Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Week Away Part 2. From Suffolk to Sussex

Now, where did I get to? Oh yes, the afternoon at Ickworth. Unfortunately, the Sunday 7th June was rotten and rainy. It was an open gardens day in Horringer (the village where Ickworth Hall is) and we were going to go but the weather was too bad. We went to Asda instead, a great big new store. I rarely get to go to any 'big' shops in Ireland, so my eyes were on stalks! I bought myself a pair of new trousers and 2 tops as I was running short of clothes. We had lunch there too and Sam's Mum Rene came with us. By the time we got home the rain had stopped and the sun shone. That didn't last as we then had a darkening, threatening sky and a thunder storm! I took a couple of photos:
Look at that dark sky. The house you can see is at the back of J and Sams' garden. Do click on it to enlarge.

Jack and I did a collage - the basic picture was in his comic and the things to stick so we had fun doing that. Then Jack announced he was bored in quite a perfunctory fashion! It made me laugh. Still, I carried on doing it for a while afterwards and it is now displayed on Sam's fridge.

Jack went off and playing in Rene's annex flat until bed. Poor Kitty had a bad bad evening with tummy upset and she cried for a long while. We took it in turns to comfort her and eventually she settled. We watched the final of The Apprentice on tv, which was excellent and Yasmina was hired, a bit of a surprise as we thought Kate would be the overall winner.

Monday 8th and it was my first school run alone! Jack saw me sitting in the driver's seat and said 'you can't drive'!! Ha ha, little does he know. So I took him to school and he was just fine, chatting to me all the way. It was a busy afternoon as I drove Sam and Kitty to a clinic for a hearing test. They just plug this thing into her ears, click a few buttons on the computer and that was that. She passed A1. Then we took Sam to see the midwife. Her scar has healed very well but Kitty has still not regained her birth weight. She had lost a bit to start with! Sam was hoping she would be 'signed off' but the midwife said she'd call at home on Thursday and Kitty would probably have gained the extra bit by then.

I did a bit of gardening back home - pulling up large thistles, then off to fetch Jack from school. He was so pleased to see me. I fed Kitty while Sam worked in the office for a while. Nothing much else of note except a lovely spaghetti bolognaise made by Sam and bread pudding made by Rene! Here are a few photos from the day.

Kitty with a 'windy' smile

Sam's mum Rene holding Kitty

On Tuesday, June 9th, I ran Rene to the local post office, getting lost several times on the way there, then picked up Jack, Sam and Kitty and we took Rene into Bury St Edmunds to catch a bus down to London to see her family and friends there for a day or two. We then took Jack to a play barn called 'Monkey Business'. It has an outside area and a strawberry picking farm attached. Jack and I went off and picked strawberries after he'd had a good play. Here are the 'play barn' photos.

Jack enjoyed operating this machine in the sand pit

A photo taken over the fence of the outside play area to the strawberry field. I rather like this.

Jack with one of the biggest strawberries - and we didn't eat any!

Kitty back home in her moses basket

After Jack reading time we watched Holby City as Fay and Joseph got married. Aaah. I love a good wedding on tv, then I amused myself sorting through all Jack's pens and pencils and throwing away any that didn't work.

Wednesday, and after the school run it was big clear up day. Much hoovering and floor washing went on. I picked Jack up from school and we went and did some shopping. I didn't take any photos today. Amazing.

Thursday 11th and the midwife came as promised. Kitty weighed 8lb 11ozs so had gained a massive amount! She has been 'signed off' from the midwife's care now. Nanny Maureen and Grandad Ivor came for the afternoon. Maureen did the ironing as usual (I sneaked a couple of pairs of trousers and tea shirts in)!! I took quite a few photos:

I was changing Kitty and took this lovely shot of her

Jack giving Kitty a kiss

I love this one of them both

Mummy Sam and Kitty

Jack 'drilling' his teeth

Mad Muffin. He has really strange eyes

Tiger Boy, he is enormous

There was a lovely low sun in the evening and it shone on this nearby post box

I took this 'signs' photo just along the road

And this one over the road

I followed the bridle path to this farm. I had often seen this odd shaped house from Jason's window and wondered what it was

Now I know, it's 'Dodd's Farm'. Look at that very hairy cat in the window

behind the farm and these clouds looked really odd.

