Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Suffolk Break, August 13th to 17th

Here I am again. It's been a long time I know. I was behind with my ABC/ATC Group so I had to start by making my letter 'N' card, which I have now done and posted. Here it is. 'N' is for 'Naughty but Nice'.All the pictures are of Thorntons' chocolates, red, gold and black for decadence and another 'N' is net.

Now to my UK break. It seemed to fly by this time. The weather was just great. I arrived on Thursday late and just had time to take 2 photos of the hugely grown Kitty!
She was a bit surprised by the flash! It took her a little time to get used to me but she was soon smiling happily.

Jack is as adorable as ever and we played lots of great games. He came into my bedroom on Friday morning before school, which was lovely. Sam's Mum Rene looks after Kitty while Jack is at school so that Sam can help Jason out in the office. He needs it as they are so busy.

Rougham Air Show

On the Saturday, we went to the first day of the Heart Radio Air Show at Rougham, not far from J and Sams' house. Although there weren't many planes on the Saturday, we still had a great day. It was dull in the morning but sunny and windy in the afternoon and we all caught a bit of sun. Kitty slept most of the time and Jack went on rides, watched the planes, played acrobatics with his Dad and generally charged about! Here are a few photos from the day:

This is one of the traction engines that were there. It pulled that super little green caravan. I wanted it!

This lad in an army helmet too big for him, was riding one of the vehicles that rode into the show ring. I wish I could send it to his parents!

Jack didn't really understand why these 2 men were dressed as women! They did some clowning about in the ring but mostly just wandered about making people laugh.

One of the light aircraft at the show. This one was very colourful. Some of them joined in the display later.

We spent ages mooching around the traders' stalls while Jack couldn't wait to get on the fair rides. Here he is enjoying a 'rocket train' trip.

Jack at the bottom of a slide. Don't you love the spelling on the sign? You'd think someone would tell them!

Jack drove this 'Little Rover' jeep. Well, the lady had to run round with him and steer as he was too busy looking at what was going on around him! Here he goes over the 'jump'.
Such concentration the second time round. Do click on it to enlarge. You can see his expression then.
I had fun with the netting:
One of my favourite shots of the day. Jack the Hat.
I needed a much bigger lens for the air display! This jet made a great noise and performed some super tricks. Jack was impressed.
The wartime Dakota was easier to catch as it was larger and slower. I like this shot of it coming over the trees.It didn't fly into the tent!
This microlight was a bit of a contrast! It was so windy, I wouldn't have liked to fly in it. Most of the war planes were coming on the Sunday, but we were going somewhere else. I did see the spitfire fly over Jason's house though, from the garden, on its way to the show.
Jack on Jason's shoulders.
Kitty with Sam and Jason, after her feed in a 'tea' tent. What a smiler.
Jack climbed up Jason's body with his feet, then stood on his shoulders!! His Daddy is very strong.'Look Gran, No Hands'!

I loved the colour of this blow up slide. Jack enjoyed himself on it too. I made a montage of his time on there. This is my favourite:
We were about ready to go home but decided to have an ice cream first. Everyone was tired:

I love this shot of Jason and Jack walking back to the car and the one below with his Mum.
Jack was a bit distracted by the cut corn!

Back at home, there was a hedgehog in the garden, he'd been spotted a few times before:
Jack and I filled in the time before bed making this very very long snake out of pebbles! Jack is down at the head end.
Daddy looked after Kitty.

Jack decided at the show that he was going to marry me when he grew up. No matter how we tried to explain that he couldn't he was determined! I said he might have to dig me up first!

Here is the quilted wall hanging that I made for Kitty, hanging on her bedroom wall.
One thoroughly stuffed Kitty ready for her bed. She sleeps 12 hours most nights! A huge change from Jack, who's always been pretty random in his sleeping patterns. He is much better now though, but does wake up around 7am, whereas Kitty goes through until 9 or later.

I think that's enough for one post. I had a great day, as did we all, though we were jolly tired by the evening.


Heather said...

Love the card/ATC and the chap in rollers - he's so pretty! Great traction engine. I can remember them repairing roads when I was at junior school and still love the smell of hot tar. Lovely pics of Jack and Kitty, they are such beautiful children. Glad you had such a good time.

