Saturday, February 6, 2010

Artist Trading Cards and Trip to Tralee

Artist Trading Cards

Our little group of 10 'ABC of ATCs' have been busy with the 2nd time round alphabet. I have received some lovely cards already.

This is from our 'boss' Teri, who is a talented artist. She is not only doing the letters but is writing a Haiku for each one. How clever is that? Teri is also a big fan of daisies, so I have 2 pink ones on the ATC too. Teri's blog, full of lovely things, is well worth a visit.

This was enclosed in a very pretty card:

The colours aren't very true for some reason, the 'beige' here is actually a real spring yellow.

I received the 'C' from Lisa, who is doing a series of painted butterflies. I wish I could paint!

This one is called the Clytie Ministreak.

Now Marianne in The Netherlands must be very organised as she has sent me her 'F' for Flax Fairy. Marianne always includes a circle in her ATCs and this is no exception:

Again, the colours aren't very true, but you can still see the beauty of the painting.

I sent the 'D' I made to Marianne and it is a collage of various items beginning with D:

If you would like to see all the ATCs both from the previous alphabet and the start of this one, do visit the site 'ABC ATCs Around The World'. Some of the little cards are real works of art.

Trip To Tralee - that sounds like a song! 'Hey, Ho, trip to Tralee'

Jim and I took a day out on Thursday and drove down almost to the Ring of Kerry, in fact to the town of Killarney. We had bought a cooker from a chap who lives there and as well as picking it up, we thought we'd be able to have a tour around this beautiful part of Ireland. Sadly the weather was against us and it rained virtually all day. I still enjoyed the drive but the weather wasn't helpful for taking many photographs.

On our way, we went through the pretty town of Adare, a historic place which has won many awards. On our return journey, we decided to stop there and have a coffee and a bun and a walk round. It was still raining, but we just ignored that. I did manage a few photos - you'll just have to imagine the sunshine.

This little row of thatched cottages is so pretty. Some have been turned into little businesses - the whole town is turned over to tourism. It must be pretty hectic in the Summer.

I was amazed at the thickness of the thatch - and don't those hydrangea heads look pretty?

This shot shows the whole row - I managed to avoid any cars passing by.

A well wrapped up Jim outside the cottages.

One of the many churches - the railings were pretty:

A fine pair of gates.

As we had driven through Adare, we crossed a narrow bridge, on the left of which was a splendid ruin. We took our life in our hands and walked onto the bridge, the only view of the ruins we could see - as they were 'shut'!

The river was really wide. It was a pity we couldn't take a look around the grounds.

We'll have to come back in June.

We parked outside the Heritage Centre, noting that it had a cafe inside.

I think this may have been one of several monasteries around the town.

It did have rather splendid railings.

There is a large park in the centre of the town. I loved this splendid gazebo. A little later, we saw a bride, groom and small wedding party taking photos in it.

A pretty stream ran through the park, then under the very busy road and out the other side.

This is where it flowed under the road.

This is the Heritage Centre front with its wintry looking garden. We partook of a cup of tea and piece of cake - and were the last couple to leave the cafe!

Inside, on the wall, I noticed this photograph. It certainly confirms that Buster is a foxhound:

Lots and lots of Busters. We put Buster in the kennels for the day so that we wouldn't have to rush back.

On the drive back, I had a little doze! A visit to Wickes in Limerick was our next stop, to look at curtain poles for the sun room. To our delight, all their paint was half price as they were going to use a new supplier, so we bought paint for the kitchen/diner, laundry and snug. We also did find some curtain poles, so it was a successful shop.

In the Summer, we sometimes visit a place called Coole Park, which is just outside Gort. In Spring, they have been holding a series of talks and events and Jim had looked on line to discover there was a one hour concert happening on Thursday from 8 - 9pm. Our timing was pretty good and we made our way to Coole Park. The car park was pretty empty and we had visions of having a private performance, but it soon filled up with more eager audience members.

The entertainment was provided by a trio of musicians, 2 on violin/viola and a pianist. They are called Cantabile. What a delight this was. They played a variety of music from Mozart to by Debussy, ending with 'Oklahoma' which left us all tapping our feet and singing inside our heads! It was a wonderful way to end a delightful, if rather soggy, day. I have tried to upload a U Tube video of them playing Oklahoma but can't make it work. Here is the URL if you'd like to see them. It's very short! I think this link might work now.

We stopped for a bite to eat on our way through Gort and then headed home.

The only down side is that I seem to have torn a muscle in my shoulder carrying our new cooker from the car to the cottage! Oh well, I'm sure it'll mend.

Have a good weekend.


Leatherdykeuk said...

Your poor shoulder!
What a lovely village. Fabulous photos.

I used to share a flat with a lad from Tralee.

Anonymous said...

Hello dear friend, The Atc's are splendid works of art.
I so enjoyed the photos of the thatched roofs. What a shame about it raining on the wedding party! I believe you saw a wedding party one other time when you were out and about!
How exciting to be gathering fun stuff for your home - can't wait to see the paint, curtains etc. I am so sorry about your shoulder. Please take care and I hope you will soon feel better. Love & hugs to you all.

Heather said...

I can see why Adare is so popular with tourists - I really enjoyed my virtual visit. The concert sounds the perfect way to end a lovely day out. Take care of your shoulder - hope it's not too painful. Light duties only for you my girl!! I nearly forgot to mention the ATCs - they're great, and Teri's 'B' had me chuckling.

Jason said...

I have fond memories of Tralee. Thats is where Amanda's family are and where I stayed for a couple of weeks.

Sounds a great day trip, hope your shoulder heals soon. x

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a delightful trip. I love seeing those thatch covered cottages. They look like they are from some other planet. I expect to see elfin people walking around the buildings. Too bad it rained on your outing. It looks like you didn't miss much though. I hope your shoulder is better today.

