Saturday, December 6, 2008

Garda Called! For Friday, 5th December

We had a phone call yesterday evening from Pete, our neighbour down below us. They have to go past our cottage on our land to get to theirs. Another neighbour who I have mentioned before, Martin, the alcoholic farmer, had wandered down to their cottage and banged the door open then abused him and his wife. He was, of course, completely off his head but they rang us to warn us and they had called the garda.

We battened down the hatches and locked the car but we didn't see or hear Martin. Some time later, during 'I'm a Celebrity's' final, there was a knock on our door and it was the garda. Jim answered and showed them where Pete and Sandra lived. Apparently they moaned and groaned about where we lived and the fact it had taken them an hour to find the place! It's to be hoped it's nothing urgent in the future!

We didn't hear any more but I'll go and see Pete and Sandra later and make sure they're ok and find out exactly what happened.

We can't help feeling sorry for Martin in some ways but he is a dreadful farmer and drinks all the time. He can often be found in his car parked by the wood asleep, his empty cans scattered around. His wife has thrown him out and he is living in his parents' old cottage which is practically derelict. He must be freezing in this weather and there are no services. Probably water, but that's about it. His cows are always escaping as the field next to us doesn't have a proper fence. Also he doesn't feed them regularly so they get into a parlous state sometimes. We were on the verge of reporting him last winter because of the state of the poor creatures when the weather improved and the grass began to grow again, so they survived.

But walking about threatening people is another matter. I'll let you know of any future developments.

We are still busy getting presents ready for Christmas and still have some cards to make. All a bit manic but we'll manage. Jim's still full of cold and coughs after 2 weeks. He's feeling a bit weak and feeble at times and no wonder.

Baby Poppy is home now and I spoke to Ali yesterday. She's doing fine and managing to get some sleep while husband Joe looks after the baby. He has paternity leave, what a splendid idea that is.

That's about it for now. It all looks white out of the window - frost, not snow. The builders have threatened to start on Monday. Don't hold your breath!


Leatherdykeuk said...

I'm glad you were all right.
Poor cows!

BT said...

Thanks Rach. I know, when we first arrived and walked down to the lake there were 2 cows in a field, one dead and one dying! Apparantly they were both Martin's.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Always hard when someone is an alcoholic - one wonders what drove them to that point - but there is a limit, isn't there? It sounds as though you have reached it.
Glad to hear little Poppy (what a lovely name - suggests a perky little creature bobbing about in the breeze (red hair?)is doing well - enjoy her while she is so young - she'll be a teenager before you know it.

Sam said...

oh dear, I wonder what that was all about then? Maybe if he is in trouble with the police he might get help for his drinking? Glad you and Jim are ok. XX

BT said...

It is indeed difficult Weaver. Jim went down to see them today and they were obviously pretty shaken up by the experience as they've always been friends with Martin and used to look after his father with tea and cake. The police (Garda) weren't really interested. They will be if he causes real harm to someone.

Sam, he's been into rehab more times than I can remember but he starts again the day he comes out. Bit of a lost cause I'm afraid. We feel guilty. Alcoholism is a most unattractive illness and we lock our doors against him. But he is a big man and has been violent towards his wife, spending time in Limerick prison last year. Pete, as you know, is a tiny little chap and Jim's as violent as a lamb!
He must have an utterly miserable life now up at the old house. He stinks too. There's not even running water. So sad.