Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Walk on the Wild Side, The Cat Sat on The Mat

Walk through Dillons' Wood and Lough Graney

As the days get shorter, Buster gets less playing time with his friends, so we took him for a walk to Dillons' Wood which is right next to Lough Graney. This is probably Buster's favourite walk. The floor of the wood was a real carpet of leaves today and the beech trees looked fabulous in their Autumn colours:
Jim at the brow of the hill in Dillons' Wood. What colours.

A Carpet of Leaves. Click on it and you might spot Buster.
Look at that tiny toadstool on the top right! Beautiful rich green moss, bronze beech leaves and some more fungi on the stick.
Buster was waiting up ahead and I called him back for a 'sweetie' (dog treat)!
I saw several leaves with single oak apples or galls on them then I spotted this leaf with 4 on. Apparently they have an insect inside them.
The first thing Buster does in Lough Graney is have a drink.

The Blue Green algae is back in the lake. It looks like paint but is actually a naturally occurring phenomena. Bea, I'm sure there's an art quilt in this photo for you.
No Lough post is complete without the bull rushes.
Jim found a stone to 'bounce' on the water!! It looks like a duck I think.
2 Mallards climbed up onto the rocks, they were quite a way away so it's not a wonderful photo. The 2nd one is hiding behind the bush!

This one is holding his wing out to dry.

Jim on the rocks.

I caught Buster jumping from rock to rock. He's so fast it's all a blur!
This one's a little better!
A good shot of Jim.
We called Buster away from the rocks. Of course he could smell where the ducks had been and kept trying to find them. He did follow us though and we walked to the end of the wood and followed the path up to the road. We passed the amazingly large leaved oak tree above.

A close up of the top stem.

Jim took this photo of drops of rain on blades of grass contrasting with the bronze beech leaves underneath.
He took this one of me - is this what they call soft focus?? No? You're right, it's blurred!

Buster had fallen some way behind so we called him and here he is charging to catch us up, ears flapping!

Back at The Deenery, I took this photo of the 'Liquid Amber' leaves before they all fall off. I then played on the computer with photo shop and changed the photo with lots of different filters!
This was using a 'Fresco' filter and I love the effect it gave. If you click on it to enlarge, it is even better.

In the afternoon we set about putting up the bathroom 'furniture'. Toilet roll holder, glass shelf above the sink, glass cabinet and a hook for flannels. I took one more photo to show you the latest stage! Almost done.

The last thing to buy is the mirror for above the basin and we are going to Ennis to buy that tomorrow. Can you see my arm reflected in the cabinet?

Bertie Boiler was belting out heat this evening and I put one of my rugs in front of it. BlackJack soon discovered it:

The Cat Sat on the Mat I think!

Then Buster joined him. He pretended BlackJack wasn't there by turning his back to him.

Jim took this shot of them later on. Doesn't BlackJack look all neat and tidy? Buster just splays out all over the place. They look like real homely photos to me.

Today the weather has been a bit chilly with a little drizzle but really just very Autumnal.

I have started a new latch hook rug tonight. Buster ate one of my latch hooks but luckily I found another. Bad dog, no biscuit, as Rachel would say (one of my daughters in law).
Happy Tuesday everyone.


Bea said...

What a beautiful walk in the woods.
YES YES YES she shouted, tossing her blond hair, that would make a great art quilt. Bet you didn't think that was where that was going.
Buster, Buster, Buster, do NOT eat crochet hooks. sigh.....
That rug looks yummy, move over Buster and Black Jack.
Nice head shot of the Mister.
Nice "soft shot"? of you. lol
Beautiful leaves and strange little bug cases.
Yes, it's been drizzly here today, too. :)Bea

Arija said...

An amazing walk, I love Beech woods, we don't have any here. Our soil is too acidic.
Buster was having a whale of a time too. Are the blue green algae toxic? We get it in standing water at the end of summer and the water is toxic for both animals and humans.
Do you know the botanical name of the large leaved oak? We have one in the garden but I have not been able to identify it as yet.

Delightful end of the day with everyone comfortable in front of the fire.

Jason said...

Lovely looking walk. The burner looks nuclear!


Heather said...

Thankyou for sharing that beautiful walk with us Gina. Your photos capture the woods perfectly - it must be a doggy paradise. I love Jim's photo of the raindrops on the grass and your tiny toadstool, and the colours of the Liquid Amber leaves are glorious. The bathroom looks very civilised now and Black Jack and Buster know when they are onto a good thing. I'd like to make another rag rug but can't come up with a design.

steven said...

an absolute bumper edition of the bt news!!! the woods and lake are gorgeous year 'round aren't they!! have a lovely day. steven

Leatherdykeuk said...


I've never seen such colourful oak galls!

BT said...

Thank you Bea, I've emailed you.

Beech woods are so beautiful, aren't they Arija. I'm afraid I don't know the botanical name of that oak, there are so many different varieties and it's hard to pin it down.

Jason, it does, doesn't it? lol.

Thank you Heather. It is a doggy paradise indeed. Buster just loves it, as you can see. Most of my rag rugs are 'random' Heather, not to a specific design, and the one I've started will be the same, mind you, because the particular canvas I have is very small holed, I am using wool for this one.

Thank you Steven, must catch up with your blog. I'm behind with everyone having gone to Spain for a few days!

I've never seen to many oak galls Rachel. Some of the single ones we saw were paler and some looked just like those, almost like crab apples.

Penny said...

Love the walk, the days may be getting short but the autumn feel is there, we enjoyed it so much while we were away, now back to heat, very hot for the week end, 34C and I dont think we are quite ready for it.
Love your latched rug.

Heckety said...

The woods are gorgeous! Did you have the gale force winds ove the weekend- its funny but the beech leaves are about all we have left clinging on round here,they must grow tougher glue!
Your bathroom is WONDERFUL!It looks so new and enticing!
I think that fires make up for Autumn and Winter, and your stove is lovely!

The Weaver of Grass said...

I bet you the water in Lough Graney tastes delicious. I love the way Buster has positioned himself between the cat and the heat source. My what a clever, personable dog. Glad you seem to be in the pink again, Gina - I think you had one or two days when you really didn't feel so good. Enjoy that new bathroom. Love

BT said...

Penny, I've emailed you.

Heckety, long time no see. How's it going? We did get those gales, weren't they awful? Jim hates the wind when it's like that, but I like it!!

Hello Weaver, thank you so much for your concern. I'm feeling pretty chipper right now thanks. Indeed I was down in the dark place but luckily it didn't last long this time. I had a proper bath today. Wonderful. much love. xxxx

Raph G. Neckmann said...

That looks like a glorious walk! What lovely autumn colours and trees - love those oak leaves.

I love autumn - it's such an inspiring time, and is both wistful and nexuberant.

The pic of Buster and BlackJack on the mat is so cosy.

Valerie said...

The woods look fantastic, real woodland colours, the perfect place for animals too.