Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Last of Spain. To 13th October, 2009

Yes it's the last lot of photos from Spain. I took Teddy for a walk on one day and had a lovely time. It was another beautiful day and I walked down to the beach, but it was too crowded to take Teddy for a swim. He just loves swimming in the sea.

I decided to go and have a cappuccino at a bar overlooking the sea, where I knew they would give Teddy a drink of water. I sat there happily admiring the views and people watching. On the next but one table to me, I noticed that on their table was an Irish hat. We smiled and got talking. I went and sat at their table and we chatted for ages about this and that. The younger of the two (they were not young) was called Patrick and he loved my camera and took a few photos on it, including the one of me, above. It's not half bad either! His friend was called Tony and here he is:

This was taken by Patrick. Tony was very amusing. I asked him if he was rich! He said no of course, then Patrick said he was. So I quipped 'do you own one of those boats in the harbour'? to which he replied 'no' so I told him he wasn't rich at all then!! It was such fun and we laughed and smiled an hour away. Teddy drank his water and was fussed over, the 2 Irishmen were on the beer and I had 2 cappuccinos. I also took some shots of the boats as they came in and out of the harbour:

This yacht is just stunning - and huge.

I could just get it all in in this photo.

Here are the two happy holiday makers just before they went off:

I then decided to walk Teddy along what is known as the Free Willy Walk, as some of that film was taken using the harbour there!

Teddy is an American Cocker Spaniel and usually has a very long coat, but in the hot weather he is trimmed. He looks so different. He leaps along the rocks with great agility but enjoyed sitting in the shade at the lighthouse:

He was puffed out!

I love this next photo of another boat leaving the harbour:

A shoal of little fish swam around the rocks.

Some of the rocks had wonderful patterns on them.

Teddy was surprised by this wild ginger tomcat! He quickly ran off and the cat stood its ground.

From near the edge of the Lighthouse, I took this panorama of Puerto Banus:

It's come out very small, so please click on it and enlarge it.

I loved the reflections in this photo and Mr Joseph Banus on his plinth overlooking his town!

On the walk home I took a last photo of the amazing Brugmansia tree, this time from the other side:

Do click on this to enlarge it too, it's worth it.

Ben took this photo at home with Teddy on my shoulder!

Then he took this rather lovely photo of Hayley, his long time girlfriend.

I had clearly worn Teddy out! He has ears like velvet.

I couldn't resist - but he didn't notice!

Ben and Hayley were exhausted too!

My last day, Tuesday 13th October

There had been some trauma going on over the last 2 days as Ben and Hayley were supposed to be moving to a smaller apartment next door, but the electricity had been turned off and it was very dirty. Also Ben's Dad Peter was arriving that day. I decided to go out for the day and get the ferry into Marbella to see the 'old Quarter' there. When I got to the ferry, this is what I found:

'Day off' !!! They probably had a hangover. Ah well, the best laid plans of mice and men....

I spent the afternoon mooching around Puerto Banus and sunbathing on the Plaza Beach. I soon got bored with that and sorted through the shingle on the beach for smooth shells and glass of all colours! Here is my collection:

I particularly admired the blue glass at the bottom of the circle. I left them there of course. Maybe the tide will wash them away or someone else will find them and admire their smoothness.

I also made this pebble snake from where I was sitting to the rock.

Which I then extended to reach the sea's edge. I have to say I received some rather odd looks and worried half smiles. I have never lost my love of making things on the beach. If there are a lot of bottle tops and rubbish, I make a structure out of them, usually hanging them on a branch if there's one there. 'BT = Barking Tourist'!!!

I received a phone call from Ben asking if I was ever coming home! His Dad had arrived, so I made my way past the harbour and back. A small crowd was watching a huge motor boat mooring in the harbour.

The crew were dressed in matching clothes, even to their shoes. Can you see the 2 jet skis on the top? It has 4 tiers! A modest little boat I guess. There was a lady on board who looked down on us paupers below:

Then she helped herself from the buffet behind her!

Back at Ben's for a quick catch up with Peter my 2nd husband. I hadn't seen him for a few years. He hadn't really changed much apart from gaining a few pounds, as have I!

I set off for the airport courtesy of a lift from one of Ben's friends and the sky looked like this as I left:
The clouds looked like cobwebs in a cellar.

And so my trip came to an end. I hope you've enjoyed it with me. Tomorrow I'll have photos of the new boiler (such excitement), our just started Poly Tunnel plus what we've been doing since I came back.

I also received a wonderful parcel of goodies from Bea, I have to photograph those contents for tomorrow too.


Anonymous said...

What a delightful post! Seems like you had a nice visit with beautiful scenery. Thanks for all the pretty pictures of the brugmansias. Truly breath-taking.

Teri C said...

I have just looked at all your vacation photos and enjoyed them so much. You sure had a great time and such fabulous scenery!

BT said...

Thank you Mildred. You must be brugmansiad out!!

Hi Teri, thanks for ploughing your way through my posts! I'm glad you enjoyed them too.

Jason said...

Great shots, Jack would be very jealous of such fine snake making. x

Leatherdykeuk said...

Fab picture of Ben and Hayley

Heather said...

Beautiful photos as usual Gina. I love the look of Teddy, and that wildcat reminds me of ours when daughter's dog Poppy comes barging in! Those rocks are wonderful and I loved the shoal of little fish as well as your pebble 'mosaic'. You're into Land Art there with your pebble snake.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

All wonderful photos of a place I will probably never get to see. I really like the last photo. The roof of the house in the foreground mimics the mountain in the background.

BT said...

Jack would love it there Jason. So warm and the sea's really calm and shallow. Enough pebbles to make snakes too!

It is, isn't it K?

Thank you for your thoughtful comments Heather. Land art, is that what it is? I do love doing it!!

Thank you Lisa, I see what you mean about that roof. All intentional of course (lol)!

Bea said...

What a wonderful holiday you were on. I didn't realize how busy this place was. I LOVE the sea snake to the sea you made and the gorgeous circle. I love nature art that someone creates and just leaves there for someone else to enjoy. Great harbor and boat shots. :)Bea

marianne said...

Lovely pictures BT!
I don't envy you having a son so far away, but the good part is visiting of course!

Love that mandala of beach treasures

HelenMHunt said...

Great photo of you. Love the wild ginger tom cat as well - looks a bit like mine.

Ces said...

AAAAAAAHHHHH! I am so happy for you. LOVE LOVE the top photograph of you. Looks like you all had a great time. Hah! That lady looking down at you did not look happy. BT, I have an award for you dear sisterfriend!

Arija said...

Small wonder you need to gather your resources after partying so hard and all that excitement. Love your little installations on the beach.

Congrats on the award from Ces, I found it so very special.