Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Evening Out, Monday 4th August 2009

Fashion Show Spectacular

Our neighbour's daughter Cassie (the one in the debs photos I took), sold us 2 tickets to a fashion show which was held last night. The show was to raise funds and celebrate 50 years of Killanena Camogie Club. What? Yes, Camogie. Boys play hurling and girls play camogie. So now you know. The show was held at a nearby pub in Killanena called Canny's. They had a mini music festival over the weekend and used the marquee for the show, complete with catwalk, sparkly curtains and excellent music.

I have to say we weren't very keen on going, but thought we'd better make the effort. It had been a wet and windy, miserable day. The rain stopped but the wind still blew through the marquee. Cassie was on the door and we were ushered to our seats, at the back. It was a marvellous occasion, everyone was in a great mood and the 'models' did extremely well. The first two stole the show mind, as they were small girls and walked up and down the catwalk like professionals:How cute are they?

They had even managed to persuade some men and boys to take part. There was much whistling and whooping at this point:
The lad on the left really enjoyed himself. After they'd walked the catwalk, they each threw a beach ball into the audience. Now this is my best photo of the night:

You've heard of Mr Potato Head I'm sure. Here we have Mr Beach ball Head!

Below is what the best dressed man wears for a hurling match:
The gentleman you can just see to the far right of the photo is Father Liam Murray, the founder of the Camogie club. He was the guest of honour.

There were also some older male models who did excellently:
I rather liked the one on the left!
The young girls loved wearing the prom dresses and rightly so. Some of them were truly beautiful.

Can you believe that many of the team who had played in 1959 and won the Championship were there? They didn't look bad either:
The chap with the walking stick is Father Liam Murray, club founder and the man on his left sang a song all about the first championship game. It was good fun.

The compere was the local priest, Father Brendan Quinlivan. So, two priests, one of whom was the compere. Only in Ireland. Brendan was very amusing and obviously loved every minute of it. You can see him sitting on the far side of the stage with pink balloons on his head.
The finale and everyone squeezed onto the catwalk and the stage. The girls' clothes are supplied by the local furniture store, Brodericks. They all looked very smart in sweatshirts, tracksuit bottoms and hoodies. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see, about in the centre, a very little girl looking up. She was so sweet.

We hadn't had any dinner but outside the marquee, for the music festival I suspect, was a travelling fish and chip van. Wow! So we sat outside at the picnic tables and ate a lovely tray of hot chips. Delicious. What a splendid, good natured and fun evening it was.

Today it's been mostly sunny but with quite a strong breeze. I managed to get 2 lots of washing done, hung out and dried. Brilliant. Our water is no longer brown so the whites came out sort of white!

Jim has been clearing his little office/eaves room for when the plumber comes, next Monday. The plumber is going to fit a new cold water tank above the ceiling there and a header tank for the central heating. Poor Jim is now squeezed into a tiny space and keeps banging his head where the roof slopes.

I had a great time weeding the fairy hill. It's amazing how weedy it has become since I last did it. Then I moved into a rough area and removed some brambles and blackthorn and ivy. I still have it to finish off, hopefully tomorrow, if the weather holds. I came in as it was getting dark so we had rather a late dinner tonight.

Yesterday, Jim took some photos of BlackJack and Sandy. Sandy was cuddling BlackJack. How cute is that?

Sometimes Sandy is so lazy he just leans his head over to eat his food!

They do have a bed each but often sleep together. This used to be Buster's bed.


I couldn't find a photo of my letter 'L' ATC for our ABC/ATC group the other day. Luckily, Lisa, the recipient of the card, downloaded it onto the site for me so I was able to grab a copy:

'L' is for leaves and Love. The leaves are from an oak tree in our meadow. It's not very big but the leaves are a gorgeous colour and are spectacular in Autumn. It's called the Red Oak or Quercus Rubra.

We have some pretty lilies out now and an amazing red gladioli. So photos soon. Oh, and of the pink (and purple) walls in the barn.


blushing rose said...

BT the wee ones are darling ... love the jackets/coats they modeled. What a fun time you had.

And, kit & kat are so sweet snuggling up together.

I, too, weeded gardens today. Looks so much better & it makes me feel so good seeing them cleaned.

The oak art is beautiful ...

TTFN ~Marydon

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun evening out - what adorable models! Your cats are cute cuddling - the other day in the pet store, they had two little kittens that looked alike hugging one another while sleeping. They were so cute! We finally had enough rain that I have been able to weed. My fingers are sore!

willow said...

What a fun ending to a rainy old day! Those little girls are adorable in the hats and sweaters.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Going to the Fashion Show was a different kind of evening. Looked like fun with the beach balls bouncing about. Your kitties are so cute cuddling close together.

BT said...

They were so gorgeous Marydon. I love weeding, well, the results anyway! Glad you like the ACT.

I sent you some of our rain! Don't do too much all at once. I'm very guilty of that Mildred.

Aren't they just Willow?

Thanks Lisa. It was fun and made a change.

Heather said...

This is a lovely post Gina - your evening out sounded great and full of community spirit. Those little girls are so sweet. The photos of your two cats are lovely - cats have minds of their own. All the rain we have had will bring on the weeds like mad. I must get out a see what has been going on in our garden - it seems to have rained non-stop for days.

Sam said...

Looks like you had a great night, loved the posh prom style dresses. see you soon X

Jason said...

Looks like a good night, some of them lasses don't even look to bad, you can even tell the sexes apart! lol


Bea said...

What fun to go to a local fashion show and for a good cause. Sunny and climbing up to the 90's here. The West coast had the heat wave now it's drifting in our direction.
This may be the last day for my lettuce before it bolts. :)Bea

The Weaver of Grass said...

How often have I heard that BT - we didn't really fancy going but we felt we ought to - and then when you get there it is fantastic. So glad you enjoyed it - everyone else looks as though they are enjoying it too.