Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween, 31st October 2009

Nothing is happening here for Halloween that I'm aware of!! But my son Jason put some photos on Facebook of the Halloween party they had. I thought you might like to share:
Jack's pumpkin, which he designed and made with his Mum Sam.
Jack dancing to 'Monster Mash'!

Kitty with her Halloween toy!! lol.

Sam, Kitty and Jack.

The Adams Family, Sam, Jason and Jack! Doesn't Sam look beautiful?
Sam, Kitty and Sam's Mum Rene.
This chap was in the graveyard!!
They walked to the local graveyard and had ghost stories. Scccccary!
Jason looking uncannily like his sister DK!

What a great time they must have had. I'm jealous!

My Bath

I had a huge bubble bath!! It was wonderful.

On Tuesday the wooden floor should be laid. Hoorah!

When Jim and I walked to the lake the other day, it was really misty. This is taken one way from the 'John Howard' Fishing Stand.

And this the other!

Yesterday and today I did some work in the garden. Jim planted up some bulbs he'd bought and I re-planted the montbretia he'd removed from where he planted the bulbs! It was a bit drizzly on and off but quite mild.

We also had a walk around the meadow, which we haven't done for a while. The brambles are beginning to encroach from the edge of the meadow, so we will have to cut them back during the Winter. Buster had a great time leaping over the grass and chasing the cats!

Towards the end of the day on the 28th, I was working outside when I looked up and saw these bright red stripes across the sky. By the time I'd fetched my camera, they had faded a bit, but still looked good:

Barbed wire and grasses taken with flash.

The lake by night.
Grasses by night.

The Deenery under a watery moon.

No, the house isn't on fire - it's the new boiler!

Today Jim was up on the extension roof sealing up the chimney from the boiler. There were some lovely clouds in the sky, so I took some photos:

I can see a teddy bear's face!! And a baby lying down.

A lady and a man are chatting here!

That's it for today. I can't wait for our flooring to be down. Now I have to move all my things out of my studio ready for the carpenters. Ah well.

Have a good Sunday everyone.


DK Leather said...

Wicked post! Great pictures, Jason's party looked wicked! Wish I'd taken pics of ours, we've had a lovely time with pumpkins, fireside, singsongs and drums around the fire. Brilliant!

Love the clouds ones too :-) xxx

Lisa at Greenbow said...

This all looks like fun. Especially the bath. ha.... Happy Halloween.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Happy Hallowe'en BT! Great pictures, looks like everyone had fun. We're still partying!

Mildred said...

Fun Halloween pictures tonight. What a treat to get to take a bubble bath in your beautiful new bath! I love all your photos of the sky, moon and your home. It is beautiful.

Bea said...

Pretty scary, Jack! I bet you are so glad your bathroom is finally done. What a wonderful place to have a bubblebath. New flooring is exciting and you'll be back in your new room spit spot. :)Bea

Jason said...

Ah excellent a Green featurette! :-)

It was fun, I havent worn eyeliner and nail polish for a while! Sam did indeed look stunning and Jack had a ball.

The bath looks great, some cracking pics, I saw the couple chatting in the clouds immediately, so we are both mad!


Sam said...

Your bath looks wonderful, very inviting. Must be exciting to be so close to the finish. Party was great, Kitty had a lovely halloween dress on but she was so hot i changed her into a baby grow, I will take a piccy of her wearing it and download so you can see. Look forward to seeing you.


Leatherdykeuk said...

We had a splendid time too.

Loved the pictures, especially The Deenery under a watery moon.

Heather said...

Love the party pics Gina. The ones round the Deenery look good too, especially those taken with the flash and your bubble bath looks very inviting. Happy flooring!!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Can't see you in that bath Gina? Are you under the bubbles???
Lovely blue sky - it has been raining all day here.
You sound to be really getting on with the building work now - our plumber came at 3.30 on Friday afternoon and stayed until he had finished everything - fantastic. Now we are waiting to have a new bathroom upstairs, so it all begins again.

BT said...

Glad you enjoyed it K. It sounds as though you had a brilliant time too. Glad you liked the clouds.

Hi Lisa, it does look like fun, doesn't it? Oh my bath was wonderful.

I'm jealous Raph.

I'm glad you enjoyed the post Mildred and the sky, etc. It's rained most of today.

Hello Bea, what a bath eh? And a lovely shower too, which I enjoyed this morning. The floor is supposed to be done on Tuesday. Woooo hoooo.

I thought you'd like it J!! Ah, the party was at Lindsays. Where do they live now? I'm glad everyone enjoyed it. Sam is sooo pretty.

I did wonder whether Kitty had a costume too, look forward to seeing her photo Sam. You must accept how pretty you look! Learn to accept the compliments, eventually they stop coming!!!

Glad you liked the moon and sky photos Rachel and that you had a great time too.

Thank you Heather, glad you like my bath and the evening photos.

Ha ha Weaver, Jim wasn't there so I could get him to take a photo!!

Thank goodness your plumber came and finished everything so far. Oh no - upstairs to do now!! It seems never ending doesn't it?


soulbrush said...

i wouldve enjoyed the bubble bath far more than halloween must be getting old sigh!
wordveri: regal (i bet you looked regal in your bubbles) lol.

marianne said...

Great halloween pictures! Love that Kitty with axe :o)