Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lough Graney Walk 7th August 2009

Flora and Fauna, Moss and Toadstools

I took Buster for a walk to Lough Graney while Jim went shopping. A fair division of labour I thought. I took rather a lot of photos of course! It was a bit chilly but then the sun appeared and I was rather hot, having worn a coat. It smelt very Autumnal in the wood by the lake and there were lots of lovely toadstools popping up everywhere. I just loved these ones:

Please click on the photos to enlarge them, they look so much better.

A lot of them had been eaten by something

Toadstool and oak leaf

I love the way you can see the exposed gills on these, whatever has eaten them doesn't like those bits!

Mummy and Baby!

Some little brown ones

This was a large white one, the only one of this sort I spotted.

I think this will be a shaggy ink spot, before the inky stuff has appeared.

How perfect is this little specimen?

A rotting stick with lichen on it

Gorgeous moss

Another moss on a damp rock

Bull Rushes and Rocks

I joined two together here. Buster is at the lake edge.

Buster standing proud


Reflections 2

A rather splendid beetle on some moss

This is a long panorama of the lake from my 'left' around to my 'right'. I'm sorry it's small but if you click on it you can see much more detail.

Between the wood and the lake is this strange, damp section of rotting trees. I call it the Everglades.

Two different kinds of moss, the one on the right looks like a miniature forest.
I love the markings on this rock.
Shamrock growing out of some moss on a tree trunk.
A tiny brown toadstool and luscious thick moss
On a rotting tree stump, old ivy snakes around it.
I think it's fantastic that this old stump has a new tree growing out of it, and lots of moss too.
Walking along the road at the top of the wood, you can see the lake through the trees.
Through a farmer's gate across to the Lough and Flagmount on the other side. This field is next to the wood.
Buster and I enjoyed a few blackberries on our walk home.
Thistle flower and seeds
A thistle with a bee feasting, a little hover fly is just coming into land.
We walk past these two rather dilapidated gates too.
We passed these honeysuckle berries in a hedge.
Buster called on his friends the O'Brien dogs on his way past.
This coral colour dock flower caught my eye.
This is where Buster's girlfriend Millie lives. Isn't it a gorgeous house? A bit different from ours. Joe and Hilary are our 'nice' neighbours here.
Lots of seeds are forming on the bank up to our house.
We walk up the path to our gate, past Martin's field. You can still see Lough Graney until we go through our gates.

I do hope you have enjoyed these photos from our walk.

Have a good Sunday everyone.


Penny said...

Thank you for that lovely walk, I walked to day too but not a lot up on my blog.

Heather said...

I can only echo Penny's words - lovely photos, every one. I love toadstools and moss - it's something I have carried with me since my childhood. In our household, I would have had to do the shopping - Jim's a treasure!

jinksy said...

The Ivy Snakes are a wow - well spotted.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a lovely set of photos of your walk. That Buster is lucky to have such a fantastic Mum to walk about with him.

The mushrooms are so interesting. I don't find red ones around here.
The stump is a Mother Stump having that tree come up out of it. I always find those interesting too.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I loved taking the stroll with you and Buster. The moss especially was really refreshing to see.

BT said...

My pleasure Penny.

Me too Heather. I know, I'm a lucky girl with Jim! Don't tell him though.

I thought you might like them Jinksy

Hello Lisa. I don't walk Buster often enough. What a great name, a Mother stump. I love moss and toadstools.

Thank you Mildred, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Bea said...

WOW that picture of the bullrushes and rocks would make a fantastic landscape fiber art quilt. Loved the close ups of the mushrooms. I hope everybody clicks on your pictures because you see them in so much more detail.

Teri C said...

Gorgeous photos Gina! We don't get those redtops either. Love all the scenery and that house is beautiful. Wish I was there with a paintbrush!!

Jason said...

Looks a fine walk! x