Thursday, August 20, 2009

Suffolk Break, Part 2

Sunday Lunch Carvery

On Sunday 16th August, we drove over to our friends/relations Ivor and Maureen. I think I've explained this before. Ivor is my first husband's father and Maureen is my first husband's first wife, now married to Ivor. Work that one out if you can. So Ivor is Granddad to my son Jason and daughter K. Maureen is just known as 'Nanny' to any babies! Anyway, it was a lovely day, the sun shone and we were able to play in their garden after we'd walked into town, done a little bit of shopping, then went for a meal in a hotel. They do a carvery there and the meal was lovely.

Naturally we had a few photos around the table:
Maureen and me at the table. I bought the top in Asda because I wasn't used to the hot weather so hadn't taken any 'cool' tops.
Jason took this rather lovely shot of Jack who earlier 'didn't want' his photo taken!

The whole crowd, apart from me of course. Jack, Rene (Sam's Mum), Jason, Sam, Ivor and Maureen. Look at those dinners. Yummy. The trifle in the centre of the table is for Jack's pudding. He didn't want anyone else to take it from the display! Kitty was asleep in her pram behind Sam.A last lunch one. Ivor, Maureen, Me, Jack, much happier now.

We walked back to I & Ms' house and passed this building with rather interesting brickwork:

Do click on it to see the work inside the triangle.

Into The Garden

Sam eating one of Ivor's apples, in a rather Reubenesque (if that's right) pose! The tree looked like something from Snow White:
Rene relaxing in front of the red apple tree.

Rather a lot of family shots were taken, so I've selected just a few:
I was talking to Kitty, Jason was clearly bored - or maybe keeping an eye on Jack.

I really like this one of me, Jack, Jason and Kitty. I was also pleased with the two I took of the 'Green' family:
I love the way Kitty is watching Jack!

Jason acting as a tree for this hanging chair! Jack thought it was great fun. It's his now.

Jack does quite a few acrobatics with his Daddy and this is their latest trick. Jason throws Jack up in the air!! AAAAH!

I was rather pleased I managed to capture those 2 shots.

Back to Wickhambrook

We drove home, which takes about an hour and were all pretty tired. There was a reasonable sunset that evening and I made a montage of the photos - sadly it won't load, so here are a couple of my favourites:

Monday Montage of Kitty

I was going home on the Monday teatime. Jack went to school in the morning and Rene was looking after Kitty. I ran the hoover around for Sam and took a last opportunity to take some photos of Kitty.

I liked them all so decided to do a 'joiner'. I love how she kicks her feet up in the air. What a lucky Gran I am. If you click on the montage, the individual shots are rather special.

Back to Earth

It's rained more or less non-stop since I arrived back in Ireland. Today's been particularly bad, with very heavy rain, the odd burst of sun, several rainbows (I managed to catch one) then much more rain. I have very wet washing out. The builders have been busy preparing the floors of the extension for the concrete. This is happening tomorrow. Progress, whoopee!


Mildred said...

Fun pictures of your friends and family. Looks like everyone had a great time. I am so anxious for your extension to be completed and I KNOW you are! Have a very nice weekend.

Bea said...

OOOOOoooh MORE pictures. Thank you. What a little ham that baby is, she looks like she knows how adorable she is. Some wonderful family shots. How's your garden doing? My plums are just about ready for picking. fret, make jam or not to make jam?

Mim said...

Lovely pictures of very happy looking people..and one very adorable baby.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

...and a good time was had by all. Lovely family. Miss Kitty is a sweetie.

BT said...

Thanks Mildred. It's the floor tomorrow. We are getting there, but still so slowly. I've been a bit down the past 2 days. The weather hasn't helped either. Thanks for thinking of me.

Ha ha Bea, never ending babies and Jim has come back with more baby pictures of Poppy and Sonny! I haven't been able to get out into the garden as its been so bloomin' wet. I adore plums but our trees have some disease and haven't produced this year. We have a new one but it's not got going yet. I love plum jam, my favourite. Make some!

