Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Gort Show, Sunday August 9th 2009

The Gort Show

I had been asked to judge the cakes at the Gort Show but wasn't needed in the end. The lady judging the jams did the cakes too. And you aren't allowed to taste them, just cut a slice and judge by look. How silly! That's no fun, is it?

Mary, who had asked me to judge, gave us 2 free tickets to enter the show, so we decided to go anyway. It's been a good day, mostly a bit overcast but the sun did shine a little. Much better than last year when it poured down all afternoon. As we entered the showground, a beauty queen of some description was posing with 2 beautiful foals. Now I think they are asses or maybe mules? They certainly weren't donkeys, or the Mum wasn't a donkey. Anyway, the foals were gorgeous:
Jim wanted me to put 'which is the better ass' or some such rude comment. As if I would.
The foal wasn't cooperating very well.
Two beauties together.

There was a king too but we had no idea why. We didn't see him again.
There was welly throwing....
But he missed the bin! You can just see the welly about to land.
Chickens... This Bantam cockerel hardly fitted the cage. No wonder he came first.
This was in the 'waterfowl' section. He didn't move from this position the whole time. He came first.

We headed inside to see the vegetables, cakes, jams, etc. This won first prize in the decorated cakes section:

And this one came 2nd.
I thought they were all wonderful. There was a large gingerbread house but there must have been an earthquake as all the back wall had fallen in!
This lad was very proud of his 2nd prize in the lego. What a lot of work.
Wonderful Mr Potato Heads.
The prize winning miniature garden. I thought this was so well designed. We met the creator too.

We were making our way up to the dog show when this little family came past. They clearly hadn't been missed as they wandered around for ages, to the amusement of the crowd. They ended up in the car park!
How cute are those striped piglets?
Off to the car park!

We made it to the dog show but didn't stay long as we'd left Buster at home. They were just doing the 'The Dog the Show Queen would like to take Home with her' section, which is great fun. A real motley collection of hounds. The last one was an enormous male boxer mix I would have thought, from the size of him. Well, much to everyone's surprise, she picked him. He did cause a lot of laughter, especially when he weed on the table leg! Missed a photo of him though, as Jim had the camera at the time. Here are a couple of the others:
The Queen was really lovely and completed her jobs for the day with a big smile and enthusiasm.


It's the letter 'M' in our alphabet group and I have made M for Mondrian:

I have also made three 'lady' cards for swaps and one other. Let me know if you're interested in any of these:
Number one of three ladies, 'Where I am Going To'

Number two of three ladies, Butterfly Lady.
Number three of three ladies. 'Raunchy Lady'.
Desert Island Love is the last one.

I have received two marvellous ATCs from the Weaver of Grass today, but I will put them on my next post. They deserve to stand alone as they are so beautiful.


Bea said...

Well, I nearly spit my coffee on the monitor, laughing at Jim trying to get you to post that comment. And, here he has his own blog too. shame on him...
Loved the pictures of the "fair" the sow and babies wandering around was a hoot. Wonder if the King was in the beer tent? What a pretty Irish lass for the Queen.

DK Leather said...

wonderful miniature garden :-)

Lovely pics - sorry you didn't get to judge though! x

Heckety said...

Ah well, if you weren't to be eating them cakes then you were well out of the judging I'd've said. What'd be the use of it if you couldn't be having a wee taste? Looks like it was a fun day!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

You always find the most amusing places to go and fun things to do. I love the stripped piglets. The poor duck looks to be scared stiff. Cheers.

BT said...

Ha Ha Bea! He's so rude. He says he's going to do a post tonight! Yeah yeah. Ah, maybe the King was swilling Guinness!

Thanks DK.

My thoughts precisely Heckety! It was a good do.

Oh, Lisa, stripped piglets? Poor things!! lol. It was a really fun afternoon, I'm glad we made the effort. That duck does look terrified, doesn't he?

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I love the stripey little piglets! And the miniature garden is amazing.

BT said...

Thanks Raph. I love these kind of shows, they are such fun.

studio lolo said...

BT, I laughed out loud when you called me a nutcase!!!!

I wish I was at this festival. Looks like it was a lot of fun but what I love is how many animals were there. Jim's "ass" comment made me chuckle. She really is a pretty girl but I was in love with those younger, fuzzy asses!

I adore the Mondrian atc! I'll let you know that on the blog. I've always referred to him when I see any color blocks in pattern or color that remind me of his work. I'll treasure it ;)

Okay, nutcase signing off for the night!


Ces said...

Oh my BT! This looks like a lot of fun! FUN! FUN! Well, you managed to stink in Jim's comment about the assess anyway! Very clever girl! You sure are busy. Sometimes I get tired just reading about what you and Jim are doing in the garden! IS your neighbor still snapping photographs?

Renee said...

BT your posts are always little trips. I never come away from here bored.

Love Renee xoxo

Jason said...

Look a fun day. Lovely pigs!

BT said...

Ha Ha lolo!! Glad I made you laugh. Oh and I'm so glad you know who Mondrian was! I thought I'd made a dreadful mistake making it after the 'non' comments! lol. I have now put the 'M' the right way up so it is as it should be. What a disaster.

The show is lovely, there were also cats and kittens. Fabulous.

Ces, ha ha, of course I sneaked Jim's comment it, it was funny! I am feeling a bit worn out lately as it happens. I haven't seen the neighbours for a few days so if they are snapping I haven't noticed! I wish they'd go away.

Thank you Renee, I hope they at least divert your mind for a few moments.

I knew you'd like the pigs J. They were so cute.

kj said...

hello bt, your comment to lolo made me laugh out loud so i thought i would stop by and tell you that.

here's an audio: hahahahahaha!

i always like your comments when i see them on the blogs and anyone who gardens merits esteemed status in my book.


Carol said...

Can't taste the cakes? What's the point of being a judge then?

C x

donatella said...

What a hectic but fun day you had! The cake, the cards you made and the boy's lego creation was beautiful. But I do understand why they only allowed you judges to only have a slice. They were only being careful that none of their judges suffer from a sudden indigestion or worse(with all those cakes of course).

BT said...

Thanks kj and I'm so glad you popped by. It's good to laugh!

Quite, Carol.

Hello donatella, good to meet you. But you couldn't taste the slice, just look at the texture of the cake inside. Crazy!

Valerie said...

Lovely post. Ooo I loved those pigs... and the miniature gardens. It seemed like a really good show all round.