Monday, October 26, 2009

New Bathroom, ATCs and Stuff. 25th October 2009

Artist Trading Cards

In the group of 10 to which I belong, where we are swapping ATCs and going through the alphabet, we have reached the letter X so we're almost at the end. We're going to take a break after Z and start again in the New Year.

Here is my X for X-Rated

It has a door on the front, which opens to reveal:

I'm not sure whether I showed you my W for Wacky Wellingtons. Just in case, here it is:

I have also been in receipt of some of the ABC Club's swaps. I have my letter V for Violet from Marianne:

This was inside a lovely mandala card of a cat:

I also received A wonderful U for Upside Down Fish from Mim:

This was enclosed in a beautiful card by Mim:

Finally I received my Q from Laure a little while ago. I have just found her card and it was so appropriate:

'Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom'. Isn't that lovely?

I have already done my Y for Yellow, ready for next week:

I have plans for my Z but I haven't started it yet.

New Bathroom

Jim and I have been working hard on the bathroom. Jim finished the last bits of tiling today and I grouted all but around the inside of the window. Here area a few photos:

The basin and toilet, towel rail with towels on it!

The end of the bath and storage rack for my towels. Propped up on the end of the bath is my Winifred Lucy Atwell Plaque, ready to go up on the wall. We also have a cabinet to go on the wall by the towel rail and a glass shelf to go above the basin. Oh, and a toilet roll holder!

The shower end of the bath, taken through the shower screen so it's a bit 'flashy'! It's wonderful to be able to have showers again:

The end of the bath again! All very exciting to us anyway. It's a pity it hasn't a door on yet. Jim has rigged up a curtain for the moment.

My Playroom

As I mentioned, I now have my computer and desk in my new studio/play room, even though it hasn't been decorated yet, nor does it have its wooden floor or door! It's still worth being in here, even though I'll have to move out again when the floor's being done.
Here I am, grinning away as usual.

The weather's not been good for the past couple of days. It's been wet and windy, so it's encouraged us to sort out a bit indoors. Yesterday I emptied and cleaned our Welsh Dresser from top to bottom and moved the jam from there into the glasses cupboard, and the glasses onto the dresser.


Jim bought one of those Airwick automatic sprayers that sprays an attractive aroma into the room every 35 minutes. The funny think is, when Blossom sprays, she makes a funny noise. Sometimes it sounds as though she's swearing at us and other times as though she's sneezing!! We find ourselves turning to her and saying 'and you can shut up too', when we're trying to discuss something. The plumber was standing there last week and Blossom let rip and just about sprayed into his ear!

We were without internet all yesterday. It was very strange not to be able to use the computer. I kept thinking, I'll just look that up on google, then realising I couldn't. Plus I couldn't blog of course. Thankfully it's working again today. I think it must have been the weather as it really was blowing a gale yesterday.

I did get to watch a film last night though, 'The Rainbow' by D H Lawrence. It was a real '60's' film with Hywell Bennett and Glenda Jackson plus other stalwarts of the time. It was the early days of showing people naked, all very naughty but with distance shots and people running! It was rather dated but the story was still excellent and the acting.

Tonight Jim and I watched The Constant Gardener, which is relatively new, 2005 and starred Ralph Fiennes. It was mostly set in Kenya and the main theme was the way pharmaceutical companies exploit the African market for their own ends. It was beautifully photographed and exceptionally well acted too. Fiennes's wife came too close to discovering the truth and was murdered at the beginning, then the rest of the film played out how and why she came to such a dreadful end. It's well worth watching should you get the opportunity.

Finally, Jim's daughter Ali sent this lovely photo of her husband Joe and daughter Poppy. Poppy was highly amused by the noise this goose was making!

That's all for tonight. I hope you've all had a good weekend.

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Lynn said...

Love all the ATCs Gina. Oggling your shiny new bathroom with envy, especially those tile floors...adorable Poppy!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the ATC's as well. The bath is just lovely. Those are the towels you dyed blue a while back aren't they. They look beautiful. I also like seeing where you sit to blog and create. Now I can picture you typing away at your desk. Poppy is adorable as always. We had a picture perfect day today - spent some time with the pets in the sunshine. Hope you have a good week.