Jason said...

Oh wow, some great pictures. Love loads of them, the old men/ ladies, Jack on my shoulders, the three of us, the hedgehog, the boy in the tank. What a fine selection. Did the mid air Jack come out?

We had a great time, look forward to the next. xx

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Looks like you had a great time. Everyone looks so happy and satisfied. Kitty is a doll. Jack is a cutie too. Loved the hedge hog. :)

blushing rose said...

Beautiful card, BT.

Kitty has really grown ... the wee ones are adorably darling. Can tell everyone had a wonderful togetherness time. TTFN~ Marydon

Stampmaiden said...

I'm so glad you're back. I missed keeping up with you! Happy to hear you had a great time and it sure shows in your photos. Loved your red montage of Jack and Kitty is lovely. Beautiful hanging quilt too.

BT said...

Glad you like the ACT Heather. Wow, I've never seen the traction engines working in real life. We have a great time thanks.

Hi J, some good ones aren't there? The mid air Jacks are great. Tomorrow!

Hi Cris, glad you enjoyed the post.

Hello Marydon, thanks, the children are fabulous. They're lucky to have such a caring family. We're lucky to have them! xxx

Hello Linda, thanks for dropping in. I knew you'd love all that bright red! Glad you liked the quilt too.

Bea said...

Such great pictures of Kitty and Jack. I love that one in bright red in the blow up plaything. Kitty has certainly gotten bigger, what a joy. Daddy better watch out, Jack could get very used to driving!
Wow, what a great picture of the hedgehog.
I'm glad you had a great time and I'm glad you are back home posting. You were missed, but you knew that, right? :)Bea

BT said...

Hi Bea, thanks for the great comments. All that lovely red! Heart Radio colours apparently. Jack was hopeless at driving so I don't think J need worry yet! He's too easily distracted. Me? Missed? Oh good.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

What a lovely time with family. I enjoyed seeing all the action. The wall hanging is so pretty for Kitty. Jack looks great in the hat. I hope you are rested by the time you read this.

BT said...

Thank you Lisa, doesn't Jack look super in his hat. His mum looks great in any hat too. I've just been to your blog and now I've made a separate blog for my ATCs to trade!

Pam'sEnglishGarden said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a great visit and thanks for sharing the photos... wonderful grandchildren! Again your pics make me feel homesick, especially the traction engine and the hedgehog. We don't have hedgehogs in Pennsylvania and I really miss them. I have an assortment of hedgehog ornaments, including some of Mrs. Tiggywinkle. My American grandchildren are fascinated by them and would love to see the real thing. Thanks again.
Your gardening friend. Pamela

willow said...

Your grandkids are adorable, BT!!

KathyB. said...

I agree with you, "Jack the Hat" is my favorite picture and the other one I love is of Jack and his dad walking together.

This looks like a fun time with your beautiful new granddaughter and her family, your family!

And yes, as Jack seems to think, the gentlemen dressed as old women are curious to see.

soulbrush said...

what lovely pics these are. how gorgeous is kitty, how old is she? and i love those red blow-up pics of jack, and with the helmet on too...whatpure pleasure they had having you there, i am sure...will e mail you about the atc trade...teeheee xxxx

Anonymous said...

Such wonderful photos. Kitty has really grown and has such beautiful complexion, eyes and hair. Jack is adorable as usual. I love your wall hanging in Kitty's room.

BT said...

Hi Pamela, good to see you. They don't have hedgehogs in Australia either! I love them, they are so cute. They actually have longish legs and can move quite fast when they want to. I used to have loads of hedgie ornaments too, but had a clear out and now I just have a few.

Thanks Willow, of course they are!!

Hi KathyB. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos too. Those men were odd indeed! Just having fun I think.

Hello soul, your comments make me smile. I think they genuinely do like having me there, which is lovely. I'm not a scary Mother-in-law!! Jack moaned because I went home too quickly!! Kitty was born May 27th, she's growing so fast.

Hi Mildred. Kitty amazed me with her size! She has 'hamster' cheeks! I'm glad you like Kitty's wall hanging. It took me a while to do as it was a first for me.