Thank you Mim and Lisa. We did have a geat time. The good weather helps so much. It's been awful here. Fed up with it.

willow said...

Wonderful family photos, BT. This was fun!

Nikki said...

Hiya. Welcome back, you were greatly missed but it is worth it to see such lovely photos!
I can't pick a favourite but I will go back for another look :)
Ivor and Maureen look well. Jason's family are lovely.

Jason said...

Our plums are ready, as are the blackberries and some pears look there, so jam making this weekend!

Great pictures as ever. Some lovely ones on the swing. Love the Sam (Reuben) one. So gald tyou cuaght Jack airborn, they are great. I have the last one as my wallpaper.

Sorry to hear things are a bit flat, like everything, it will pass. xx

Leatherdykeuk said...


Thank you so much for the three gifts you sent me :)

Carol said...

I love the shots you got of Jack in the air!! They are absolutely fabulous and it's amazing they were not blurred :-)

C x

Ces said...

Oh BT! It is so much fun to come and visit your blog. It is like looking through a photo album and I love looking at photo albums especially family albums. Oh yes, I got stuck on tring to figure out Igor and Maureen.

Bea said...

So, as the children's book goes........If I make some Plum Jam will Gina and Jim come visit?
Acutally, it's If you give a bear a cookie or something like that but you get my drift, right?
I know, I know, I see you shaking your head. HEY, if you guys won't come to the BEA the BEA might have to come to you guys! Now, that's a scary thought. :)Bea

soulbrush said...

what splendid new memories you the pics of kitty and your hair colour is lovely here, you look so young...(well you are so young tee hee)... xxx

The Weaver of Grass said...

Good luck with the builders and all that concrete - I must warn you that concrete dust gets everywhere - and I mean everywhere. We are still washing it out of Tess's fur.
Lovely family photographs.

Valerie said...

The star of the show is of course *Kitty* ... she is adorable.

Heather said...

Lovely family photos BT. Jack is going to be a real heart-throb, he is a gorgeous child. I love the sunset pics and Kitty is so sweet and growing fast. Glad you are home safe and the work is progressing. We have had heavy rains too - it woke me at 2am this morning.

BT said...

Glad you liked, Willow!

Hiya Nikki, I'm glad you enjoyed the family photos. Ivor is in his mid 80s now! Maureen is 65. Where does it go.

Oh yummy plum jam. I will be able to taste it when I come. Mmm. I thought the photos came out well. I was amazed at the mid air Jack ones! The dry sand/cement mix has gone down today. Amazingly thick layer and it has covered the hole under the doors so that's made it much warmer too. We have to let it set for 2 days before we can walk on it. Those Brazilians knew what they were doing.

Hiya Rachel. Glad you liked your gifts. I bought the zebras at Colchester zoo when we went with Jack for his birthday.

I was amazed too, Carol!!

Ces my friend, so glad I gave you some joy too. I'm not surprised you were stuck with the relationships, everyone is!

I'd love to come and visit you Bea! I've never been to the states, Jim has. It would be brilliant if you came here. All for some plum jam!

You are too kind Soul. My hair has about 1" of grey showing in those shots! AAAH! I keep thinking I should grow it out but it looks so awful in the middle stages. I'll probably reach for the dye again!

Ha ha Weaver, we've had dust up to our eyeballs, this can't be any worse. Actually it was ok as it's a 'dry mix' and didn't make dust at all, amazingly. It sets hard in 2 to 3 days. Then the wooden floor goes on. Can't wait.

She is indeed, Valerie, and she is so good too.

Heather, thanks for visiting. Jack is adorable, isn't he? And Kitty too, she has such a cute smile but is quieter than Jack - so far! He was always on the go, even as a baby. I am sick of rain. Luckily we've had some sunshine today. But more rain is due. It never wakes me because I sleep without my hearing aid!

marianne said...

Jee BT, what a nice meeting and what a story!
So nice to see you all get along!
The pictures are great!