Saturday, August 29, 2009

Friday 29th August, 2009. Toadstools Abound.

Morning Coffee

I went to Ann Broderick's for morning coffee at 11am yesterday. Her lovely sister Margaret greeted me with open arms. Ann had just baked some scones! We had them with butter and strawberry jam and they were utterly melt in the mouth delicious. We spent the time in Ann's conservatory which overlooks Lough Graney. It was a misty morning though and kept raining on and off. This is the view:She is further away than we are, up on the main road. This is Ann's house:
The conservatory is on the left, behind that conifer!! It's a lovely house and she has 2 holiday units to let. You can see the end of that building also behind the conifer bush!

It's strange chatting to a nun, but you really wouldn't know Margaret was one, except she is so serene and almost other wordly. It's hard to explain. I took their photo, although Margaret wasn't keen. Pity Ann had her eyes almost closed:
Ann is on the left, sister Margaret on the right.

After a while, another 2 ladies appeared. They were both about the same age as Ann and had held an event to raise money for Margaret to take back to Zimbabwe for her charity. They had raised a lot of money. I was amazed. People here will always support the church or church missionary. Ann was instructed to bring me next time there was a 'do'. More people I will know. My circle of friends is slowly growing. Before I knew it it was 1pm and Jim was wanting me back by then so he could go shopping. Ann put 4 scones in a bag, 2 for 'himself' and 2 for me!! Himself being Jim of course. She blessed me on the way out with holy water. Ann's husband died just 9 weeks after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, 2 years ago and she misses him so much. He looks very handsome from the photos.


The rain came down in buckets full when I got back
It doesn't really show well in this photo, but you can see how dingy it is!
The bin outside was quickly full and splashing over the top.

It did clear up again fortunately.

Woodland/Lough Graney Walk

When I got back I was full of chat and bounce. Jim didn't really want to go but forced himself in the end and I headed off with Buster to the lake. We'd only gone a short way when the heavens opened and I sheltered under a tree, wondering whether to go back. Luckily it soon passed and the sun shone again, so we carried on. The wood was full of toadstools of all varieties, so naturally I took many photos. I do hope you enjoy them:This was where I was sheltering under a tree. You can just see a rainbow as the clouds were being chased away by the sun.
This splendid bull was in a field we passed, kept in only by some white electric tape.
Here he is with some of his women and children!

Look at that huge neck. I was glad he was sitting down on the way past.

The Toadstools

Large rotting toadstool!
These were on a rotting tree stump.
Toadstool and moss
I loved this frilly one!
Isn't this wiggly one wonderful?
This was a really big patch of toadstools. I went somewhat off the beaten track, thinking I might find some more different ones. Buster and I battled our way through brambles and nettles!
This is a close up of one of the little groups from the big group above.
A bunch of toadstools among the shamrock. How perfect.
I came across these little chaps. I have seen pottery toadstools made like this one.
Look at the pretty row of them.

I'm not sure how many different kinds I found, but quite a few I think.

Lake Photos etc

With all the rain, the rocks Buster and I usually climb on were almost under water.
Bull Rush Reflections

I met up with this little group in the wood. The little boy was excited that he could get to the side of the lake and fish. A short while later he had his trousers, wellies and socks off and was paddling out to fish! They had a very cute little scruffy dog with them, but he hated the water!

I photographed their colourful reflections
My hundredth (or so) shot of the bull rushes.
Beautiful blue skies and blue reflections.
More reflections
Autumn grasses

I paddled round to the rocks and the water was almost to the top of my wellingtons. Buster was a bit shocked by the depth of the water!
The rocks
The blue sky didn't last long

I experimented a bit with reflections today
More reflections
The broken up red boat is under water!
Gorgeous red berries.
Windblown grasses
Super contrasts in this photo. And a bit of blue sky

Black and white reflections
The inside of the remainder of the boat, above water.
The sunlight reflected on the shallow weedy water
Black and white waves
Sunlight reflected in the water behind the purple loosestrife

The sun was low as we walked back through the wood.
The berries of the Arum lily

Evening sunlight through the wood - and below.
the light on the wood floor looked more like moonlight than sunlight.
On the walk home, we were met by Kevin and his herd of cows. We had to retreat to a safe gateway!
This is Buster eating blackberries from the bush.
And again!
At home and the white lilies are almost all out.

I didn't get home until gone 6pm and I thought Jim would be back. He didn't get home until almost 8.30. I was a bit worried. There are a lot of roadworks around Limerick! He had bought some lovely food though, so he was forgiven!


blushing rose said...

I always LOVE your pics, they just show it all so well. TY for sharing. Have a great weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

steven said...

hello! this was like a documentary only far more beautiful and personal. thankyou so much for sharing this lovely gallery of pictures. there are several that i hope you print out and hang on your walls to show off your skill as well as your love for the area. it is truly beautiful there. have a lovely day. steven

Anonymous said...

How lovely to "meet" your neighbors. The scones and the company sound wonderful. I see Buster got into the blackberries again! You would think they would be tough on his stomach! He is so cute! you have shared so many pretty pictures. Those red berries are so vibrant. I am curious what all Jim brought to you from the store. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

There are some really wonderful photos here. I cant even list the ones I like best as there are so many. but the bull and cows and reflection of the people in the water come to fore front of mind. NO wonder it is so lovely there.. all that rain. Poor California sure could use some of that rain you get. It is burning up right now from very little to no rain for some time...not far from where I moved here from.

Bea said...

Wow, what a wonderful day you had. You need to ask for a Mushroom book for Christmas. That's quite a selection of them that you found. VERY COOL.
Poor Buster couldn't go rock climbing in the water, where did they go? But, I see he managed to find some good snacks to eat on the way home. lol
I felt like I was on the walk with you, you should have shared the scones with me! :)Bea

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good that you are meeting some new friends. I haven't been reading your blog too long so I am not sure how you came to be where you are. Lovely photos. I enjoy seeing your little corner of the world.

Leatherdykeuk said...

What fabulous pictures. I love toadstools.

Mim said...

wowow - great photos and what a lovely day. I would love to walk around your area, it's so lovely looking albeit wet. Interesting that Buster eats the blackberries - I've never know a dog that did this. You made my mouth water with the description of the freshly baked scones. When I worked in Ireland there was a woman would would bring them in every day and sell them for 50p. Yummmy

Renee said...

BT the pictures are all beautiful and a sight for my sore eyes.

Thank you dear friend.

I have my hand over my mouth every day.

Love Renee xoxo

The Weaver of Grass said...

Any pixies sheltering under those various toadstools?

Heather said...

Beautiful photos of the lake and it's surroundings - I love the toadstools, something left over from childhood I think. You certainly live amid gorgeous countryside.

BT said...

Thank you everyone for your comments. I have emailed you all individually.

Stampmaiden said...

What a great time I had visiting today. Thanks for the wonderful field trip and sorry I missed out on the scones. They sound perfect.
Your part of the world is beautiful beyond words.

Ces said...

Beautiful absolutely beautiful! BT what a show. I wonder what happens when a car is greeted by the herd of cow. Who retreats? The toadstools and shamrock photo is perfect! What a lovely house!

Arija said...

Thee is soooooooo much here to comment on I could write a bood. I go just as mad about mushrooms as you do, love them all.
That bull is a beauty! We don't have one running with the herd anymore and will have to get a rent-a-bull this year. When our g-daughter was less than two we went to our monthly stoch market. As the bulls were paraded and there was a lull in bidding, this clear, beautifully modulated and enunciated little voice piped into the hush "look at those ENORMOUS testicles mummy" and after a second's stunned silence both the farmers and buyers cracked up!