Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Mummy's Birthday, 11th August. Weaver's ATCs

Kitty Barker's Birthday - My Mummy.

I was going to write a post all about my mother today, as it is her birthday, or would have been. She died of lung cancer in 1980 at the age of 68, so many years ago now, yet on days like this I still feel a touch of sadness.

I sat in the garden this morning to mend a pair of faithful old gardening trousers and I used Mummy's 'mushroom' as we always called it. It instantly conjures up images of her sitting darning socks with her trolley at her side. I have that trolley now. One of the dogs managed to get hold of the mushroom and chewed the handle but that just added to its character. I think it was green earlier in its life but the colour has now long gone:

Isn't it funny how the simple things evoke such memories. Not an expensive clock or trinket but an old wooden darning mushroom.

One of my favourite pieces of jewellery is a locket I inherited from my mother and it was my Grannie's before. It has in it a photo of Mummy as a child:

And below is a close up of the locket part. It has such a delicate edge to it and I just love the colour of old gold, it is so much prettier than the new, more yellow gold. If I am going out I will often say, 'Come on mother, lets go to The Gort Show'.

I did get a lot of old photos of Mummy out to be scanned but it didn't happen. I had been gardening for a couple of hours. We have a group of willows at the side of the arboretum and they had become overgrown with nettles, brambles and convolvulus, so I was trying hard to clear them. I hadn't noticed how damp it was and came in about 8.30pm, rather wet and cold. I changed into dry clothes but I felt sickly and nauseous. I didn't want any food and at 10pm took myself to bed. Well, Jim put me to bed.

I slept until 1.30am and have been awake since then. I do feel much better and think I just got very cold. Jim warmed up my dinner and I enjoyed it, even at 2am in the morning! lol. I'll do a proper 'Kitty' (Mummy's name) post another time, with the scanned photos.

Lovely ATCs in the Post

The Weaver of Grass has sent me her first 2 Artist Trading Cards and how magnificent they are. I had sent her a 'kit' to get her started. Here they are:

The colour is more vibrant in real life. It is full of wonderful texture and movement. I just love it.
This one is also full of texture, it's all lumpy and tactile. I love the blue and the delicate gold leaf. I think everyone will be fighting to own a 'Weaver' ATC soon. Thank you so much Pat. Delicious.

Weaver also included a card of a fabulous view which is apparently quite near to where she lives:
What a pretty place, I'd like to visit there sometime.

BlackJack and Sandy

When we came into the kitchen at cats' feeding time, they were sitting on my chair, waiting patiently. Jim took these lovely 3 shots of them.

I clicked my fingers in the air to get the last one. They look as though they're watching a tennis match!


Jim was up in the barn yesterday making a door for one of the door 'spaces'. He noticed that the four baby swallows had come out of their nest and were being fed by the parents while they sat on one of the rafters. Just think, in a short while they will have to make the journey back to Africa. This is the second brood the parents have raised this year.

How cute are they?

Baby Sonny Deen Gordine

Jim's daughter and new baby Sonny are both back home and although Jenny is tired, all is going well so far. Jim's older daughter Ali visited Jenny in hospital and sent us this photo. I have to say he looks just like his dad, Matt:

Poor Jenny was all tubed up for drugs to lower her blood pressure. He looks a very wholesome baby, not all scraggy like some of the really little ones!

UK Visit

I'm off to the UK on Thursday until Monday. Jack rang me the other day to say it's been too long since he saw me and he loves me loads and loads! It made me quite tearful!

When I return, Jim heads off to the UK to a meeting and to meet Sonny of course, and catch up with his Granddaughter Poppy. I will get a chance to meet Sonny as we are both going over for a few days at the end of September. It's all go. Also son Russell has moved into their first house. We have seen the outside but it'll be Jim's first chance to see it properly. I think he's going to stay there too. I'm sure Russell will love to entertain his dad for the first time in his own home.

Disaster Number ....... Six??

