Saturday, February 27, 2010

Christmas Presents! Photos. 26th February 2010

Look at my beautiful Mug

Christmas a little late

Jim had a bit of a disaster on Wednesday. He went to a meeting in the UK and hired a car to get from Stansted to the meeting. He left for the airport in plenty of time to come home, but an accident left him sitting on the M25 for an hour. Consequently he missed the flight back!

Jason and Sam don't live too far from the airport, so bless her, Sam went and picked Jim up so that he could have a bed for the night! Then at the crack of dawn, Jason ran him back to Stansted to get the first flight home. Thank you both for looking after Jim in his hour of need.


Our Christmas parcel from Sam travelled all the way to Ireland then eventually, all the way back to Sam!! So Sam popped all the wrapped presents into Jim's rucksack to bring to us! What a wonderful surprise. Sam spoilt me as usual - here is my haul:

What a brilliant mouse mat - perfect for me. I am using it now, and my cup of tea sits on the coaster.

The cats also had a stash of presents - although Buster stole a string covered mouse and quickly demolished it!

Thank you Sam and Jason.

ATC for Sunday. H is for Hearts

It's what you'd call 'busy' I think! I stuck various hearts on the blank card, then covered them with white tissue paper. I then outlined them with gel pens. The blue fabric heart in the centre, I cut round to remove the tissue paper and show its pretty silver dots round the edge. Finally, I attached a heart charm which says 'LOVE', although that's a bit hard to see here. This H is going to Teri, the founder of our little group. She deserves lots of love. She is a very talented artist and her blog is a delight.

Hidden under the charm on the ATC above are 3 little daisies. Teri is a mad daisy fan so I had to put some on somewhere.

Buster and I Get Wet

Jim headed off to Galway yesterday so I took Buster to Dillon's Wood and Lough Graney as he was a bit fed up! The sky looked a bit gloomy but the sun kept popping through. As usual, I enjoyed taking a few photos:

As we walked down the lane towards the lake, they sky looked threatening and the lake was slate grey.

The Greylag geese were still in the field and they took off as we passed - I was ready for them!
This little chap with his fetching earrings came to see us as we passed his field.
The sun shone occasionally but the black clouds loomed over the rocks.
Buster explored the rocks..
While I took reflective photos
The sun shone on these old grasses, it's worth clicking on this photo.
The sun brought out the colours on these developing Alder catkins.
There was even a little rainbow - the first I've seen for a long time.
I could hear the rain coming across the lake. This one's for you Steven!
Look at that lot - luckily I had a good coat on and a hat to keep me warm and relatively dry.

It didn't last for long thankfully. Everything looked wonderfully fresh and clean.
We walked up the path to the road that cuts through the wood. These rocks glistened in the sun.
The moss looked fresh and green.
The rain started again and I was a bit cold, but another rainbow appeared to cheer me along.

I made a joiner of the lane going towards the wood and all the way round to the direction of our cottage!

Do click on it if you have time. It's a pity the house was in the way

I also made a small joiner , taken from the rocks:
They must have been the clouds that emptied on me shortly afterwards!

So it was back home and time for a cup of tea in my new mug.


On a sad note, Renee, a blogger whom many of you know and love, is in hospital and is unlikely to recover from the cancer that has now spread throughout her body. Her daughter has been keeping us up to date on Renee's blog. Renee is a shining light in this bloggy world of ours and I shall miss her.
Renee and her dear husband Wahid.


Anonymous said...

Hello! I think these pictures are absolutely breath-taking today. Wow - two rainbows in one trip! And there's Buster showing off with his long legs again!!! ha ha
Lovely Christmas gifts Sam sent to you. I especially love that mug. I clicked on Renee's blog. What a sweet post written by her daughter.

I hope you and Jim will have a lovely weekend dear friend.

Arija said...

You live in such a beautiful part of the world and your photos do it justice. I love the action shot of Buster!

Our dear Renee's plight is a weight on my heart and her loss will affect a lot of us who have followed her blog and been inspired by her love and courage.

I am glad you got your husband back safely and with a cache of late Christmas gifts of great beauty. The coffee mug is truly something else!

Sorry I have not been around much, the summer heat took its toll.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What a lovely walk despite the rain.

Ces said...

Hello my mental ninja gardener. Beautiful photographs and I always like it when you stitch the photographs together. Ahhh my dearest Renee is here. God bless Renee.

What a beautiful mug that it. Buster's photograph was captured at the perfect moment.

Take care BT. It looks wet over there!

soulbrush said...

thanks heavens he wasn't hurt. what gorgeous goodies, but that heart card is the ever best! and that buster is a real doll, what a character, enjoy it all.

Jason said...

Your welcome, glad you like your Chrimbo bits :-)

Great shots, like the cow!

Sorry to hear about your friend, sad.


Heather said...

Glad Jim got home safely - love the Christmas presents. Your ATC is fun and the photos are wonderful. Aren't the young alder catkins a gorgeous colour? I loved the rain on the lake shot and the rainbow - I could almost smell the freshness of the rain. Sad news of Renee - it must be so hard for her family and friends, not to mention herself.

DJ Kirkby said...

That's really sad news about Renee. I love your ATC and all the photos, esp the moss one. x

aims said...

Beautiful pics Gina -

I am back and have found that one of my blogging friends has passed away during my absence. I am stunned and saddened by his loss and will miss him every single day for a long while.

Thinking of you and your friends too.

Deborah said...

Hello, and so happy to meet you! Renee has brought together the most interesting people. Fabulous photos. Love your description on your profile! And oh yes, Ces is one of the most generous people I know...another beloved friend brought to me by Renee. **blows kisses** Deb

steven said...

bt - a stunning post!!! i love the hills and lake and the rainbow, the rocks, the grasses. the photo montage (even with the house) is awesome!!! thanks. steven

BT said...

Hello steven, did you see the rainy photos, just for you! I know you miss the rain. Thanks for your comment. I have emailed all the others.

PAK ART said...

I love that pic of Buster teetering on the rock as he leaps down. Great photographic moment in time! Your teacup is beautiful and the box it came in is gorgeous too. I love pretty boxes!

Bella Sinclair said...

My GOODNES, Gina! Your header photo! It''s spectacular! WOW!

Those are wonderful presents you received. Pretty teacup as well! And I always enjoy seeing your photos. Poppy and Sonny are incredibly adorable tots! And congratulations to Jim for his certification. Yay!

Bless you for your tribute to Renee. I miss her terribly, as I know you and so many others do.


BT said...

Thank you Patty, I love my new mug, it's had lots of use already. I love the box too. Thanks for the visit.

Hi Bella. Thanks for the compliment about my header. Isn't my mug gorgeous? I love it. I'm a real 'mug' fan. Didn't Jim do well? He really enjoys it too.

Poor Renee and Jacqueline and all the family. How they have suffered.

kj said...

gina, that picture of buster is incredible! i long to be that agile, and that is never going to happen in this lifetime or the next!

there is so much in this post, teri's hearts, your beautiful land and seascapes.

and our beloved renee. for some reason i was startled to see her and wahid here. i am so sad and i miss her so very much.

have fun, gina. ♥