Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Weds, Dec 3rd, Cold and Damp

Another really cold day today but damp so no sign of any snow. I think the UK will get some tonight and tomorrow but not us. Boooo.

Stanley's working overtime and keeping me warm, well, with the addition of an extra fleecy.

I did a bit more ivy chopping this afternoon, sawing great pieces off one of the ash trees. I'm sure I heard it 'sigh' as the ivy popped! Now I have another huge pile of rubbish to burn. Hopefully the tree will do better when the ivy dies off. It'll certainly let more light onto the land.

Apart from that and playing on here, I've done more papier mache, finished the bin except for layers of varnish now. It's splendidly festive red!

Jim should be home about midnight, flights permitting. Photos with him hopefully!

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