BT said...

Thanks Lynn, glad you like the ATCs. The bathroom is a little clinical but we'll enjoy it after living without a shower for so long. The tiles are super, aren't they? Of course Poppy is adorable!!

Hello Mildred, Lynn beat you to it today! You do have a good memory, those are the towels I dyed blue. I think they brighten the room up quite well. I like to see where people sit too. It'll change a lot when I can move in proper and hang things up from the ceiling and stick things on the walls! I'm glad you had a lovely weekend.

DJ Kirkby said...

I love those ATC's and think it's hilarious that you talk about your room deoderisor as if it's alive!Your bathroom is lovely and so is your study even without a floor!

Jason said...

Ohh the bathroom and studio look great!


Carol said...

I love those ATC's...I would have loved to join in when you start again but I think I'll have to wait a couple of years till I've finished Uni!! I barely have time to blog never mind do anything else at the moment!!

C x

Mim said...

We love our ATC's! I am looking forward to the next swap in the new year.
I love your "X" - great idea with the door.
And a new bathroom - wow - worth the wait.
Have a great monday

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What fun ATCs. Your new bathroom is gorgeous.

soulbrush said...

that x rated card had me rolling on the floor, it's super. your new bathroom looks wonderful. what will you do with yourselves once everything is done? hugs to you from quite a mild london right now.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Love that cheery yellow one Gina.
The new bathroom looks swish - are you sure you want to bath in it though - you are going to mess it up - it looks too good to spoil with water and soap!
Your new computer rooms looks good too. Sorry about your rotten weather - expect we shall now get it shortly. Love

marianne said...

Oh isn't it wonderful how your extention is coming along so nicely!!!
That new shiny bayhroom! You must feel rich.
Funny that blossom thing :)
And lovely ATC you made and got!
Thanks for my X-rated one! LOVE it!
And you shine too in your new room!

blushing rose said...

Won't you be thrilled when it is all completed. Love the bath & tile. Poppy is a cutie, BT.

Have a warm wonderful week. TTFN ~ Marydon

Heather said...

All the ATCs are great Gina but I particularly like the whacky wellies and Miss X! The bathroom is looking splendid as is your work room. You must both be so pleased to have things nearing completion. It's been a long haul with lots of hard work, but very worthwhile.

BT said...

Hiya DJK, thanks for your comments. Glad you liked 'Blossom'! And the ATCs too and our new bathroom.

Thanks Jason

Glad you like the ATCs Carol, sorry you can't join in but I do understand.

We do love our ATCs don't we Mim! Glad you like the bathroom.

Thanks Lisa.

I knew you'd like it soul!! Glad I made you laugh. It's not too bad here in Ireland, just damp! Very Autumnal. We'll always have plenty to do soul. All the other new rooms for a start!!

Hello Weaver, I'm glad someone likes my yellow ATC! Oh I love messing up a new room, making it part of the home. I can't wait to be able to sort out my studio properly.

Lovely to see you Marianne and I'm so glad you like your X Rated ATC!! It made me laugh when I did it for you. I love our new bathroom, thanks for the compliment about me in my new room!

Hi Marydon, lovely to see you again and I'm glad you like my new bathroom too. It's such fun almost finishing one of our new rooms.

Heather thank you so much. It certainly has been a long haul!! I can't wait to get at the other rooms and decorate them but we are still waiting for the wooden floors to be laid. One day.... I'm glad, too, that you liked my Wacky Wellies ATC.

DK Leather said...

Lovely to see the work coming along so superbly at last!

Btw, your 'X' atc lady looks remarkably like a friend of mine! ~laughs~

BT said...

Oh for goodness sake, I don't even know my daughter's blog name! Sorry DK, don't know why I thought it was Rachel for a minute! Crazy mother, but you knew that!!

DK Leather said...

~laughs~ that's ok, you've done it before the other way around, thanking me for a Rachel comment! ;-) heh xxx