Friday, February 19, 2010

New ATCs, Sandy in a Basket. 19.02.10

Artist Trading Cards

I received another 2 Artist Trading Cards yesterday, letters E and G.

This E is for Envy and is from Mim. It opens up too:

Isn't that super? It was enclosed in another of Mim's own cards:

I rather like the rocks round it too! This now has pride of place on one of my notice boards.

The other ATC is from soulbrush and is G for Gossip:

I love soulbrush's bold painting style and how clever to have the 2nd gossip with just her mouth at the top! I love it. Soul also included some blank ATCs for me to use and some pretty paper. she is a star! Well, all of our group are.


Jim popped into Ennis today for a meeting of his volunteer group. I'll tell you about that tomorrow. I went out and carried on tidying and clearing the bed just outside the back yard. It certainly looks much better and I found some snowdrops in flower, hidden under a broom bush. I will try and photograph them tomorrow if it's fine.

While I was working away, the sky blackened and we had a hail storm! I carried on, putting a hat on for protection and after about five minutes it all stopped. Having finished the clearing, I managed to get the motorised wheelbarrow started and fetched 2 barrow loads of compost to put on the bed. I usually leave this too late, when the plants are all growing, but this time I was able to put quite a thick layer on the top. The plants will love that. My feet had frozen and it was getting dark so I went inside and watched some of the olympics (on replay).

Jim came back with some pink and white roses for me. They are beautiful and are now in a vase.

Oh, did I mention I took a sky photo?

Dark clouds were gathering....

Then the hail appeared in the valley, on its way to me!

Sandy Finds a Special Place

I walked into the snug and was going to do a bit of my rugging. I have cut lots of the material into strips and keep it in a basket (a present from my son and dil Sam the Christmas before last). It's perfect for the job. I was surprised to see this:

A squatter in my basket. I spoke to Sandy and he popped his head lazily out of the basket:

Isn't that just a super shot? Sandy clearly thought my basket a purr-fect place to sleep!

Then he just snuggled back down again!

I had to feel around in the bottom to find my material balls! He just ignored me.

Now I'm off to watch some of the Olympics. Happy Weekend Everyone.


Lynn said...

Love both art!
And the cat in the basket. I have that same basket in my office with kids toys in it. Mine is more blue.

Leatherdykeuk said...

splendid shots! Happy cat!

DK Leather said...

oh how fabulous, bless Sandy! :D (and splendid basket)

I look forward to hearing about the volunteer group tomorrow!

Bea said...

Now you'll never get him out of that basket. lolol He's a perfect fit. LOVE THE NEW HEADER. Buster is cute but this is beautiful.
I can't believe you are working in your gardens already. sigh. Still white, white, white here. :)Bea

Jason said...

Lovely new header. We have some lovely snowdrops under the hedges. Nice and sunny here although a decent frost.

How nice to have cut flowres, I love cut flowers in the home. We still have a dozen valentine roses looking lovely. Have a good weekend. I&M coming for dinner tomorrow, tiling today!


Heather said...

Lovely ATC's and trust a cat to find a snug place to curl up in. Sandy fits perfectly into your basket - he looks so sweet. Our snowdrops are under snow again and we may get more on Monday.

Mim said...

A cat in a basket is snug personified. just adorable. and I love your header - wow

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is always fun to get ATCs in the mail. Sandy knew you padded that basket just for him. You are brave to be out in the garden when it is so cold. Brrrrrrr Those clouds really look fierce.

soulbrush said...

ha ha don't we all love to gossip, great that you like it too. enjoy them all and have a super weekend, the sun is actually shining here in london.

BT said...

Fancy you having the same basket Lynn! I love it, it's just right for keeping some work to hand. The ATCs are fun, aren't they?

Thanks Rachel.

How fabulous indeed! Oh yes, I mustn't forget about the volunteers.

Oh Bea, I received a most wonderful postcard from you. It's just adorable. I'll post it next blog. Glad you liked this post and Sandy in his basket! No garden today - it's been snowing!

Hi Jason, ooh, I love snowdrops. Glad you have sun. We've had a bit of snow today. I love cut flowers too, I've photographed them today. Give my love to I & M.

Heather, we've had a bit of snow today, although not much. It's very cold, too cold to garden. Sandy does look cute, doesn't he?

Thank you Mim. The header is Flagmount, the village across the lake from us. Sometimes the reflections are like glass.

Hi Lisa. Too cold to garden today! It's been snowing. Brrr indeed. The atcs are fun, aren't they?

Hi soul, oh we do indeed. natter, natter, goss, goss!! It's fabulous. You are so talented. Hope your weekend is good too.

steven said...

what an awesome cat!!! i love the way they live their lives!!! steven

BT said...

Thanks Steven, they are entertaining!

Cottage Rose said...

Hello,, I was just at Mildred's blog and I found your's ,, she had some wonderful things to say about your blog,, so I just had to pop on over and take a look see... I really enjoyed your post,, the photo of your sweet kitty in the basket is so cute... love it.... have a great weekend.. and it is so nice to meet you....


BT said...

Hello Alaura, good to meet you. Thank you for popping in, I'm glad you enjoyed Sandy in the basket. Isn't Mildred a star?

Far Side of Fifty said...

I came over from Mildreds!! Beautiful photos you have here..I so enjoyed them.. ( Those Lichens were awesome) it was lovely to meet you:)