Monday, August 3, 2009

Back To Reality. 2nd August 2009

After all the excitement of my Disintegration work, I've about forgotten everything else. I must say I have loved doing The Woven (see last post) and now I want to weave lots more things for outside. Jim had better not stand still too long, especially with his arms outstretched! lol.

Here is a photo of the man himself sitting in the garden a couple of days ago, with The Woven behind him.
We actually had a bit of sun for an hour or two. Not like today, when it's rained almost all day long.


I received some lovely post from Lisa, one of our group of 10 ATC makers (Artist Trading Cards). I had spotted an ATC on her blog that I liked so we did a swap. Here is the lovely owl eyeing up his dinner:Isn't he cute? Lynn also sent me a 'good luck' card. We certainly need it at the moment!
The colours are so bright and intense. Love it. Thank you so much Lynn. We are on the letter 'L' through the alphabet and this is the 'L' I sent to Lisa: Ah, I can't find a photo of it so I'll have to get Lisa to post it on the ABC around the world site. What a fool am I.

Lisa also wrote on some gorgeous notepaper. That might be used in another ATC!!
It's all botanical and beautiful.


Buster has become very clingy lately. He used to roam the countryside for most of the day, now he won't leave us alone! The only time he goes off is at teatime when he hears the children down the road and goes off to see Millie. There was a brief break in the rain so I walked him down to the lake. The break in the rain did not last and we both got soaked! Still, it was a good walk and I'm sure it did us both good. I brought back some wild flowers for our table to cheer us both up:
Buster pesters the life out of the cats, but sometimes he and Sandy get on OK, until Buster gets a bit rough. I made this montage of some kitchen confrontation between them tonight:

Then, as Buster walked away, Sandy 'batted' him with his paw! He's a cheeky thing at times.

Building Progress

Jim has been slowly moving some things from the old barn which is going to be demolished, up to the top barn, which is now all clean and tidy. It's going to be a slow job.

Hopefully the builders will finish our steps down into the extension tomorrow and the plumber is coming some time this week too. We really are getting there..... slowly.

Just a quick catch up tonight. I hope everyone's had a good weekend. We have done a lot of slobbing about and watching cricket. Come on England....


Penny said...

I wonder how many of us have ginger cats and a dog of some sort.
The knee is a disappointment today so back to not quite square one but didnt feel like painting at all.

Jason said...

Hi there, wow, the wicker man looks amazing. Great that you are having so much fun making stuff and being involved with these nice folk.

Beautiful day yesterday, I spend the day painting in the garden. Kitty slept from 9.15pm to 6.30am. Just a trick I'm sure, but great.


KathyB. said...

Sounds like a very relaxing weekend to me. I am wanting the rain here, please send it our way!

Your Jim and my Jim both like to relax in the garden, after all the work they put into it they should enjoy the break.

BT said...

Oh quite a few I think Penny!! I have a black and white cat too! Sorry about the knee, get that support back on.

Hello stranger, glad you liked te Wicker Man! I love it. What were you painting?

Hello KathyB, I would happily send you our rain if I could! It's good for our Jims to relax at times! It's the Ashes here at the moment so we're doing more tv watching than usual.

Heckety said...

Quiet days are good too! And isn't this rain unending? You'd think the clouds would run out of water, but no...

soulbrush said...

that collage of cat and dog is great. seems to me that you are whiling away the summer (what summer?) in a good way....enjoy...hubby watches the cricket, not me.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I am glad you liked your little owl and shamrock. I will get your leaves posted soon. That Buster is a cutie. I am sure the cats put him in his place from time to time.

Heather said...

What a lovely collection of wildflowers you found and that paper is so pretty. Love the pics of Buster and the cat. You will have to start a new project - I always feel very flat after finishing something big.

Jason said...

Painting Sofits etc, fences, furniture. All looks very nice today. x

Bea said...

Murphy and Louie(ginger tabby) play a lot until somebody gets too rough. I never know which one causes the problem.
Jim looks relaxed and enjoying his garden. I'm surprised to even see him sitting down. Did you have to tie him down to get that picture? That man is always on the go!

BT said...

Heckety, I think it's worse than last year, and that's saying sometning.

Hiya soul, it's always a bit of a tag match between Buster and Sandy! I used to hate cricket but since Jim explained it to me, I love it now.

Hiya Lisa, thank you so much for posting my 'L' ATC. It looks better than I remember!! lol. I think both cats would like to put Buster in his place but he's much bigger!

Heather, you are so right about starting a new project. I think I must soon. I feel a bit of knitting coming on!

Oh clever boy Jason, I bet it looks much better.

Cats and dogs are good at blaming each other Bea!! Bea, the Ashes are on. The Ashes. It's hard enough to drag Jim away from the TV let alone get any work out of him!

Snowbrush said...

Yes, the owl is cute, and I liked the notepaper too. Thanks for the picture of Jim. He looks like such a nice man. I wish I could sit with him and get acquainted.

BT said...

Good to see you Snowbrush. I'm sure you and Jim would get on well. Maybe you can become blog friends instead.