Saturday, October 17, 2009

More Spain Photos. 17th Oct 2009

Now where was I? On the first evening I walked down to Ben's bar and on the way took a few photos. Here is a lion I took a fancy to:

He's rather splendid, isn't he? Nearby was this statue:

I walked past some shops and this jewellery caught my eye:

What vivid colours.

One particular shop is full of works of art, paintings and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things to spend large sums of money on!

My son Ben loves the rather modern art below. Not really my taste but each to his own:

The colours didn't come out very well as it was dark when I took the photos.

I was fascinated by the little gecko as they ran about in the evenings, up the lamp posts and into the lamp at the top - presumably to keep warm!

I love its little sticky feet!

There were two in this lamp.

Here is Ben just along from the bar, waiting for a group of party goers to arrive. It was one girl's 19th birthday and fancy dress too, so Ben donned his rugby gear!

Here is the birthday girl entering the bar. She is the one dressed in the blue police lady's costume.
They exploded huge tubes of confetti like stuff. I'd swept and mopped the floor earlier! Ah well, at least it started off clean.

Here is the party group - as you can see, all the costumes were rather skimpy! When I cleared up the next day, I found cat woman's tail in the toilet bin!!

We all had fun, the music was very loud and the smoke was thick. I still have a bad throat from my holiday. I took some random photos.

This lovely lady was one of Hayley and Bens' school friends, Jo, who was over for a few days on holiday too.

Here is Jo again with Andy and Sarah, a couple who are travelling all over the place in a camper van. They parked it down our road and came for showers and to borrow some clothes. Sarah got very drunk and I had to almost carry her home as the taxi drivers wouldn't take her in their car!

I thought the blond wig rather suited this chap!

Someone took this shot of me! I had no idea about the party so hadn't dressed up at all.

This is Brett, Ben's partner in the Zoo Lounge. He is from South Africa and is lovely.

I stayed until about 3.30am I think. It's a funny life that they lead. They work until about 4am at the earliest, come home and sleep until mid-day, then sometimes have the afternoon off or go and get shopping, clean the bar and start again.

I woke as dawn was breaking one morning and took a couple of shots from the apartment:

The sky was a beautiful colour.

The bougainvillea in the garden looked stunning.

I took this night time shot on the way to the bar one evening.

This poster for the bull fighters was everywhere. I had to laugh at the name of one of them, Enrico Ponce - presumably pronounced Ponche in Spanish!

I couldn't resist a few more photos of the Brugmansia tree.

The flowers were incredibly long.

One more statue from the shop. You can see how much 'stuff' there is inside.

On the Sunday night was the 2 Year Zoo Lounge Celebration Party - the only obligation was to wear a hat! Here as some of the people who attended. I was quite pleased with these little character portraits:

Brett in his 1 euro cowboy hat!
Me in one of my gardening hats!

Jo in her tiara!
Recognise the police woman from the night before?

This girl is beautiful with a stunning figure. Here she is in Ben's hat. It turns out she is a dancer in one of the beach front bars.

Here she is in her tiny skirt, which reminded me of a pumpkin!

The poster for the event.

I have a round of photos from my last day including some lovely beach views and of course Teddy, Ben and Hayleys' dog. Save the best until last I say.

I'm off to bed now. Enjoy.


Bea said...

They look like a wonderful group of folks on holiday. Or do they all live there year round? It all seems very tropical. I've never been to Spain, I'm not sure what I thought the weather would be like.
Great pictures of the artwork and jewelry. And, the third picture down of that trumpet like flower looks almost like some sort of needlework piece, just beautiful. :)Bea

Mildred said...

Fun pictures and I thank you for posting more lovely pics of the brugmansia! That is a very good photo of you in the hat. Hope you rest well and that your throat feels better soon.

DK Leather said...

fabulous! Makes me want to go right back :-) x

Jason said...

Great pics, what a funny ole life. I must be old! :-)


Arija said...

Looks like a great tim was hade by all. Glad you enjoyed your holiday so much and got to appreciate your son's lifestyle.

Heather said...

And a good time was had by all!! Love the daybreak photos and those dear little gecko. I tried to get pics of them in Greece years ago, but they'd disappeared by the time I pressed the button.

The Weaver of Grass said...

That looks like some party Gina. Glad you enjoyed it all - and I expect the weather was a welcome change too.
Thank you so much for your PC from Spain which arrived this morning - what a lovely surprise - and before the coming postal strike too. Have a good weekend.

steven said...

what an amazing life those kids have carved for themselves. nice to go along for the ride!!!!!!

BT said...

A lot of them live there all the time Bea. The 2 Irish girls were on holiday. I think Northern Spain can be quite wet, the south has the high temperatures. That flower is a brugmansia. We grew a plant in the UK and it had about 6 flowers on! Not quite in the same league as that tree.

I liked the photo of me in the hat too Mildred! My throat has just about recovered now.

I bet it does K.

I know just what you mean Jason!

Thank you Arija, it's certainly not a life I'd want all the time. Too hot for one thing!

The gecko are sweet, aren't they Heather, but when they move, they do so very quickly.

Ah, Weaver, I'm glad you received your postcard, I was a bit worried about the strike, knowing how long PCs can take to arrive from abroad. The weather was wonderful.

It was indeed Steven but not a life I'd enjoy anymore! Fun for a short while though.

Leatherdykeuk said...

Super shots, and that's a gret one of you at the bottom