Today the kettle blew up and Jim dropped a plate. LOL. What next.


Stampmaiden said...

BT, what a beautiful locket that is. So delicate and the color is perfect. Loved looking at the pictures of the swallows and your adorable cats. Great ATCs too! What a beautiful baby that Sonny is. Congratualtions to all!

Carol said...

Awww, I'm glad your feeling a bit better now!! You should be more careful when your out working in the garden!!

Love the ATC's, the photo of the cats and pic of Sonny :-)

C x

Jason said...

Sonny has a cool look, the name really suits.

Jack keeps asking when you are coming. He says "is it tomorrow?". I have been saying next week and he says "tomorrow?". lol

See you soon. x

jinksy said...

You managed to make one post into a saga! Sorry it ended in a disaster zone...But at lest you can boil water in a saucepan, for a cuppa, and eat off a saucer instead of a plate?!

Heather said...

Your mother's locket is beautiful and I can understand you treasuring her darning mushroom too. It's hard enough losing a parent to old age, but must be doubly so when they are still relatively young.
Weaver's ATCs are lovely - she is very artistic.
Love the cats lined up for dinner and the swallows are so sweet.
Another gorgeous baby for your family - hope Mum is beginning to feel stronger.

Penny said...

Loved the show photos, we are all gearing up for the trip but I dont think Ireland has much hope of seeing us, infact I think Wales might have to be missed as well. It looks terribly expensive just the bits I have arranged at the moment.
I have a mushroom some where, I thought about it the other day, I must find it.
I love the old rose gold in the locket, my mother is still here at nearly 97, although when I saw her today she is very frail and not looking very good, I just hope she is still there when we get home in late October. We will be home for her birthday.
Oh and I had an Uncle Sonny!!
Hope you feel much better now.
Oh and I would happily swap an atc at some time.

soulbrush said...

i remember my mother's darning 'mushroom' too. she died in 1981 at the age of 57, we didn't get on at all i don't have your fond memories. lucky you. the cats look adorable, i am sure that could win a photo competition somewhere. enjoy your trips to the uk and also all the babies and grands, that's what lif'e all about innit?

DK Leather said...

I've always treasured that locket, so beautiful x

Sonny looks smashing :-)

Hope we get to see you one of these days too.

willow said...

The locket is gorgeous. It looks like rose gold. What a beautiful way to remember your mother. Beautiful baby, Sonny, too!

aims said...

That is a gorgeous necklace Gina and a very lovely post about your mother. Made me very wistful.

I have my grandmother's knob for darning socks and I still use it too! I know it's a dying talent and people would rather throw them out and buy new ones than take the time to fix them.

Those ATC's are gorgeous aren't they! I'm sure Rachel just loves the blue one!

Thanks for your comment over on mine. I'm slowly catching up with my blog reading every time I get home from my brother's. I must say I've missed your beautiful photos of flowers and the lake.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your Mothers birthday was the 17th anniversary of my Mother's death. It was a sad day for me too.

I hope you have a good time while away.

Your kitties are so sweet sitting there together awaiting their dinner.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad you liked the ATC's Gina. Lovely post you have written today.

Bea said...

Sonny is beautifull. The locket is just lovely and how wonderful to have a picture of your Mum in it.
Love the baby swallows. Ours will be getting ready to leave by the end of the month. They come over from the barn across the street and do their flying exercises over our prairie grasses.
Have fun on your trips. Jack is such a hoot, isn't he?

BT said...

Thanks for your lovely comment Linda. Did you see my ATCs from yesterday?

Hi Carol, much better now thanks. I think I just got cold.

Thanks Jason, I'm looking forward to meeting him at the end of Sept. Bless Jack, it is tomorrow, when he wakes up it will be 'today'!! lol. Can I have a bath? A shower? A bath and a shower????? lol.

You are funny Jinksy. Boiling water in a saucepan is what we are doing! We have a few plates left.

