Friday, February 12, 2010

More Kitchen Renovation, Trip to Galway

We headed off to Galway on Wednesday to buy things for the kitchen. Mainly we needed a new worktop and were going to try and get one to match the existing worktop already in situ round the sink.

We didn't leave until quite late, as Buster disappeared, but then returned just in time for us to go. I tried to take a couple of photos out of the car window but they didn't work very well. The sun was peeping out behind the clouds and the beams were reaching down to the ground.

The photo didn't work very well, but you get the idea!

I rather like the next shot I took, travelling along the road:

We didn't manage to get our worktop, though, but we could order one from B & Q so we're having a think about it. We also needed tiles, but couldn't find any we liked! Jim did buy some wood and a couple of other bits and pieces so it wasn't a total waste of time.

Afterwards it was a quick trip to Tescos for supplies then we headed home in the dark.

Yesterday, Jim removed all the doors from the kitchen cupboards and I spent some while giving them a real scrub. When I told Jim I was going to do a mini blog as I hadn't much to write about, he said 'tell them what a good scrubber you are'. Typical.

This morning Jim removed all the contents of the cupboard over the cooker and took it off the wall. Now we have the cooker there, it was too low, so he raised it up about 5 inches.

You can see what a bright yellow the kitchen was! Not my taste at all. Those green tiles have to go too as they never did fill the gap twixt worktop and cupboard! We painted over the yellow with our new green and it looks much better. The cupboard and shelves are now back and it's much better, and the cleaned doors are back on the lower cupboards.

The other half of the kitchen looks like a bomb's dropped there! I tried to take a photo of it but Jim ran off - he said it was too messy:

I still managed to catch him!!

On the left, the cupboards are without doors. In fact they're stacked below and all clean, being left to dry.

That's about it for kitchen progress - you always seem to take a backwards step before making progress. Tomorrow those wall cupboards will be split. One of them will become a floor cupboard and the other will go on the wall plus the middle one and a shelf underneath. I'm not sure how far we'll get as we have to head into Ennis in the early afternoon.

Our dishwasher has gone wrong and leaves all the dishes soaking wet, so we're taking that to the menders. Also we are going to the Glor theatre at 7pm to watch a film. This film has been made by the local people around Killanena and Lough Graney and was made by our friends down the road, Joe and Hilary Comerford. I'm really keen to see the film, which is about 45 minutes long I understand. Joe is a film maker of some repute and Jim and I have already seen one of his art films on DVD. Hilary is the main influence behind this film. Joe just 'advised' I think.

So a good day in prospect. I have just watched 'From Popstar to Operastar', the semi-final and it has amazed me how well some of the pop singers have performed the most difficult of arias. The two in the final are Darius Campbell and Bernie Nolan. I'm looking forward to the final next week.

That's it for today. I hope everyone has a good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Hello, What a beautiful picture of the sun beams shining through the clouds. Your kitchen is going to be so nice. I love the pretty green color you have chosen. I do hope your dishwasher can be repaired. Georgia is getting lots of snow today. Maybe tomorrow I can make a wiener dog snow man!!! You two enjoy your film tomorrow.

DK Leather said...

oh no I missed it! ~pout~ I'll have to catch the repeat... poor Marcella though, that's a shame.

Lovely entry, super pictures and I hope the film was good :D xxx

BT said...

Hello Mildred, I'm glad you liked that photo. I think the kitchen will be lovely when it's completed. WHEN!! Have fun making your snow dog!!

Hi DK, oh what a shame. You'll have to watch the final next Friday evening. It was 9pm today.

The film's tomorrow so I'll let you know. xxx

Lynn said...

We are planning some renovations in our home this summer. I dread it, want it done, but dread the mess and inconvience first off.

Your travel photos are lovely. Always are.

Bella Sinclair said...

Hello, Gina! My oh my, you are always working on your home. I think that is so much fun. A lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I love the shade of green in your kitchen. And another round of alphabet ATCs! Great collection. Your earwig made me laugh. You gals are having so much fun, and it's a delight to see all the different styles.

Thanks for sharing all your fantastic pics!

KathyB. said...

Your new header is beautiful! The kitchen is looking GOOD! With a new kitchen comes lots and lots of good cookin' too~ so the theory goes!

Leatherdykeuk said...

The kitchens looking good!

Jason said...

It maybe a good aria, but its no "dance yourself dizzy"

Sounds a good day today, let us know how thw film was. Seems he has done quite a bit of work re the troubles, bet thats interesting stuff.


Jason said...

PS. I think I found Elizabeth Jauss yesterday. Gran Cooper mum!. x

PAK ART said...

I do really like the green shade you have chosen - it's a much better calming color. I like yellow but that was a bit too bright wasn't it? Your DH sounds like a sweetie - of course you are a good scrubber!

Heather said...

Wonderful skies in your photos Gina. I always find it hard to make a choice when confronted with so many options - add to that the fact that I'm not at all 'fashion conscious' and it's even harder. You'll find just the right tiles etc., eventually. Glad Jim appreciates his 'scrubber'! I can see how lovely the kitchen will be inspite of it's current state. Enjoy the film.

BT said...

It'll be ok Lynn. It can't possibly take as long as our extension did!!

HI Bella, good to see you. I'm glad you have enjoyed my photos and work in progress - oh - and the ACTs. Love your latest picture, it's amazing.

Ha Ha KathyB, I'll have to tell Jim, as he's the cook!!

Thanks Rachel, it's coming on.

Hi J, lol! You're right re the aria!! Joe has done much work as has Hilary (professionally known as Hilary Dully) and this film is mainly her work.

Great news re Elizabeth Jauss, that'll be the German connection.

lol, PakArt. DH is a good sort!! The yellow we painted over almost straight away with a very pale green, the bit you see was behind some cupboards we removed! The green we have chosen is a bit darker and much nicer I think too!

Hello Heather. We try not to stick to 'trends' either as they date so quickly. More cupboards came off the wall today!

kj said...

gina, i love following your renovation plans. i'm a kindred soul in that area.

happy happy ♥day