called!

We took Buster to the kennels and he went into the outside 'pound' with the owner's dogs. Poor Buster. It's a horrid day with thick drizzle and we look as though we're in the middle of a really low cloud. We called in at a supermarket in Gort and stocked up with supplies for our long car journey back to the UK tomorrow.

At home, I took some photos for the 'before' shots of the work. Now I must add the finishing touches to the Christmas presents.

I'm so tired.... might have a little sleep.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Why is it BT that builders/trenches/etc, always seem to coincide with dismal, muddy weather.
Poor Buster - hope he settles in well.

spacedlaw said...

Get well soon. Lavender essential oil on the burn will help it heal.
Thanks for dropping by.

Sam said...

what a wonderful picture. Hope all is oing well with thebuild - see you on saturday XX

DK Green said...

~chuckles~ knew you'd love it!

BT said...

Hi Weaver, I don't know, but you're right. Having said that, it's almost always raining here so it'd be hard to avoid. Buster seemed ok. Noreen has a large field that they run around and play in, so he's not just shut in the kennel all day.

Thanks Spacedlaw. I have 2 plasters on today as the blisters are sore. Thanks for the tip too.

Isn't it great, Sam! Just me to a t. See you Sat lunchtime.

Hi K, see you Sunday!

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I am so sorry about your toasted fingers. That has to hurt!

And, I can't believe you are in the midst of building! Holidays, new're a busy girl.

Love to Buster in hopes he'll soon be back home!

DJ Kirkby said...

Great poem and drawing. I take it that your fingers are much better nwo seeing as you intend to get back to finishing your Christmas gifts. If the Lavender essential oil is not working or not your thing then vitamin E may work. Buy some capsules from a health food store and snip one open and spread the oil on your fingers.

Dave King said...

You paint a tempting picture of good and not-so-good. Aint that always the way?

BT said...

Hi Pamela, many thanks, the burns have just about gone now. Denyse, you know the poem and drawing are Rachel's not mine! Same to you Dave. Good to see you all.