Heather, thank you for your lovely comments, I love that locket. I'm so looking forward to meeting Sonny later in Sept.

Oh Penny, that is so disappointing, but I know how expensive things can be. What a shame. Ah, rose gold, that's what it's called, I had forgotten. 97? wow, that is some age. I'd love to swap an ATC or two sometime. I am going to make another blog for ATCs to swap. Keep them separate.

Hiya Soul, so good to see you. I love that mushroom! Silly, isn't it? Jack can't wait to see me so I'm so pleased to be going, and to see how Kitty has grown. I'm sorry you didn't get on well with your Mum, that must have been hard for you.

Hiya K, It'll be yours one day! I know you'll treasure it too. Sonny looks fun, doesn't he? Cool name too.

Hello Willow, lovely to see you. Glad you like the locket, I love it, it is so delicate.

Hello aims, I'm so glad you liked the post and I'm sorry, knowing about your relationship with your Mum (and Dad). Weaver of Grass is so artistic. She can turn her hand to anything.

I'll be posting more photos soon, when I return, but it'll be mostly Jack and Kitty! Love and hugs to you.

That's a coincidence Lisa. Glad you liked the cat photos.

Weaver, thank you, I'm so pleased you liked my post today.

Hello Bea. Those swallows are gorgeous, aren't they? I love them, they are so acrobatic too. Jack is indeed a hoot. He has his Mum and Dads' sense of humour, which I love. He will have so much to tell me and it'll be interspersed with 'I love you Gran'. He says it a lot when I first arrive. He is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Your Mum's locket is precious. I know you miss her and enjoy using her mushroom. So nice to see the new baby and what fun to visit with Jack again. Take lots of pictures to share with us.

BT said...

Thank you Mildred, I will take lots of photos, you can be sure of that!! Glad you like the locket and thanks for visiting me today.

Mim said...

I love the locket story - its so tender and warm. Luckily my mom is still with us (thank the gods) but I know what you mean about the small things making the memories.
lovely pictures also,

Pam'sEnglishGarden said...

Hi, The locket is beautiful. You made me feel so blessed to still have my 90 year old Mum although there is such a distance between us ... she's in England and I'm in US. The new baby is so handsome! Have a wonderful trip. Pamela
PS My husband envies your swallows. They inhabited the barn here when he was a boy, but we haven't seen any for years.

KathyB. said...

It is telling sometimes, the things that strike a chord with us, the things loved ones have left behind.

The new Grandson is a very beautiful baby, and he does look healthy! Congratulations.

BT said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Mim, Pam and KathyB. How lucky for you to still have your Mums Pamela and Mim.

Heckety said...

Lovely photos of cute things and people! He is a very uncrumpled baby.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Babies and birds! How wonderful!

aims said...

Back to say I just saw your comment about your neighbours. I don't get it do you? Why are people like this?

For me - when people cross a certain line with me I cut them off forever. I have no remorse over it once it is done. I do think about it (whatever action caused it)quite a bit for a while before it is completely forgotten and I have moved on.

A friendship of over 23 years went that way one day. I'm not sorry I said no more - just wondered why I let it go on for all that time!

This last bit was from a 'good friend' of 10 years.

I don't like being judged. And having let that one comment go a few years ago he compiled quite a few more over the next few years until the final straw. Goodbye to him and his. Which is too bad because his now is alone and without a close friend and free babysitter. Ah well.

Looking at all your pics over the years I'm thinking that the neighbours are a bit of a distance away from you. Is that correct? If so - isn't that a blessing.

BT said...

Oh aims, I do so agree with you. It seems that this couple aren't happy unless they are moaning about something or someone. They are basically very jealous and it's their way to fight back I think, but so sad. I would talk to them if they made an approach, but I'm not sure that Jim would.

Sadly our neighbours are quite close, but mostly we can't see them. The road they use of ours goes past our new sun room, so we are going to put up a fence! Otherwise they are a bit below us geographically and hidden by trees thankfully.

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