Monday, October 5, 2009

October 5th, 2009. ATCs and Other Stuff

The Postman Delivered

Just a quick post today. A few days ago I received a big envelope from Stampmaiden (Linda). We have done an Artist Trading Card swap between us and here are the wonderful ATCs she sent me:

This cutie is titled 'Call of the Bats'. I love the background and the bats shown up against the moon.

The next one is probably one of my all time favourites. I will definitely be putting it on my new studio wall:

The title is 'Sisterhood', so appropriate for our blogging world. I think I'm the one on the right, the hair is most like mine! Isn't it just wonderful?

Linda also sent me 6 'inchies':

Don't you just love the Mooning Santa? lol.

In the parcel were some old library cards, great for the words on them:

and some super jazzy papers. Thank you so much Linda, a great swap and super extras too.

I have already used a small piece of the gold and red for my latest ATC in the ABC/ATC Group to which I belong. This week it is U and I made U for Umbrella:

This is off to the USA to Lisa. I hope she likes it.

So what a lovely lot of goodies I received.


I did a bit more in the yard today, then Jim came out and we spent ages discussing our plans. We had decided to make a road diagonally across the yard so that Jim can get his mower to and from the orchard, which is on the other side of the road from the house. (the access road down to our neighbours).

We marked out some of it but I wasn't happy with what would be left after the road went through. We chatted and puzzled then Jim came up with a much better idea. It's a bit hard to explain here, but you will see when it's done. We have always aimed for soft, curved lines in our gardening. However, as the back is now so straight, with a straight concrete path in front of it, we are going to stick to these angular lines. It will also fit with the remains of the barn walls and floor.


No sign of them today..... Jim did speak to Seamus, our plumber, and he's coming either tomorrow or Wednesday to finish off his part of the job. He's a good worker and does come when he says. Hoorah!


priti.lisa said...

BT! Thanks for visiting my blog. Now the stalking begins :)
I think I'll try your e-mail...
I wouldn't want to offend any of your viewers.
Peace and Love, Lisa

PS. I am so sorry about Bush. I did not vote for him, ever!

PPS. I'm scared for Obama.

Stampmaiden said...

OH BT, I'm so happy that your package finally arrived. Imagine my surprise when I saw "Call of the Bats" on the sidebar of my blog under "BT, the Crafty Gardener!" Can't wait to see the new winding path and your studio!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You were mightly blessed with all of these goodies BT. I am mightly blessed to be receiving the U atc. I love it. That movie song "just walkin in the rain" keeps coming into my head.

Heather said...

Hope Seamus keeps his word and the builders turn up again. So near now to competion - it must be even more frustrating to have holdups. Great ATCs and goodies.

soulbrush said...

she always does fab parcels when she send things. they are m=marvellous. soon you won't be able to do much in that garden winter is definitely on its way brrrrr.xx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Oh dear Gina, that "tomorrow or Wednesday" has a strangely familiar ring to it. We are almost finished but are waiting for the plumber to actually fit the shower, so that although the wet room is ready there is actually no shower in it. Ah well, maybe tomorrow or Wednesday.

Miss Daisy said...

Loved the package of goodies you received. And can't wait to see the pictures when you get your road put in! Sounds like a LOT of work.

Olga/Maddie said...

Lina sent you some gorgeous, special things. *big smile*

And the ATC card that you made for Lisa is lovely. *big big smile*

I hope all goes well with the building of that road that you and Jim talked about.

Also, I really do hope these contractors will soon show up and get some more work done.

God bless and take care. Bye, :)!