This is the bridle path from Dodd's Farm and back to the Greens' house. Theirs is the roof almost in the centre with the 2 tall poplar trees to the left

I couldn't resist one flower photo

On Friday 12th, we took Jack to the Abbey Gardens in Bury St Edmunds. It was a lovely day and we had our lunch in the garden and Jack played on the equipment. Ivor had picked Rene up from the bus station on Thursday so she came with us.

While Sam queued for ice creams, I took this photo of Jack behind a tree

We then investigated the new shopping centre, 'The Arc' in Bury. This is the new Debenhams:

It's rather striking, isn't it?

Jim was coming to pick me up some time on Friday. I was looking forward to seeing him. He had a bit of a tortuous journey and arrived about tea time. I seem to have taken dozens of photos on Friday - I'll just put a selection here:

Thoughtful Kitty

Hungry Kitty

sleeping Kitty

Me holding Kitty

Me, Kitty and Jack

We took some family portraits in the garden

This is probably the best one

Then I got in on the act

This one makes me laugh!

Jason and Jim had fun with Jack on his slide

That was the end of my stay in Suffolk, then Jim drove me down to Worthing for a couple of days. We saw Poppy, Ali, Jenny and Russell. More of that tomorrow.

Today has been sunny with occasional rain. The builders turned up, hooray, and plastered my new room ceiling. It looks great. Maybe it will be finished one day.....


DK Leather said...

Hoorah to the builders coming again at last!

Wonderful posts, I'm SO enjoying these... catching up with all the pictures and wotnot.

Kitty's a picture, and so like Kirsty as a baby! (again!) lol

I've missed your posts mom :-) xxx

Björnik said...

I love that picture of Jack kissing kitty.:)

blushing rose said...

Awwwwwwww! What can one say ... perfect. TY for sharing ... TTFN ~Marydon

Stampmaiden said...

BT, what a lovely family you have. I always enjoy looking through your photos and reading all about my friend BT and what she's up to!
Missed you. Glad you're back.

Carol said...

Lovely post :-)

C x

Jason said...

Great post and pictures again. Sounds

Builders aswell! Off out to work.


Leatherdykeuk said...

How super.

BT said...

Thanks DK, the builders are cracking on with plastering all the ceilings in the extension. Hoorah! Glad you're loving the posts. One more to go, but that's Poppy! Kitty is lovely and very 'Barker' like!

Thank you for visiting Bjornik.

Thanks Marydon!

Lovely comments, linda, thank you.

thanks Carol.

It was Jason!! But lovely too.

Thanks Rachel.

Heather said...

What a lovely newsy post and lots of great photos too. So sad that the village open gardens day was spoiled by bad weather. That sky looks quite scarey. Love the mini digger in the sandpit and Kitty in her stripey babygro photos, but the ones of Jack with Kitty are the best of all. Tiger Boy looks just like the dear old moggy we had several years ago.

The Weaver of Grass said...

That gorgeous baby is smiling already - I should think so with all that love and all those cuddles.

Caroline said...

I’ve done a stroll around your blog too! How lucky you must be, with your grand children! And Such a beautiful countryside, maybe you are used to it, but to us foreigners, it is amazing!!!
Your photography rocks!! and maybe you should consider printing them larger… and going to a Gallery!! Hope to keep in touch, what a beautiful life, God bless you! Sincerely Caroline

BT said...

Thank you for your lovely comments Heather. Kitty and Jack photos are tops!

Weaver, I must pop over and see you, I have so much catching up to do.

How lovely to see you here Caroline and thank you for the compliments about my photography. I do love it, as you can probably tell! I don't think they're worthy of a gallery though!

Bea said...

I thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful photographs. What beautiful grandchildren you have and so happy. Can you ever get enough pictures of them? lol
Still waiting for Mary to have her baby! She's only two days past the due date so it's not too bad. :)Bea

BT said...

Glad you enjoyed the posts Bea. I love photographing children, especially my Grandchildren! Some of Poppy tomorrow. She's just gorgeous too. Poor Mary, I hope she manages to produce soon. That final wait is rotten.

marianne said...

Lovely pictures. Love that second one with Kitty! She is like a little princess!
The pictures of her and her big bro are priceless, so good to see he loves his new sister! He will be a wonderful big brother to her.
All the other pictures are beautiful.
You are beside a great gardener a great photographer!