Heckety said...

I'm catching up on you!

Your photos of Adare brought back memories! Couple of summers back we did a camping safari round the Ring of Kerry, and spent two days in Adare on the way down- its really beautiful. We did all the things you did too! Our girls voted the bathrooms in Adare campsite the best of the summer (every summer has a bathroom vote- long story) because they were painted a very beligerent purple!

Kerry is fantastic, pity it was wet for you, but a very very long day you had, no?

Glad you got paints and rails- a sense of achievement! and the concert!

steven said...

bt what a lovely village. i love thatched rooves and the ruins. hmmmm i would love to see more of them. thanks for another awesome newsy posting!!! steven

soulbrush said...

whew i just adore your photography, those thatched cottages and the gates! fantastic, you live in such a pretty part of the world, which i still have to see!

kj said...

gina, what a feast this post is!

the atc's are as always so great, the thatched roofs are always my favorites, and a tour of Killarney too--jeez louise!

you live in such a lush country. i hope to visit someday. i love the language and the spirit.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Sorry about the shoulder Gina.
Thank you for posting Adare castle, it did bring back memories. A few years ago we stayed on a farm near Adare B and B and each evening we ate in a lovely restaurant in Adare - we too looked the castle and it was always shut. Such beautiful countryside - loved it.

Lynn said...

Fun to see all the ATCs together and I do love the travels you take us on. Such wonderful the thatched roof and the gazebo!

BT said...

Jim rubbed ibuprofin on my shoulder but it was hurting still, so I hid the pain with tablets and went out and gardened!! Bad girl. Thanks for caring. Adare is beautiful, isn't it? We didn't actually get to Tralee! Next time.

BT said...

Hello Mildred, how are you? I'm glad you enjoyed the ATCs and the village of Adare. You have a very good memory, we saw a wedding party at Ickworth when I was visiting Jason and family. The extension is coming together slowly. My shoulder does feel much better this evening thank you. xx

Hello Heather, I'm glad you enjoyed your visit to Adare! It is such a pretty place. Teri's ATC is so funny! Shoulder is definitely improving thank you.

I thought it was down that way Jason. It's so pretty there. Shoulder is improving thank you.

Hi Lisa, the cottages do look etherial, don't they, I know just what you mean. One was a holiday cottage to rent. It would be lovely to stay in it.

He Heckety, good to catch up now and then, isn't it? I can't visit everyone all the time. I love you 'best bathroom' story, it must have been lovely camping there. Jim used to go camping a lot but I feel I'm well past that stage now! It was a long day, but most enjoyable in spite of the rain. It's been thick fog all day today, more like an Autumn day than a Winter one.

Hello Steven, I don't think I'd like to live in a thatched cottage though, however pretty. They go up in smoke very easily and I always think they'll be full of spiders. But they do look so pretty. I'm so pleased you enjoyed the post.

soulbrush, you are welcome anytime you know. We're quite close to Shannon airport, very cheap with Ryanair if you book ahead. Hint!!
Glad you enjoyed the photos.

Oh that's good, Weaver, I'm glad I brought back memories for you. It's a lovely place, isn't it? Did it rain on you too??

kj, so good to see you. I'm glad you enjoyed this post so much, it makes it all so worthwhile. You really must come and visit soon. You are welcome here and we would delight in showing you round our little part of Ireland.

Thanks Lynn, I just loved that gazebo too and the line of poplars leading up to it. I look forward to seeing it all in the Summer with sunshine hopefully!

Mim said...

I miss Ireland!!!

DK Leather said...

what a smashing post, filled to brimming with luscious-ness! You know I love the railings, the gates, the ruins... ~sighs wistfully~

Look after that shoulder!

NB I didn't know Rachel had a flatmate from Tralee! So I learned something even after 11 years! :D LOL xxx

Stampmaiden said...

Who misses sunshine when the surroundings are stunning. Can't wait to go on another field trip with you. You never fail me! Sorry about your shoulder. Take care and no more straining it. Hope you didn't get a tear and that it's just a tender spot.

BT said...

Mim, you must come and visit!

Thanks K, I thought you'd enjoy it!

Linda, I'm so glad you enjoyed my 'tour'!! I'm pleased to say that my shoulder is right as rain today. Whoopee! Whether it was Jim's ibuprofin massage or gardening I don't know!! Love to you.

aims said...

What great pics! I really had no idea just how thick thatch was. I wonder if it is laden with animals of all sorts as well.

We have nothing of the sort here of course and it is snowing with some sleet in it as I type.

What a lovely village you managed to see.

PAK ART said...

Your pictures, even without the sun, are breathtaking. I've toured just a wee bit of Ireland and wish I could have spent LOTS more time there. I think it is one of the most beautiful places on earth and the history is fascinating too.

BT said...

Hi aims, it does seem amazingly thick, doesn't it? I'm not sure all thatch is that thick and I, too, wonder about the wildlife inhabiting it!! It's cold here too but no snow or sleet thankfully!

Hi Pak Art, you must make another trip over here! It is a beautiful place, apart from all the rain, but then that's why it's so green!

Sam said...

OOOh thats looks lovely, I'd love to go there when we come over, and Galway is it that you always talk about. Coole park is lovely I have great memories of Jim patiently trying to teach me how to 'skim' stones across the lake, then having to empty Jack's wellies!
Hope your shoulder is better soon.
Lots of love, as always XXXX

BT said...

Hiya Sam, yes, I think you'd like Galway. Now the Ring of Kerry is quite a drive away, a couple of hours so you'll have to decide whether you want to go that far! We're game, it is beautiful there. My shoulder is fully recovered now, thank you. xxx